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Just as much as any other organization, a company providing services to medical or related organizations, needs a logo design which says it all! Quite recently Fullstop came across the complex task of designing an Anatomy logo for our client which goes by the name of Anatomy First.

The Client

Let us introduce our client briefly: Anatomy First is a company that creates 3D medical animations which of course require extensive detailing and utilization of graphics.

The organization required an Anatomy logo design that gets the message across to their potential clients: medical centers, doctors, and other related institutions. Their prime requirement was a design that could easily be comprehended by anyone who laid eyes on it, knowing at first sight that this company has something to do with the human body or Anatomy.

Logo designing for this company was a task in itself since we couldn’t really use an image of a human body and the client insisted upon a direct message with a creative touch! But what are logo design agencies if not problem solvers, right?

The Anatomy First Logo Creative Board

Our first step was to jot down the two core elements which according to our client were essential in their logo:

  • It should be creative
  • It should be easy to understand

After a few rough sketches of the human anatomy (logo), we made peace on the conclusion that there had to be another way to portray the very complex structure of man. Thus, we created an outline (feeling a lot like some detective at a crime scene) and set our minds and tools to work.

Basically, our anatomy logo was the first of its kind since it wasn’t purely medical nor primarily artistic, so we made peace with a fusion of both! Creating an abstract anatomy figure with graphical circles, we added bright and eye-catching colors to make the design impactful yet easy to read. We’ve assigned two backdrop variations for the logo: the usual white with a blue font and the inverse which is a blue backdrop with a white font with a constant orange for 3D medical animation that is a vibrant contrast over both backgrounds.

The end result was a work of art: a combination of art and science! That’s not something you read every day, do you? We kept the font subtle to avoid the clutter of design elements and to maintain a balance in the logo.

There’s always a challenge that any great designer or agency needs once in a while to raise the bar higher (self-competition is the best one there is), and we believe Anatomy First’s logo was one of those tasks which stimulate innovation.

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