7 Best Slogans of All The Time That Took The Brands To Staggering Heights

Let’s start this blog with a story…

Take a walk down the memory lane…and think of the uncle who used to offer you chocolates or ice cream all the time.

You do have those memories in mind, but you have tagged them to a specific phrase. In actuality, you gave that uncle a new slogan, “Uncle who offers chocolates.”

We human beings may forget the person, but not the emotions associated with them.

I remember being glued to T.V when my favorite series, “Full House,” used to broadcast. (Don’t think that I decided on my design agency name after taking inspiration from it. Haha) How can anyone forget Uncle Jesse and his most famous line, “Have mercy.”

Sigh…this all brought the memories, and I am feeling all nostalgic.

The purpose of telling you all this is that advertising slogans are not limited to the brand only. In our real life, they do impact how we feel and how we act.

Akin to the use of keywords that keep you high in SERPS. Catchy sales slogans keep you high in your customer’s minds.

Advertisement slogans multiply the brand power

We human beings are so tied to the things that make us feel better. I remember walking into the store where the stockiest had multiple shoe brands, but my eyes were fixed on one…

The one that has a magnetic pull till infinity…

I’m talking about “Just Do It.” Needless to say, Nike has beautifully registered itself in the mind of the customers. I don’t go near to any other brand, even if the same piece is being offered for a lower price.

The marketing campaign slogans a company uses to capture your attention, get registered in your mind, and persuade you to take action.

Ingredients of a good slogan

Three mandatory things a slogan needs to have. I name it “SST.” Oh, please, don’t mistake it for Social Studies. (haha)

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Timeless

Your creative juices get a new challenge when you are asked to write a marketing campaign phrase of an advertising slogan that adheres to SST. The simple it may seem, the harder it is (Ask me, pal! Been there done that. It was tough!)

Before teaching you the art of writing a winning advertising slogan or marketing campaign phrases that work, let’s discuss some of the best slogans of all the time.

1. Share a Coke campaign that won the hearts

The moment we learn to eat the food all by ourselves, moms and dads start preaching, “Sharing is caring.”

Gradually, we all learn the art of sharing. But when we grow up and get our head stuck into three different things, we often forget this notion.

It seems like, Coco-Cola felt that void and started a campaign, “Share a Coke.”

To be honest, the campaign is so close to my heart. They replaced their name from one side of the bottle and printed the name of the person it is being shared with…

I think they took the personalization to the next level. Let me tell you honestly, we human beings love to get addressed by the names. You will agree that it makes us feel special…

Well, the campaign marvelously conveyed the subliminal message of “getting closer to people you love.”

The story doesn’t end here, people were encouraged to share the experience with the #shareacoke.

Coke - Good Advertising Slogans

Can you feel the happiness in this tweet?

See how beautifully Coco-cola did justice to the campaign, and people supported it every step of the way.

Coke - Marketing Campaing Slogans

Here comes another adorable take on this campaign. Isn’t it lovely?

Pro tip: While thinking of an advertising slogan, don’t forget to add a human touch. I mean to say that it should be something that positively triggers humans’ emotions.

2. Red Bull gives you wiiings or wings?

The other day, I was feeling quite sluggish…

In such a state, guess what came to my mind first? Obviously, the king of energy drinks “Red Bull.”

The advertising slogan “Red Bull gives you wiiings” isn’t just a slogan. It has the power to captivate the audience into thinking, “I’ll get supercharged after having it.” Well, I am not the exception, I think the same.

Red Bull - Good Advertising Slogans

An interesting question for you?

Did you notice that Red Bull has changed the spelling of “wings” to wiiings?”

I am sure many of you didn’t notice. Well, there is a story behind it. A consumer named “Benjamin Careathers” sued Red Bull for false advertising and claimed that he didn’t get the actual wings till now. (I know you are laughing. I laughed too. Wink Wink)

This is the actual case happened, and Red Bull got sued. In return, Red Bull changed its “wings to wiiings” that has no meanings in the dictionary.

Oh! Such a brilliant move.

Pro tip: Sometimes you choose a good advertising slogan but forget that it has a false message attached to it. This is why it is essential to pay attention to the words you choose.

3. McDonald’s – I’m lovin’ it

This marketing campaign slogan saved McDonald’s big time!

Perhaps you don’t know the history behind it. You will be shocked to know how it saved McDonalds.

McDonald’s - Advertisement Slogans

To me “I’m lovin’ it” sounds more like positive affirmation. Needless to say that positive affirmations have the power to change our attitude towards how we see or act in a particular situation.

According to the positivepsychology.com, several empirical studies approve that human beings can preserve their sense of self-integrity by feeding their brain with positive affirmations.

Let’s see how this slogan helped McDonalds. In 2002, McDonald’s faced a rough patch. The brand started declining way too bad. The media attached McDonalds in all the possible way. Customers lost all the interest in McDonald’s as a result of which all the franchisees lost the confidence in the leadership.

