09 Reasons Why Only Stupid Business Owners Use Ready-Made Logos?

Before we begin, let me start by sharing a memory with you. Not to bore you or something, trust me; the last thing I want to be is as disengaging and boring as those horrendous History teachers.

By the way, a random just-writing-thought,

Did you feel that once the class started, you would look at the clock after what felt like a REALLY long time, but you saw the clock and BAAM, only 2 minutes had passed? Because same.

Ready Made Logo


Back to the strolling through the memory lane,

So, I remember this all like it was yesterday,

One Monday, oh boy, it was a hectic one. Work was all over the place; my team had numerous deadlines to meet, clients to charm, and *drum rolls* last-minute mess ups-

Because of course, nothing can EVER go according to the planning, all smooth like in cartoons.

Nah uh, universe looked at me and said,

“Sorry my child, because I feel insistent pleasure in making you suffer more and more, today is for sure, not your day.”

So because I was deadbeat (Lord knows how I managed to find my way home), I decided to buy that convenience store microwave mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner. Uh-huh… 

Ready Made Logos

First timer at trying the quick and ready-meal, I soon understood why ready-mades are a foolish man’s choice.

(Silly of me to expect anything better though, because when has anything free or ready-made ever been good?!)

Ready Made Logos Free

Till this day, I swear I have no idea what kind of cheese there was, the taste was not much- pretty underwhelming and regretful, sigh.

So, with us, ladies and gentlemen, let me make this bold claim:

Ready-mades are not what you go for if you’ve high standards (or even medium-high to be honest). Plus, things made from scratch- organic development and growth- is what seals the deal.

Customization for Celebration

ready made logo designs

To all those planning to use those free logo generator,

Hear my pleas and cries!

If you want to go big, have for yourselves a strong brand identity that attracts people like moths to flames- customize it. Be innovative and get a unique custom logo design for your business.

Make your logo personalized, funny, catchy, and quirky. Think for yourself- you are planning a super memorable date with your wife and want to enchant beyond belief.

You go to a florist and would you rather:

Buy an already made bouquet of random flowers, or

Choose flowers by yourself- if you’re feeling fancy, then selecting them by their meanings-
And then, get them wrapped up, looking all nice and pretty and something that’s solely for your wife?

Option 2, duh!

Yes, this is more time-consuming but more thoughtful and intimate at the end of the day. It’s also got more chances of making your life-partner awe-struck and see how sincere you are towards her.

Building a brand identity isn’t much different.

Hence, without further ado, let’s speak business. I shall present in front of you, nine legit reasons why ready-made logos are a big NO.

And, let me also prove to you that personalized logos are decisions of wise people.

All aboard, Ahoy!

All aboard, Ahoy!

1. Despite the drudgery of multiple clicks, your logo isn’t even yours.

I am going to discuss this first reason: it is going to be oh-so-relatable for all subordinates, trust me.

So, you and your team members are working on a project, handling all the complexities, and making the presentation fun and refreshing.

Like, you go home late, work extra hours, think out of the box to come up with the best possible scenarios, and draft a charismatic speech to deliver to the clients.

Deadline met, everyone is happy- except not.

Unfortunately, your team manager sells the whole project as ‘their own’ work, refusing to acknowledge any exceptional efforts you put in.

Boss why you so selfish

Even though you went crazy over this assignment, it still isn’t your ‘baby’ on paperwork. No, it is an accomplishment of your team leader.

The same goes for ready-made logos. You never are the actual owner of the logo.

Why not you be one of those business owners who take pride in each ounce of blood and sweat they pour to take their business to the next level?

My argument:

As you give your potential clients your business cards, feel like an actual and honorable CEO.

Feel like a worthy representative of the brand you dedicated your time to, as you took part in every decision-making procedure.

You did a good job

That is the key to sticking to your core values and spreading the legacy that is your business- your most-prized possession!

2. Logo designing experts may not have even created your logo. Blasphemous.

A logo is the national identity card, passport, and resume all in one for your business. Therefore, it must look impressive enough too!

Most business starters dedicate their concentration and finance in buying equipment, machinery, etc. Many times, however, they end up neglecting logo designing planning- or not putting in as much importance.

And this is where things start getting rocky…

As you think you’re doing fantastic, by saving money and getting a free and ready-made logo. In reality, you end up digging a deeper grave for your business.

Your free design

Sure, at first glance, it might look cute and graphic. But, it will fall short on the insight, not be scalable enough or go well with being used for packaging.

You hire experts, and sure, it will probably cost way more this way. But at least your brand identity will be more authentic.

It’s because professionals take time to understand your business. And then, do they use their experience to come up with a distinct logo to meet all of YOUR business needs? 

Also, fun fact:

Those online logos you generate in a second are not real logos, but merely some delightful plays of graphics.

So my pals,

Hire specialized practitioners to develop your logos, not some amateurs or amateur sites. Please!

3. What’s the fun in not being able to trademark your logo?

Trademark your logo.

Free logo creators may give you a suitable logo for your brand, but you can never add the trademark on them.

Now, a business owner or not, everyone knows how significant the small ‘TM’ sign is. To trademark, your firm is the best possible security you can offer to the business you put all the hard work to establish.

So, you use those free online logo creators, and what happens?

