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Last Updated on June 21st, 2021

There’s no denying the fact that WordPress is one of the easiest website building platforms in existence, especially for those who have never taken a leaf out of a developer’s book. Nevertheless, managing WordPress beyond simply uploading and posting is no walk in the park either. Experience talking here!

Of course, this loophole in amateurs handling WordPress is a recent discovery by hosting sites/companies who must have thought,

 “Hey, many non-web developers are using WordPress so why don’t we step in and offer the convenience of handling their websites built on this very platform?”

Now, if you are just a beginner, focusing more on simply uploading your blogs or images you probably don’t need what is known as Managed WordPress Hosting. These sites cater more to those who want to expand their online businesses or want a well-managed website. Doesn’t hurt to get some extra information for your future goals though, does it?

So, for those of you who are actually here to find solutions for their e-stores or professional website, I’ll skip beating about the bush and land right on to the purpose of this blog: seeking out the best Managed WordPress Hosting Site for your business/purpose.

Stay with me if you want to know all about the best web hosting for WordPress.

  1. WP Engine

Best Web Hosting - WP EngineSo, as far as images in the market go, WP Engine has earned its reputation as a reliable Managed WordPress Hosting site. It is completely safe to say, without offending the other available sites that WP Engine is one of the most remarkable WordPress Hosting sites available to cater to your website hosting needs.

Here’s a list of features that’ll help you make a more informed decision:

  • SSL Certified: This means that your data is infinitely secure from any third parties and no one can break into your online vault (website).
  • One click options/automatic back-ups: don’t we all want our solutions in a single click? If only life was that easy. However, being amongst the best Managed WordPress Hosting sites, WP Engine offers one-click development so that you can see your website before it goes life along with a restore and backup option so there’s always room to change your mind!
  • 100 points for Navigation: Another feature that puts WP Engine on top of the pyramid is the super easy navigation it offers with a responsive dashboard that speeds up your work.
  • Migration Plugin: Any of you who already own a WordPress website and have spent a good many hours and brain cells working on it might be thinking: “I don’t want a different website. I love my work”. Don’t fret my friend, with WP Engine’s Migration Plugin you can easily move your currently designed website to WP Engine without any hassle whatsoever. They’ll take it over from there.
  • Reliable customer support: this may not seem initially as a worth-mentioning kind of feature but the moment you’re stuck or have queries that only the company can answer, you’ll find this as an added blessing. WP Engine provides quick support via email, chat and even on call. Plus, there are dozens of articles available online that can answering FAQs regarding the hosting site.
  • Money back guarantee: now there’s a feature that definitely caught my attention. Before I give you an overview of WP Engine’s pricing, you need to be aware that there is literally zero risk in taking a chance with this hosting site owing to its 60 Day money back guarantee! So, you think you made a wrong investment? Just take it back!
  • Pricing: Oh! That’s the tricky one, isn’t it? Everything seems A-Okay until we ask “But how much does it cost?” To make life easier for you, WP Engine offers 4 hosting plans which you can select depending on your website/business requirements and the level of website development or management that you are looking for. Refer to the table below:




Who is it for?



1 website, 3 environments, support for 25,000 visitors per month and 50 Gibs of bandwidth.

Suitable for those who want to build their own blog or a small website.



10 sites with 3 environments per site, support for up to 100,000 visitors per month and 200 Gibs of bandwidth.

Ideal for businesses which are growing at a fast pace but need an online boost.



Allows you up to 30 sites with 3 environments per site, support for up to 400,000 visitors per month and 500 Gibs of bandwidth.

Best payment plan for a well-established business.


As per the needs of the business

High performance availability, highly managed onboarding and top priority support.

Large businesses – yes I mean the really big ones.

The drawbacks:

Yes, of course everything isn’t sugar and candy over here.

