Looking For Logo Design & Branding Services? Let Me Guide You

There are businesses with a great idea but poor market recognition and there are those with fantastic presence.

All because of branding!

Whether you’re an existing business or a Soon-To-Be-Operational startup, you must’ve already known the importance of investing in a logo design and branding service, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here on this page trying to understand the logo price and how branding services work to make your company a success.

I get it, the abundance of options has made things difficult for you to pick the right branding package and figure out the correct logo price.

I’ve tried my best to simplify everything from picking up the right branding service to understanding the right logo price for your brand. So, let’s begin and see what each design platform can offer you in the quest of giving your brand an invincible appeal.

Is It Important to Invest in Logos & Branding?

Logo Design Price

I’m sure you’d have heard different stories regarding branding, how a logo represents your brand and how it’s all a made-up concept. So, why not first understand how having a logo design and a fantastic branding service works in favor of your brand.

Here are some key facts about how a logo and branding service can help your brand grow:

  • Let’s just say you’re new in the market, no one knows you and you want to create a compelling presence. Here’s where you need a logo design for your brand that people could remember. Because images are easier to memorize than words and colors, they’ve some psychological connection with our brain.
  • Brands invest in a logo and branding service so they can stay in people’s attention and cut through the crowded logos. Your investing in a logo design would also help you stay spot-able which could lead your brand to initiate a sales process. And that’s why you’ll find some designers charging a high logo price.
  • And the reason for finding a better branding service is that its not a one-time job that you’ll invest in and reap the benefits for eternity. You need smart people to help you with your company’s branding so you always know what will be the next phase of your branding strategy.
  • Don’t forget that a brand doesn’t have any tangible form as we humans have. It’s the perception that people have about our brands in their mind. And for that, you need to have a fantastic logo for your brand’s representation along with a foolproof branding plan that never gets old after a few weeks.
  • One of the reasons that companies give due regard to branding services is they return with revenue in abundance. If your company has a goodname in the market, perceived as trustworthy, and offers quality products, people will be quick to make purchases and choose you over other brands. And all this is impossible until you work on your company’s branding.
  • And above all, your investment into a logo design and branding service will make your company evergreen and make it the favorite choice. You can foster brand loyalty amongst your target consumers and keep them engaged in your products via various branding activities.

So, What Are the Logo & Branding Service Options?

Branding Services

We discussed the reasons to invest in branding services and logo design and I hope that you’re clear on this decision now.

Your mind would be flooded with thoughts like “where can I find designing services” or “what options are there for branding services and affordable logo price?”.

After all, you’re spending money and you want to spend it wisely to stay in your marketing budget. So, it’s totally normal to think this way.

Here are some key options that I’ve tried to break down to explain how each one works and which would be the best option to go with.

Online Marketplaces

Branding Package

The very first step for finding the right logo price and branding service is to opt for online marketplaces such as Fiverr. There, you can search for a designer, a branding savvy seller and get the job done. There are tons of options when it comes to online marketplaces such as Upwork that allows you to start a project and receive bids from different users having the needed expertise. Also, you may opt for Toptal or PeoplePerHour that work on the similar mechanism but are popular for better quality checks and swift ticket resolving methods.

There are literally so many options but the real question is if they’re worth giving a chance especially when you’re starting a new company and can’t afford to make a mistake? Let’s look at both the sides of using an online marketplace:


  • One of the most obvious reasons for using an online marketplace like Fiverr, Toptal, and Upwork is the multiple research methods that make your search easy even if you’re not super-techy.
  • Then, you can review the ratings of prospective sellers and decide which one would be an ideal candidate for your logo design and branding project.
  • Your payments are secured via the escrow payment system all these platforms offer. So, you can stay worry-free regarding any payment frauds.
  • You can work with multiple service providers and speed up your project’s completion pace while using these online marketplaces.


  • Despite all the precautionary measurements each of these marketplaces take, there’s a high chance of finding a fraud or a rookie designer that can mess up your project.
  • The dispute processes can be time-taking and frustrating which can impact on your project’s completion status negatively.
  • Your favorite service provider may go on vacationwhich can put a full stop on your work for an indefinite period unless you risk hiring another service provider.

Online Graphic Design Tools

Branding Services - Online Marketplaces

Some of us are already secret artists and tools like Canva make everything look very simple and easy to do when it comes to designing a logo. You can literally create an account, choose a template, and design more than just a logo all for a nominal monthly charge.

In fact, there are various online graphic design tools that you can use to eliminate the heavy logo price issues and design a branding package for your startup yourself. You’ll easily find a template, tweak it a little bit and turn it into a personalized graphics that contains your logo design or color theme. So, who would want to search for an expensive branding service when they can do everything by themselves, right?

Let’s evaluate it critically and look at the pros and cons before making any conclusions.


  • You’ve every design template in your access and literally create anything you require to boost your branding efforts.
  • You can pick a plan or use the free version until you’re sure it’s the right graphic design tool for replacing your existing branding service for good.
  • Save time with online scheduling tools that these graphic design platforms offer to speed up the posting methods from a single account.


