Blog Logos – What are they and how should they be designed?

Yes, logos matter everywhere, even in blogs!

I’m sorry for starting off so abruptly but that caught your attention, didn’t it? Whether you’re still in that “I think I’m going to start a blog” phase or you’ve already gotten your blog live and running, every blogger who wishes to stand out.

In simpler words….every blogger needs a good logo and I’ll give you more than one reason for that.

Why are blog logos such a V.V.I.P?

You’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to get a blog logo designed? Isn’t my content enough to grasp attention?”

Of course at the end of the day it is your content’s quality that truly matters to viewers or readers. It is the foundation on which your blog will continue to stand, but how do you get people to actually identify YOUR blog posts – how do you make it a brand that they can follow?

This is where a logo comes to your aid. It is the identity of your blog and the visual representation of what your blog stands for.

I just can’t emphasize enough on this point so bear with me please.

Even if you aren’t so “active” in uploading content but you actually have a vision for your blog, without a professionally designed logo you won’t get far.

I don’t mean to sound like such a pessimist. It’s just a reality check and it’s never too late to mend or in this case, invest!

What exactly is a blog logo?

There’s no dictionary meaning here. They are pretty much like logos for every other brand.

So, just like your regular brand logos, the logos for blogs are used to increase awareness and recall. If you’ve got yourself a website (which you should), that’s where a blog logo will play its role in creating an identity for your brand.

Their work doesn’t end here though.

As social media becomes a hub for bloggers to market their content, these visuals (static or videos) need to be accompanied with a professional logo that watermarks your content and connects with your audience.

For photography these act as watermarks. For posts, website pages and other online stuff, they are logos. What’s in a name as long as it serves its purpose – establishing your identity.

How should your logo look like?

Before getting a logo designed for your blog, you need to answer a few questions – not for me but for yourself.

Get used to it peeps, life is full of queries you’ll need to answer before you can make something out of it – feeling philosophical.

So let’s jump right to it.

What’s your blog’s personality?

Let me break this question down for you. What kind of content goes up on your blog site or social media?

Is your blog a lifestyle blog, or do you dish out some cooking tips? Perhaps your blog speaks the language of fashion or it’s takes people virtually to exotic destinations.

It isn’t just about the category that your blog falls in – the tone matters too. Yeah, did you ever think so much about a simple blog logo? You want to stay in the competition, you’ve got to think like them (scratch that), you need to think ahead of them.

Yes, tones.

So, is it casual or professional? Does your blog have some funk or is it more of a current affairs discussion platform or maybe you want to change the world with your views on social issues while you’re travelling.

Free idea for your next travel blog.

Following these questions comes another one.

Where do you intend to use your blog’s logo?

It’s equally important to know where your logo needs to go. On your website, social media posts or even on any merchandise (if you’re that ambitious regarding your blog) or a mobile App.

You could be sponsoring fashion shows in the future – it’s all about your vision. How far do you intend to take this?

Once you’ve got your checklist ready, it’s time to seek some inspiration from similar blog logos. Remember to be unique though. Inspiration isn’t a crime but it can overwhelm you and crawl into your design- so just be careful.

An important read for you: What If I Start a Business Without a Professional Logo Design?

The Design Guide to your blog logo

Before I take a dive into deeper waters, you need to know the two key elements to consider in your blog logo design:

  1. Typography
  2. Colors

They are both in a co-dependent relationship with each other as well as with your answers to the questions above. So, for instance if your blog is all about having a chill pill then your logo fonts should say so.

But, that’s not all. That font should also contribute in creating a responsive logo – one that can stand the test of time and technology. Remember, the same logo needs to go up on your website and social media posts.

I’m not speaking in any chronological order here so colors are just as important as your word mark. Dip your logo in the colors that suit your brand’s personality – now you see why that question needs royal treatment?

Colors will speak to your audience quicker than the content you’ve uploaded. A pink and black color for instance might make people think your blog is related to fashion and if it isn’t, well you just made a wrong impression.

Hope we’re on the same page till now.

And now we take a dive! Let’s take a swim into the world of blog logos where you can find some inspirations and tips on how your logo should look like.

Food blog – be warm, bright and welcoming

I’d love to be a food blogger someday – if and when I get some time to pursue that passion.

Coming back to your blog. Now if you have a food blog already or are thinking of giving it a go, chances are that you are either a chef, a foodie or both! Kudos for that.