Anyone across the globe can use the SAME logo for their business, and you can never do a single thing about it! Why? Because you can’t get it trademarked!*Cries in dismay*

However, if you buy a particular template or get professionals to create a logo for your firm, you can include that fancy (™) on top.

Be the license holder of your logo and sleep happy, knowing your business is safe from copycats.

Well, in case someone does use your logo, you know you can have fun suing them!

4. Ready-mades are temporary solutions. Sigh.

So, before you start scratching your head, beyond confused with the reason,

Let me explain.

So, for instance, your start-up right now is related to men’s clothing, you take the assistance of the ready-made logos and choose an adequate one.

Sometime later, you plan to expand your business a bit and start a new line for women’s clothing. But hold up, you must change your logo as well to show that now, your audience includes females as well.

You will have to revisit your beloved free logo creator and then select a new logo. But till when will this new one last?

Maybe, you will next plan on introducing kids’ clothing and then what? Go through everything again?

Please no more temporary


Why go through all the trouble every once in a while? Say a big fat NO to such silly headaches. Get a unique logo developed for your brand. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment but oh-so-worth-it. 

At least you won’t have to spend time recreating your logo to suit your expanding firm, eh?

5. The ready-made ones rely on what’s trending. Means, they aren’t timeless masterpieces.

The free-of-cost logo designing sites come up with logos using colors, patterns, fonts, etc. based on what is trending. The color palettes that are ‘hit and hot’ in the market right now are used for your logo.

This means that, for instance, brown is trending right now, so the sites may include tones of brown today.

Some years later, when floral and bright colors are trending, the logos generated for you will involve more yellow, orange, or pink.

The same goes for fonts, pictures, and logo design trends. For instance, the logos for 2014 may be based on letter stacks; those made in 2019 will use more geometry and highlighting.

Chances of such issues happening when you buy a template or hire experienced logo designers is almost nil. 

Because of their vast know-how, they know better to develop a logo that is ageless and versatile- unique like your business!

6. They lack complete practicality.

The pre-created logos do not have as high usability as the customized ones you design for your business- a lackluster, sigh.

However, the ones you get developed by professionals can be used in various scenarios. They can be downloaded without compromising their HD quality and are super sizeable as well.

You want them printed in super tiny sizes or gigantic and enormous sizes, no issues at all!

Hence, for businesses wanting to get their logos as minute icons at the bottom of their packaging…

Beware of the ready-made ones because they are so not your cup of tea.

7. Developed according to your tastes but not for your clients. *Smells potential disaster*

You open the logo creators,

Enter the font options you like, where you want the icons to be placed, and select the kind of business card that you fancy the most.

Sounds perfect, right?


This is ANYTHING but perfect.

Everything about this decision procedure involves you and what you want. It doesn’t consider what your target audience will like or find likable!

While your tastes might be luxurious and sophisticated, but if they aren’t what your customers will find it pleasant, nothing matters anymore.


Pre-designed logos may give off that ‘cold and detached’ aura. No personalization to make your clients feel welcomed will eventually cause issues for no one but you. 

8. They copy other logos- mission abort!

 Because pre-created logos are all computer-based, developed through algorithms, 

They are created using examples from existing logo designs and trends from the database.

One of the biggest sins you can commit to logo development is copying others. Plagiarizing eliminates the whole concept of keeping your business distinctly yours.

Intentional or unintentional- plagiarism is plagiarism. Also, there are chances someone might sue you for stealing their logo styling even though you didn’t even mean to.

The next time any of you are planning for logos,

For trendy, off-the-shelf ones, your mind must ring warning bells and go:

Everybody Say No

Hire a creative person to make something original– a logo that describes and highlights your values and leaves lasting impressions on your audience.

8. They just aren’t perfect, ugh!

No, this isn’t me being childish and petulant, stuck on believing my argument is right no matter what.

If you are half as perfectionist as I am, you will notice this. Such logos are pretty ordinary and typical, nothing sensational or intriguing. Sometimes, they’re plain wrong and confusing as well.

Let me offer you an example.

So, I went to one of the online logo generators- yeah, the ‘free’ ones. So, I wanted a logo for a beauty parlor named ‘Eclipse.’ To make it all more real, I even added a short statement.

Eclipse gorgeous

This is the logo that got created for me. My God! What on earth makes you think this logo is for a beauty parlor?!

This looks like the brand is related to the corporate world, please!

While the picture on the logo might work for someone like Mr. Harvey Spector of Suits,

It is so not the right choice if you plan to attract beauty-conscious females looking for pedicures and massages.

So yes, the font might be okay, the color eh doable. BUT, is this something your audience will find attractive? Of course not!

Final thoughts

The lesson of the story- let’s stop running after availing everything free or ready-made, eh? Remember we learned, all that glitter isn’t gold? All that free stuff isn’t great for your long-term success either!

Especially when it comes to developing a logo for you, the process isn’t a light stroll in the park.

I can relate to your attempts at saving money because the fight for survival is real. I get it, my friend. But sometimes, you have just GOT to make vital investments to reap the fruits later.

Logo designing is hence, one such investment.

Let not my efforts go to waste, get your logos personalized, having that oomph factor- like those James Dean vibes to charm your audience at first glance. Happy start-up!

The talking stop now

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