28 World’s Top Brand (Brutally) Honest Logos

Every multimillion-dollar company out there impacts our lives in one way or the other. We buy their products to have a positive impact on ourselves, but meh!

Who cares?

Well, no matter how good you look on in a meeting, you will still find your colleague is looking more decent and you will surely take more than 200 shots before selecting one that really is Instagram-worthy. Relatable, isn’t it?

Oh, yes, it is.

Brands and Us

Most of us are guilty of judging others and even ourselves based on what brand of clothing is being worn by the person. Usually, Gucci or Louis Vuitton is the highest rank while a guy wearing sneakers and a shirt bought from Walmart is not even allowed to enter the parties.

‘What a twat?’

He overhears from the group of friends standing near their Porsche and wearing a Gucci suit (the most lit boys on the block).

Finding the real deal behind the logos!

Coming back to those multi-million dollar companies who still can’t give us a thing for free.

Man, isn’t that unfair?

 What will they do with that multi-millions?

Distribute them amongst us already.

So, let’s dig into the logos of these companies and see what Victor Hertz did to those logos to depict a more realistic picture of what the organizations are really about. Victor Hertz is a Swedish graphic designer and filmmaker. He decided to do this ‘honest logo’ work in 2011 and has been working on it since.

So, are you ready for a fun-packed ride of these honest logos that are sure to make you burst into laughter? Here we go:

1. Instagram

Oh, hey there, Instagram models! Or should I say automatic insecurity provoking devices? Let’s be honest and agree that every time we open Instagram, there is a model with a perfect body or a travel blogger visiting places that you want to visit for so long.

No matter how much you deny, seeing all this inevitably provokes the jealousy and insecurity within you. Another source of insecurity from Instagram is watching the perfect relationships there that you wish for.

But do the pictures truly depict the reality? Or those celebrities with perfect bodies and those happy couples are as insecure as you are? That is a question worth pondering upon.



2. Google

“Okay, Google! Call Amy”.

“Okay, Google! Set a reminder for a meeting with shareholders next Thursday”.

“Okay, Google! I am feeling sad. Cheer me up”.

Well, you do not need a virtual assistant, but a vigilant wife. The human race has become dependent upon virtual assistants for all their tasks. In the process, we give up a great deal of our personal information to the companies behind these virtual assistants.

Hence, the company can ‘control’ you, and a camera is always watching you. Beware!



3. Marvel

The mighty American heroes: a man dressed in a Robo-suit flying to space and back, a guy who was frozen for 70 years, a man with serious anger management issues turning into a giant green dude every now and then and a god of thunder.

So, the Marvel movies are full of CGI scenes and the fighting scenes that it contains, how was New York still running?Not to mention several outer space villains deemed at destroying the earth no matter what. Chill up, dude. It’s the only planet with chocolate!



4. Disney

Fast forward to 2050, and maybe we will find a logo of Disney on even a carton of milk that you buy. Disney is on a fast track of taking over companies all around the globe.

Remember the headlines from 2009 when Disney bought Marvel?

Then in 2012, it bought Lucasfilm then buys 21st Century Fox and Paramount pictures in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Disney now owns or has significant stakes in ESPN, Touchstone Pictures, Marvel, Lucasfilm, A&E, Lifetime, Pixar, Hollywood Records, and many more.

Man, they might not stop until they reach that milk carton!



5. Netflix

If you hate success, have got plenty of time to waste there is no better choice than NetFlix.

Have you ever just sat down on your couch with a drink just before sleeping?

You think you could watch one episode of the show you have been wanting to start viewing. The next thing you know is that it’s 6 in the morning, you are already on the second season of the show, and you have eaten half of your month’s snack supplies. That is absurd!

Binge-watching shows have become a culture, and once a person is done with a show, the quest for the next thing to watch (next fix) starts right away.



6. Facebook

Facebook was undoubtedly our first experience with a modern social networking website. It’s enjoyable. Good memes. Good interaction with friends. But at what cost?

Much of what we see, there are plain lies, sadly. “Man, how could Jake check-in in Paris with his girlfriend? I just saw him at the grocery store”.



7. Pixar

I could not imagine any worst use of animations than the Pixar founders are able to find. Hats off to the team!




Remember the good old days when football was just about a bunch of guys kicking the ball around?

Well, that’s not the case anymore. The game, or rather the organization FIFA, is more about money, biasness, PR, and media now.

 Just look back at the number of arrests, alleged match-fixing cases, and other criminal activities relating to the game.


9. Uber

“Uber? Really? Are you drunk?”