However, here comes the tricky part. Are your posts and content more about baking or continental cuisine or do you do street-style recipes / food recommendations? The answers to these questions will ultimately decide the direction of your logo – typography, colors – you get the whole picture, right?

Blog Logo Design - Food blog

You can use vectors such as a rolling pin or a cupcake abstract in bright colors for a bakery blog logo. If you’re revealing savory recipes you could go for appetite stimulators – yellow, red and orange. Green remains ever-green to promote a nutritious, healthy diet. To communicate sophistication be noir (black and white).

Sports Blog – be energetic and bold

Using words to express your love for sports, eh? I’d love to give your blog a read being such a sporty fellow myself.

Perhaps you are a sports person who is blogging to share an experience or you’re writing to share your passion with the world. In any case, your logo needs energy. 

Italic fonts are best in communicating speed – they give an energetic vibe with their slant positioning. Use red, blue and yellow or even black to show some oomph. Arrows and lines can play important roles here as they symbolize “fast and furious”.

You could even use vectors such as helmets for vehicle-oriented blogs. Maybe, add character to your word mark by making an “L” look like a bat for instance – for that creative part you can call me up.

Blog Logo - Sport Blog

Travel blog logos – be interesting

Before planning an excursion, we’re all checking out blogs. It’s the norm these days. People prefer knowing more about where they are going or where they should travel.

Having a travel blog can be useful albeit a clutter these days.

With so many travel bloggers writing and posting pictures about their tours or a new discovery, your blog needs to stand out. A good-looking, adventurous logo is the first step.

You can take two routes here. Use icons such as landscapes, a parachute or an air glider with your blog name to depict its persona or use slogans such as “The road to everywhere”. You can be witty with it or quite direct.

Again, this is where you may need a creative agency to conjure up something interesting and wild that suits your blog style.  

Blog Logo - Travel Blog

As for colors, you can be as earthy or watery as you want. It all depends on your destinations. Mostly simple, modern fonts such as Sans-serif or Helvetica accompany a travel blog logo.

Photography blog logos – click with your audience

In the photography world these may be known as watermarks. Who owns photography blogs? It’s mostly those who click – the person behind the lens. However, anyone can start a photography blog sharing images they adore, describing them in their own interesting dialects.

Whatever the scenario, you require a logo.

You can be generic with these logos – not the boring sort. For instance the ‘O’ in your brand could look like a lens or there could be a lens flare in your logo design. Getting my point?

However you can be very specific as well.Got a blog that focuses on wild-life photography? Design a logo that illustrates that perfectly.

Your blog showcases some wedding bells? Help people identify your forte – your blog’s name

Blog Logo Design - Photography Blog

with vectors of two rings can help tie the knot with your customers especially if you are the one who clicks.  

Another track you can run on is to opt for a word mark approach.  Stay simple, sophisticated and elegant.

Fashion blog logos – what’s your style?

There’s a lot you can do when designing a fashion blog logo. Forgive me if this looks like Déjà vu but again you need to know your blog’s persona and sync your logo with it.

Which category of fashion does your blog belong to? Are you telling people about the top 10 skincare routines or how to dress-down but look fabulous? Even with that part sorted, your audience influences your logo design – let me explain.

So, if you’re writing for 16 year olds and giving them trend-tips your logo will probably be funkier looking. But, if you’re talking about high-street fashion, be as minimal as possible with your logo. Think Gucci and Chanel.

Blog Logo - Fashion Blog

Colors to consider: Pink, violet (for women fashion) – shades of blue and gray (for men fashion), black and white – don’t create a nasty blend of all of them though.

Blog Logo Design - Fashion

Stick to blacks if you’re a serious fashion enthusiast but if your blog has the “look cool, not expensive” factor then the remaining hues are the best colors to get your logo dyed.

Getting your blog logo

The quest for a perfect logo can be tedious. You may have a completely different category and may not even find much to get inspired from. Perhaps you’ve found a niche – it can happen, right?

I’m sure you can create a generic logo on Canva or any other “logo designing” software but will that logo help you stand out? An online logo design software will give you convenience, agreed but, at the same time your logo won’t be any different from a thousand others. Even if you start designing one instead of using available templates, you can’t go far in terms of being unique and creative.

These softwares have limited design tools and elements to offer and above all, they won’t think for you! 

The way I see it, you can either focus on your blog or spend days sketching the perfect logo.

Give this blog one last read. Can you fit all those thought processes with designing in your schedule? The best plan is to hire professional logo designers or an agency that can shed that load off your shoulders. It’s okay to invest a little if you want to make it big in the industry, right?

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