  • Time consuming to learn: If you don’t know the first thing about website hosting, you’ll have to invest some time when you’re opting for WP Engine. There is a plethora of information though on how to go about the hosting site but the question is; do you have enough time?
  • A bit pricy: even though WP Engine does have a separate payment plan for diverse levels, this Managed WordPress Hosting site is a bit expensive as compared to some of its competitors.
  1. SiteGround

Best Website Hosting For WordPress - SiteGround

SiteGround has been around for quite some time and has been one of the most popular sites for Managed WordPress Hosting. Features such as Free Drag and Drop Weebly Site Builder gives the hosting site an edge over as competitors as does using NGINX web server technology which is amongst the most advanced options available. Looking good already, isn’t it.

Let’s go deeper:

  • Own Panel: Most website hosting solution providers use C-Panel to simplify the process of hosting the website. However, SiteGround has taken a bold step by developing its own panel known as Site Tools! It’s user friendly, aesthetically good to look at and makes your website building experience a lot easier.
  • Free back up and restoration: this is where SiteGround does tempt you. So, for instance you don’t like the updated version of you website and want to go a few steps back or more correctly to an earlier version. This Managed WordPress Hosting site backs up your entire system on a daily basis and keeps your backups for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Super chacher performance booster: what do visitors want most from any website service? Speed! The super chacher develops copies of your site so instead of taking up everyone’s precious time and building each and every page, it simply sends your visitors the cache versions, taking a humungous load off your server.
  • Automatic website migration: once again if you’re stuck at the point where you’ve already hosted a website elsewhere, you can make use of the migration plugin and transfer your work to SiteGround. Install the plugin on your current website after which all you need to do is enter the token on the SiteGround panel discussed above. So far so good I hope?
  • Top Notch Security: on top of every other feature you’re looking for, it’s obvious that security of your data and that of your visitors is a top priority. SiteGroud provided WAF or Web Application Firewall as part of its basic plan. SSL certificates are available with every plan, though they need to be activated by the user aka you.
  • Pricing: rumor has it that SiteGround offers the cheapest packages amongst most of its rivals. While this is true, there has been a huge price hike in 2021. However, it does cater to all the non-technical folks out there as well as the know-it-alls aka developers who need advanced features. Another point worth mentioning is that SiteGround is very open about its pricing plan – no hidden costs! Here’s a peek into their payment plans:

Payment plans



Who is it for?



$6.99 (1st year)

$14.99 (2nd year)

1 website, 10 GB web space, 10,000 monthly visits along with features mentioned above such as free backup, free SSL, free CON, and free email and unlimited databases.

As the name suggest, this package is well-suited for those who are just in the beginning phase and want to set up a business or a simple website.


$9.99 (1st year)

$24.99(2nd year)

2 websites, 20 GB web space, 25000 visits including all of the free features.

SiteGround labels this as its bestseller. The plan is a good bargain for growing businesses as well as the newly established ones that want to invest a little cha ching.


$14.99 (1st year)

$39.99 (2nd year)

5 websites, 40 GB web space, 100,000 monthly visits and all of the above mentioned features.

Best for those who already have established businesses and want to experiment more.

The Drawbacks:

  • Limited plans: If you are amongst those fast money-making e-commerce businesses or online sellers and you need multiple high traffic websites, you probably need a plan that’s bigger than GoGeek since the maximum number of website that SiteGround offers is 5.
  • Slower loading time: Even though SiteGround offers an extremely user-friendly interface, it can’t stand as much burden as many of its competitors so you’ll have to be careful how much load you’re placing on the server.
  1. Kinsta

Best WordPress Host - Kinsta

Relatively a newbie in the market though that doesn’t mean it lags behind the more experienced web hosting sites for WordPress. In fact Kinsta (as they themselves claim) is obsessed with speed so it’s really one of the fastest and best webhosting for WordPress. Amongst its various pros comes the fact that it is solely for WordPress hosting meaning its services don’t cater to other website building/hosting platforms so WordPress is privileged with its undivided attention.

