Attorney & Law Firm Logos

Attorneys know the real struggle of spending countless hours in helping clients overcome the double- troubles. If you are an attorney or are in the process of getting your law firm registered, it’s imperative to get a law firm logo or attorney logo that instills trust in the mind of your potential clients. Talk of which, we are here to do it for you

  • Perks of having upto 5 design concepts
  • Get your lawyer logo or attorney logo designed as per your wish
  • You get complete ownership of the lawyer logo
Get a Custom Logo Design
Lawyer Logo Design
Attorney Logo Design

Embed your firm’s motto into your visual treat

Generic symbols fail to hitch their attention. You need the power of a perfect lawyer logo that doesn’t fade with time yet makes you stand apart from your competitor’s firm. We understand the nitty-gritty of the game and offer a winning legal logo, attorney logo, and law firm logo that establish your image as a trustworthy firm

Lawyer logo that helps build a positive association

It’s time to get rid of all that negative stereotyping with a law firm logo that speaks volumes about your trustworthiness

Customization – our golden key

We don’t leave you in the middle. You are an integral part of the process. Be assured; your lawyer logo is designed as per your wish

Logo ownership

Once you chose your preferred design concept and we transfer the art files, you become the sole owner of the logo

Do you still have some reservations in mind? We will help

Fret not! We have got you covered in our court of design. Here you will find answers to the most common questions related to the law firm logo

Logo Design

I am not sure how I want my logo to be. Will you help me?

This is what we are here for. We know that most of the clients are not sure of how they want your logo to be. But for sure, they do know that what they want the lawyer logo, law firm logo, or attorney logo to convey. We just need to know that message and get the job done.

You can tell us the traits you want your logo to convey. Perhaps, you want to focus on trustworthiness, may be you want to focus on strength, or you want to represent your firm as a problem-solver. Whatever it is, you can mention it within the creative brief. Once we have this information with us, we will take it from there.

How to get a lawyer logo from FullStop?

It’s easy to get a lawyer logo or attorney logo from us. You need to place an order for one and fill the creative brief. You will see a couple of questions related to your firm, the logotype you like, the colors you prefer, and any other special requirement if you have.

Your information serves as a foundation for the final lawyer logo or attorney logo. This is why we expect you to mention in detail. Once we have all the information, our creative team starts brainstorming ideas, and after a whole process of work and rework, bring perfect logos to your table.

Can you first make a sample logo for me?

We are sorry, but this practice isn’t followed here. If you want to see our work, head to the portfolio section.

If I ask for a revision, will you do it?

We will happily revise as many times as you want us to. But you need to understand that these things are counted as revision: color change, a minor change in shape, and change in the size of the logo.

If you ask for a major change in shape or the font change in the wordmark logo, these things are not counted as revision, but a whole new brand identity

When can I expect to see the design concepts?

Once you place the order for your law firm logo or attorney logo, we take 48 working hours to deliver your logo. Sometimes, it takes us more than that, but we keep you informed.

In the case of revision, it takes us 24 working hours to share the design concepts

If I like more than one design, what should I do?

Taking your pick is quite difficult when the goodness of more than 3 options is there for you. Well, you need to be firm with your decision and choose one. The reason being, your firm can’t be represented with two logos.

However, if you feel that you can’t decide right now, we advise you to take hold of all the share design concepts by paying an additional nominal fee.

If I dislike my lawyer logo, will you refund my amount?

When we take your project into our hands, we go the extra mile and give our best shot. This is why the refund never becomes part of the discussion. Once in a blue moon, if we come across a client who asks for a refund even after providing them with multiple rounds of revision, we approve the refund request without any hassle.