  • Although platforms like Canva, Spark, and Snappa allow you to create awesome entry level designs,they limit these features for free accounts. You’ll access the pro features only after paying them.
  • You’ll have to compromise on your design’s uniqueness aspect as other users would have access to these templates which may have a different color but still look the same.
  • Yes, you may create almost everything that your branding demands but do you have enough time to design them? So, using these graphic design tools for your branding might not be an ideal approach.

Creative Agencies

Logo Design Price

And if you’re not satisfied with online marketplaces or graphic design tools, you can always trust creative branding agencies for logo design and branding services. One of the benefits of hiring these creative branding agencies is that you’ll find their services exceptional and receive additional marketing ideas that can up your branding standards.

Yes, you may be worried about higher logo design prices and expensive branding packages but not all branding agencies try to empty your bank account. All you’ve to do is invest some time in researching for the right agency that matches your budget as well as offer creative branding results.

Here are some pros and cons that you may consider while picking this option for your brand’s logo design and branding services.


  • Hiring a branding agency can help you analyze everything in a different angle and boost your creative approach when starting the branding part of your company.
  • Since they want your business, they’ll do more than you’ve asked and this could be helpful for you to keep the marketing side in best conditions and stay a prominent name in the market.
  • Hiring a branding service can help you have more solutions than a mere logo design as they understand what a company needs for better branding activities and desired results.
  • You can also avail their research skills to understand how your key competitors are doing in the branding side and what better you need to do for winning the customers.


  • There’s a high chance that you’ll find a branding agency that fails to understand your business and what it needs in terms of branding and marketing which can hinder your progress.
  • Some branding agencies might not lower their prices due to being famous and a reputed name in the industry. So, this might be an issue for hiring them and you’ll have to look for another company.
  • Lastly, if the agency has too many projects and limited staff, your project may face lower service quality.

Okay But How Much Does a Branding Agency Cost?

Branding Services

Good question!

In fact, I was expecting you to ask this so I can begin with explaining the mechanism behind the pricing a branding agency uses.

But before I share the pricing estimates with you, I’ve something to say!

You’ll find branding agencies charging extremely low and companies with as high prices as a country’s GDP (Okay, I’m kidding).

And the pricing greatly depends on the agency’s reputation and your willingness to spend on your branding.

Here’s the detail you need to understand the exact logo price and branding service cost:

I’ve divided the companies and logo prices into 3 categories so you can have the right (Or nearly correct) idea of expenses.

A logo design, alone, can cost between $5-$50 (if you opt for a cheaper designer) and goes up to $5000/- if you don’t want to compromise on the quality. And if you’ve a big (really big) budget, you may even find designers (or agencies) charging between $20,000 to $30,000 for a logo design alone.

Here you can explore more about the logo design cost: Cost of Logo Design In 2021 – How much should you pay?

Are you looking for a
Logo Design for your Brand/Business


You got the logo design price idea but what about the whole branding package if you’re looking to cover all the essential services from the same agency?

Let’s understand it below!

Here are the items that you’ll ask an agency to design for branding purposes:

Now understand what each item would cost you if you have them designed separately:

  • The business card designing would cost you between $50 to $500 and may go up to $2000 if you opt for a reputed agency.
  • For items like letterhead, brochure and other routine marketing items, you’ll be paying between $75 to $200 and if you’ve hired an expensive agency, the cost would be around $1500.
  • The social media graphics can be priced separately or you may go with the bundle that shall range between $125 (from a cheaper freelancer) and if the agency is involved the cost would be around $1000-$5000 per month.
  • A normal website can cost you between $250 to $500 if you’re rendering a freelancer’s services. But the costs can shoot up to $20,000 to $200,000 if you hire an agency.

And this makes the whole branding packaging cost between $1350 or $25,000-$200,000 if you hire an expensive branding agency.

Before You Go, Read These Tips, Too

In case you don’t want to risk the branding part of your company and decide to go for an agency, let me share some key tips. Follow them and track the best branding agency in town to expect the best branding results against your investment into your brand.

  • In order to evaluate an agency’s competency, you must look at the previous projects they’ve covered so you’ll have the exact idea if they’re the right choice for your branding projects or not.
  • Also, look at the number of industries they’re serving which shows how quick they’re to grasp the industry’s trends and offer ideal branding packages to each client.
  • Take some time to know the creative team of the agency so you can be sure if your decision (to hire them) was right or not.
  • You can evaluate their competency from the initial communication and conclude if they deliver what they claim or just brag about different things.
  • Take some time to research about the agency and try to find out what their previous customers are saying about their service standards and only then make a decision.

Final Words

So, this was all that I had to share and I hope now you’ll understand how a logo price is decided and what particularly you need to see in a branding package.

One last advice before you leave this page and continue your hunt for a fantastic branding agency!

Instead of getting each branding item designed separately, try locating an agency that offers you a bundle containing all these items in the package. This way, you’ll get the best work from the same source and pay a single amount.

If you’re in search of a good branding agency for logo design and branding packages, folks @ FullStop Inc. can help you out so reach out to them and start your branding project.

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