Here’s how they stand out:

  • Super-fast: Kinsta claims that they are the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Site till date which isn’t far from being true. With an average loading time of 1.6 seconds, they are even ahead of WP Engine which has a minimum loading time of 1.9 seconds! It also partners with KEYCDN which can reduce loading time up to 50% and can prevent overloading of your servers by too much traffic.
  • Servers in 24 locations: Unless you are European in which case you have to place your customers’ data within Europe (by law), you can literally choose any server where your target audience is most active.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure: utilizing this infrastructure instead of the traditional ones used by its competitors, Kinsta offers more speed, reliability, scalability and flexibility. This means that Kinsta has a higher reliability when keeping your websites online. It gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee and should they fail to correct any error response codes, your money will be back in your account! Talk about confidence and sincerity. Bear with me on this but this feature is precisely what makes Kinsta a top contender for the best Managed WordPress hosting In case of unexpected trafiic, Kinsta’s integration with Google Compute Engine allows a website to scale into as much CPUS as are required. In simpler words: no crashing!
  • Optimized environment: with Kinsta’s multiple features to handle all your webhosting problems you can focus more on growing your business and on other aspects of your website.
  • Commendable 24/7 support team: it’s not just fast, the support team at Kinsta is a band of technical experts who can show you the right direction whenever or wherever you’re stuck while using the Managed WordPress Hosting site.
  • Daily backups: Kinsta provides automatic as well as system generated backups on all of your accounts/sites. You’ll find these accessible as restore points on the “My Kinsta Dashboard”.
  • Optimized for E-commerce: that’s a big ball in the court for anyone who wants to pursue their e-commerce business using WordPress. Providing free plugins such as Woocommerce makes this hosting site worth the money (getting to that).
  • Pricing: In terms of price, you may find Kinsta a bit on the expensive end though they have reduced their minimum package from $100 to $30. Nevertheless that’s more than the minimum offer by SiteGround so you’ll need a hefty amount to get started here. It offers 10 payment plans in total but I’ll be enlisting just 3 below.

Payment plans

Price / month


Who is it for?



$ 30

1 WordPress install, 10 GB web space, 25,000 visitors, 50GB free CDN. No email hosting service. All of the other mentioned features such as Google Cloud integration and 24 global locations will be included.

Start-ups who can invest in their business since this is one of the highest priced start-up plan.



2 WordPress installs, 50,000 monthly visit, 20GB storage, 100 GB free CDN, 2 premium migrations and all of the other mentioned features. 

If you’ve got a website that needs more traffic and can cater to more visitors, this is the plan for you,

Business 1


5 WordPress installs, 100,000 monthly visitors, 30 GB storage, 300 GB free CDN, 3 free premium migrations and all the other features.

If you are ready to take your online business to the next level this is the most feasible option for you.

The drawbacks:

  • Only Premium – not suitable for beginners: that’s a big pebble in the feet for businesses that have just started or for those who want to build their sites for other purposes. Kinsta has very high price points.
  • Email hosting (error 404): so basically there is no email hosting service provided by Kinsta therefore you’ll need a third party’s service if you need this included.
  • No call support: if you’re thinking of ringing them up for some information or guidance, drop the thought because Kinsta’s technical team doesn’t really talk to you over the phone. So scratch that option out.
  1. DreamHost

Managed WordPress Hosting - DreamHost

Focusing mainly on WordPress hosting, this hosting site came into our technology-driven lives in the year 1996 though DreamPress by DreamHost was officially launched in 2013. Since then its popularity as a Managed WordPress Hosting Site has been skyrocketing. To give you an overview, DreamHost offers shared hosting (which is aimed to help beginners get started) and DreamPress Hosting, focused towards providing hosting solutions to those who want to take their website hosting to a more superior level. So, here’s why DreamHost can be a smart option for you:

