30 Best Serif Fonts for Logo Design and Branding

Designing a logo is not a piece of cake. And, we all agree on it!

From choosing the design elements to selecting the right logo font, everything takes time and effort. Since we are discussing the best Serif fonts, it’s better to stick with it.

A logo font plays a huge role in delivering your message to the audience. That’s the only reason why there are hundreds and thousands of logo fonts. If you have paid attention to the logo designs, you will notice that every business utilizes a special logo font that adheres to its brand message.

Where some fonts appear dreamy, some appears comic as well. So, as a designer, you cannot overlook the fact that a logo font can turn your design upside down.

In case you’re wondering, which fonts are the best from the thousands of them, then you’re in the right place. We have summed down some incredible free Serif fonts for you to choose from.


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Best Serif Fonts

So are you ready?!

Playfair Display

Taken from the late 18th century, Playfair is a transitional design that takes inspiration from the designer John Baskerville. This font is best used for headlines and titles. There is less contrast in the upper and lower case glyphs in this font. The font looks amazing when the body text is Georgia.

Playfair Display - Best Free Serif Font

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Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville is a design that is best used for the web. The font comes with wider counters, less contrast, and a tall x-height. It’s due to the amazing visibility that the font offers that people can easily read it on-screen.

Libre Baskerville - Best Serif Fonts


Elsie was particularly designed with the feminine touch. The font is rich with fashion and glamour, so one can guess that it’s the top choice in the fashion industry. It is a combination of Italics and Bodoni. The font is filled with personality, innovation, class, and attraction.

Elsie - Free Serif Fonts


Lora is a contemporary font that is enriched with the nuances of calligraphy. The font works extremely well as the body text. Lora is one of the best free Serif fonts that are quite commonly used for art essays and modern-day stories. The font works well for both print and screen.

Lora - Free Serif Fonts


Designed by award-winning font designers, Questa is one of the most successful fonts in the world. Used in magazines and everywhere else, this font is the one that you’re looking for!

Questa - Free Serif Fonts

Latin Modern Roman

A rather new version of the old Roman fonts, but definitely worth the hype. This font looks incredible when used in texts due to the amazing clarity that it has to offer.

Latin Modern Roman - Best Free Serif Font


Butler is another incredible font, which is nothing but an extraordinary version of the classical Serif fonts. The font comes with an additional stencil family along with a bit of modernism sprinkled on it.

Butler - Font For Branding

Source Serif Pro

The Source Serif Pro perfectly complements Source Sans. This font for branding works very well in user interfaces. It’s a great font, much better than its predecessors.

Source Serif Pro - Free Serif Fonts

Theano Didot

Specially designed for Greek texts, but this font has its charm. The font now includes Latin and Cyrillic letters as well that works great in place of old classical text editions.

Theano Didot - Best Serif Fonts

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Dejavu Serif

Coming with a variety of characters, this font style is based on Bitstream Vera Fonts. Although it’s a bit enhanced, it gives out somewhat the same feel and looks.

Dejavu Serif - Font For Logo Design


Designed by Giambattista Bodoni in 1798, this is an amazing transitional type font. This font is a wonderful choice for blog headings.

BodoniXT - Best Serif Fonts

Otama E.P.

A modern-day font that not only adds weight to your text but works as an apple for the eye. It’s a confident typeface that is extremely beneficial for fashionable designs.

Otama E.P - Font For Branding

Noto Serif

Belonging to the Cyrillic, Serif Latin, and Greek families, this font comes with 30 fonts. It’s a web font that was specifically designed to show characters that cannot be displayed.

Noto Serif - Best Serif Fonts

Old Standard TT

A wonderful classic typeface that is perfect for old-style people is the Old Standard TT. Bold, italic, or regular, this font style is one in a million!

Old Standard TT - Font For Logo Design

Anglecia Pro Display

Looking for a good font for logo design? No matter if you have a real estate agency, an eCommerce store, or anything – Anglecia Pro Display is the correct choice for you!

Anglecia Pro Display - Font For Branding


From web designing to logo design, this one font looks really aesthetic in any setting. If you’re confused about what font to go with, this is the one you should root for!

Devroye - Font For Logo Design


One of the best fonts for logo design gives out the perfect old-fashioned vibes. The font works really well for meditative text headlines and typesetting.

Alice - Best Free Serif Font


Wondering what to use in the display text? Well, there is nothing better than Soria that is influenced by the Didot fonts and art nouveau as well.

Soria - Font For Logo Design

Luxi Serif

Once used for the X Window System, but now famous everywhere. This one font has an incredibly aesthetic feel to it.

Luxi Serif - Best Serif Fonts


A font that gives out a calm and distinguished feeling, thanks to the soft lines and beautiful structures. It’s a modern typeface that is perfect to use in titles and text.

Arapey - Best Free Serif Font


Taking inspiration from the Italian Humanistic typefaces, this contemporary font has its beauty. The font is designed by Brownfox and its name was after the most beautiful woman in Renaissance Florence, Simonetta Vespucci.

Simonetta - Font For Logo Design


An elegant typeface that has soft curves and sharp features. The font looks amazing when used in display sizes.

Prata - Font For Branding


Infused with style, elegance, and beauty – Radley is all that you’re looking for when you want your titles to appear great. Look no further!

Radley - Font For Logo Design


A font that works best on both print and screen is – Besley*. Coming with its timeless feel, this font is as versatile as anything in the world.

Besley - Free Serif Fonts

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The font comes with a decent design of Italic and is well-known for its unique features. Munson works well with modern and fashionable designs.

Munson - Best Free Serif Font


A contemporary font that comes with a good x-height and looks amazing when used in titles and headings. The font is available in 36 font styles, so you can find everything that you need here.

Ethos - Free Serif Fonts

Solitas Serif

It’s a soft yet stiff font style that needs no recognition for its beauty and versatility. It’s a rich font style that puts a graceful touch to the overall text.

Solitas - Best Free Serif Font


This font style can charm any of your readers with its grace and beauty. The design typeface is incredibly aesthetic and looks exceptionally great in text.

Luiss - Best Free Serif Font


No matter if you want this font in Bold, Italic, Regular, or Bold Italic – it looks best in all varieties. This best free Serif font can be used in web designs, magazines, and whatnot.

Gelasio - Best Serif Fonts


Last but not least is the amazing Ortica that has its modern touch to it. Wonderfully crafted, this font can turn your reader’s eyes to it and keep them hooked on it.

Ortica - Font For Branding

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As a designer, you definitely need the best for your craft. From the type of font you choose for your design to the font size, everything plays a huge role in making your design stand out from the crowd. If you want your design to speak for itself, then you have to give out the message in the right way. Hope this article helps you in finding the perfect option for your design!

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