McDonald’s analyzed the situation and then disavow all the outdated marketing tactics. It brought “I’m loving it” as the smartest marketing phrase. The slogan launched in 2003, from T.V advertisements to the paper, McDonald’s left no stone unturned in reinforcing the new brand attitude.

As a result of this smart move, it got the great functional excellence, the trust of franchisees got back and people had one thing on their mind, “I’m lovin’ it.”

I feel anything can rise if you choose the right words, if you enforce the right message.

Pro tip: Sometimes, all you need to do is to look at your slogan and change it if it’s not working for you. Be real, be empathetic and convey the positive attitude of your brand via words.

4. Disney World – the happiest place on the Earth

I remember being so stubborn with my dad to visit the Disney World…

Turn back the time in your mind, and you will say “Mutual feelings pal.”

Well, the slogan “the happiest place on the Earth” was magical, is magical and will stay magical for the years to come.

If you carefully try to understand its real meanings, it says that you are welcomed here with open arms regardless of gender or age.

We all need that sweet escape; we all long for vacay that make us forget the daily affairs we have to deal with. The slogan is pretty inviting and makes you feel that it is where you should be.

There are some good advertising slogans, but there are some that actually create the state of euphoria and leave you speechless. This advertisement slogan tells us to forget all the worries of the past or future and enjoy the present moment. It invites us to visit the happiest place on the Earth – makes us feel that sheer belongingness.

Regardless of the country we come from, how old we are or what our gender is, Disney World gives us a message that once you are here, you will be happy, moments will be magical and the burst of laughter will surround you all over.

Though Walt Disney left the world but gave us the gift of the happiest place on the Earth and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Disney World - Slogans to Target Upper Class

5. Visa – it’s everywhere you want to be





And what not!

All these millennials’ convo lingos make me feel that we are running short of time. The time-pressed individuals are not okay with typing the full form…

Well, after all, who wants to type the whole thing and waste a few nanoseconds. Right?

Jokes apart, we are getting used to such things. I feel, VISA felt the need to say more in fewer words. Its slogan was “More people go with VISA.” That very advertising slogan didn’t work well for the brand, and they felt the need to change it…

Visa - Catchy Sales Slogans

The slogan was changed to “It’s everywhere you want to be.” To the date, they are using the same. The slogan worked in their favor as it conveyed the message, VISA will not leave you in the middle of the sea. No matter where you go, it will accompany you.

Their theme signifies that VISA customers have the option to pay for their stuff everywhere. They can go cashless without any hassle.

Pro tip: Your caption should revolve around the principle “say less, but something significant.”

6. Apple – think different

The marketing campaign slogan “think different” reminds me of the time when I was in the university, and the professor used to say that time and again, “think out of the box.”

Perhaps that time I didn’t get to the gist of it. But now, I understand, it’s all about being different from the rest.

Apple - Advertising Slogans

Apple took the same approach in 1997 when it launch the marketing campaign “think different.”

It precisely communicated the message that to own an Apple computer, you need to be different.

It’s not the sign of arrogance or the harsh behavior of the brand; it was all about the fact that Apple’s computers worked differently, and it wasn’t easy to get used to it.

Apple always takes the lead when it comes to smartphones and laptops. The reason being, their gadgets work differently and are reliable.

Till now, the slogan keeps the Apple buyers under one roof. Ask an iPhone buyer; they will never choose Android over Apple.

Well, Apple lovers can’t stand the oranges, they stay true to their Apple clan.

Pro tip: Your slogan doesn’t need to have fancy words. You can convey the whole message merely in 2 to 3 words. Whatever you choose, make sure those letters create an impact.

7. M&M’s – melts in your mouth not in your hands

I highly doubt I will ever stop eating M&M’s!

M&m - Marketing Campaign Phrases

There is something about it that immerse me into binge-eating.

Well, the slogan “Melts in your mouth not in your hands,” has a lot to say…

Unlike candies and bunties that leave the stain on our hands and get melt when we try to hide them from our younger siblings, M&M’s survives the battle.

Their slogan is etched in every kid’s mind and I am not the exception. (Don’t laugh, I am still a kid at heart.)

The brand gives a perfect message that it is so soft, when you will eat one, it will melt yummingly. But it will never melt in your hands.

Pro tip: When you are to write a slogan for a confectionary brand, make sure the U.S.P is being communicated nicely.

Another important read for you: How do you know it’s time for a rebrand?

Summing up

Ask me about the secret recipe of creating a slogan that gels well with the audience, I’ll say:


Anything that is short, simple and timeless, creates the real magic. In this blog, you learned the stories behind different slogans and how their brand thrived due to having it.

Many people still don’t understand the importance of having a good advertising slogan. But I feel that my readers are not pretty aware of why it is important to have a magical slogan.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. I will see you next time with another interesting topic. Your virtual pen-pal is bidding farewell for now!

Oh wait! Who will comment here if your leave? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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