  • Shared Hosting Plans for beginners: these are amongst the cheapest plans available for hosting your website particularly if budget is your primary concern. These will host not only WordPress but sites from other website building platforms as well. The plan begins from $2.59/month to host a single website along with 50GB storage. If you’ve got a little more in your savings wallet, you could opt for shared unlimited, getting unlimited SSD storage for just $5.59/month!
  • Unlimited bandwidth and visitors: let’s just say the unlimited plan lives up to its name. It not only provides you with unlimited bandwidth but has no restrictions on the number of visitors either! You even get a free domain name when you opt for a yearly plan. Woah!
  • DreamPress Hosting for bigger plans: for those who have a bigger vision and are looking for speed with high performance and have a little more budget, DreamPress Hosting is definitely the route to take. Pricing plans start from $16.95 for 30 GB of SSD storage with a limit of 100k visitors. Appealing? Look at the end to view all pricing plans.
  • Automatic, daily backups: With DreamPress you don’t have to worry about paying extra for data backup or losing your data. You will receive automatic backups on a daily basis, something unavailable in the shared hosting plan.
  • Unlimited emails: this is one of their most attractive offers. With DreamPress Hosting you can make as many emails as you deem necessary for you website.
  • Optimized PHP7 and OPcache: this is very important. It not only makes sure that your wordpress site runs smoothly but also improves compatibility with 3rd part plugins.
  • CDN or Content Delivery Network: with DreamHost, you can activate both, free and paid Cloudflare CDN plans via the control panel for customers using shared plans whereas those using DreamPress Plus and Pro plans can have access to unlimited CDN usage through the Jetpack integration.
  • WordPress website migration: choosing to switch? Even though you’ll have to pay $99 in shared hosting, you can migrate your WordPress site to DreamPress for free.
  • SSL Certificate: Like all other hosting plans, DreamHost too provides SSL certification from Let’s Encrypt and allows you to use your own certificates from anywhere else.
  • Varying prices: so even though shared hosting seems like the cheapest option available in the hosting universe, there are some costs that may not make the plan look too attractive. The $2.59 pricing is only available if you choose to bond with them for 3 years! So, if you choose a monthly plan instead of an annual one, the starter plan and unlimited plan would cost you $4.95 and $10.95 respectively.

Payment plans

Price / month


Who is it for?


Shared Starter

$ 2.59 if you opt for a 3 year plan. $3.59 if you pay upfront for a one year plan.

1 website (wordpress or any other), 50 GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and visitors though performance may decline if your website consumes too many resources. Security and certifications available. Automatic backups not available. Free email unavailable ($1.67). 24/7 support.

For beginners who don’t know much about hosting and don’t need high performance for their websites.



1 WordPress website. Free domain included. 100k monthly visitors. Unmetered bandwidth. 30 GB SSD storage and free email along with all other mentioned features,

For those wanting a high performance managed hosting. The $16.95 may seem a lot as compared to shared hosting but there are no additional costs attached and you can opt for a monthly plan as well. This is mostly for businesses who wish to grow.

Which one is the best Managed WordPress Hosting Site?

I’ll leave that decision entirely to you since it all ultimately depends on your requirements, how heavy your savings box is and what are your future goals?! To make things easier, here’s a summary of these 3 hosting solutions that I’ve elaborated on:


Price / mo.

Storage (min)

Monthly traffic / mo.

No. of sites (mini to max) 

Customer support

WP Engine

$25 , $95, $241

10 GB

25,000 visits

1 – 30

24/7 via email, chat and call.


$6.99, $9.99, $14.99 (only in the 1st year)

10 GB 

10,000 visits

1 – 5

24/7 via email, chat and call.


10 payment plans ranging from $30 to $1,500

10 GB

25,000 visits

1 -150

24/7 reliable technical support via email and chat only. 



30 GB

100,000 visits

1 WordPress site

24/7 though you may get late replies via chat as compared to any other hosting. 

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