Uber has built up an image of being such a bad service that no sober person will think about using it. Hence, the logo asking Usober? (You sober?)



10. Walmart

Walmart, a departmental store chain, is very popular. Still, much of its popularity is also due to all the wrong reasons.

Walmart is accused of caring a lot about making profits and increasing shareholder value, even if it comes at the expense of ripping the customers’ pockets.



11. Toys R Us

One of the most famous manufacturers of children’s toys is Toys R Us. Still, it is also a company with the most expensive toys range. Parents do kind of go bankrupt while buying their toys.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us

12. Snapchat

What is the point of sending a blank picture to fifty of your contacts just to maintain a streak?

Just a silly score below your name. We do want everyone to stop that, but are willing to do the same? Nope! Nope!



13. Ryan Air

The logo depicts the incident that happened in one Ryanair flight FR 9884 that was flying from Liverpool to Derry.

The flight got a little bumpy due to the weather, and the video went viral that showed the passengers crying and praying.

Easy for you to laugh. You didn’t face the fear of crying in the air *angry emoji*.

Ryan Air

Ryan Air

14. Volkswagen

Is your Volkswagen really fuel-efficient and follows a ‘green’ guideline, or is it a defect device that very smartly knows that you are testing the car?

Well, you got to give it to Volkswagen to be able to build such a smart car. Some of the humans are not that smart either.



15. Amazon

No matter how big a company Amazon is, it too has gotten its fair share of adverse publicity.

And this honest logo is based upon its controversy of abusing its employees by providing low pay and below par working conditions.



16. Camel

What does a camel give you apart from milk, meat, and a source of the journey?

Exactly, cancer. Hold it there, and you might be confused. Yes, the topic of discussion here, are the Camel Cigarettes.



17. Huawei

If you own a Huawei, you might currently being tracked by the Chinese government. Interesting, isn’t it?

Huawei has faced several allegations that it is acting for the Chinese government collecting people’s data through its phones.

The allegations, however, are constantly denied by the company. Well, I still do not talk about the disturbing eating habits of Chinese over your Huawei phones.

Take no risks!



18. Reddit

Guess where you will be able to find about the hairstyles that you can give to your dogs or your cats?

Or where you can find about what shampoo to use to clean your car’s engine?

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Reddit. You can find the most random things on that platform. Overall website layout and discussion style look no better than shit.


19. Pepsi

How to stop police brutality against the black and put an end to racism?

Well, call Kendall Jenner and tell her to bring a can of Pepsi with her or maybe an entire pack so that other problems can be solved too.

Pepsi’s intentions might be good, but the controversial ad brought a great deal of backlash to the company, and the ad was taken down in 24 hours.



20. Toblerone

What else is temporary other than your job?

Yes, your love! We tend to oversell our romantic and lovable side.

And the perfect example is set by Toblerone’s honest logo here.



21. Samsung

What else can you not carry on a flight apart from knife, nail cutter, and guns? Yes, a Samsung phone.

Because you never know when it can go off and blow your brains out, and yes, that was literal.



22. Deutsche Bank

what does a person do to keep their money safe? Dig it in the plain fields of Mexico?

Nah, you are no Pablo Escobar. You would probably deposit into a bank or invest in bank securities. But what if the bank is what you call a human ‘douchebag’?

Well then, your money will surely not be safe. There will be losses, controversial issues with the bank that is way above your paygrade but will still affect you because your money is already at stake.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

23. Spotify

Spotify was made to help the young and new musicians to find a good audience and allow them to earn at a time when piracy was killing the industry.

However, Spotify has faced several allegations that the artists are not paid well for their work on the website. The limelight of this drama was the Taylor Swift controversy when she pulled her songs off Spotify and called it out for not paying well.



24. Weinstein

Django unchained, Kill Bill, Lord of the rings, and numerous other popular movies were produced by Weinstein until the cases of rape and sexual assault came up against Harvey Weinstein, the founder.



25. Nestle

What’s more important than health?

An average person would reply ‘nothing,’ but not Nestle. Unethical promotion, price-fixing, pollution, child labor, misleading advertisements, and labeling, and the list continues.

Nestle has a long list of unethical activities to its name merely to earn a higher profit.



26. Monsanto

An agrochemical company turned into a plain evil character, Mephisto. Mainly due to its step into the genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds.

Although a very profitable venture for the company and an amazing thing for shareholders, it raised several environmental concerns. It enraged the environmental activists and got the media’s attention. However, the process is still going on, and hardly anything affected Monsanto.

So, next time you sit down to eat a ‘healthy and entirely natural’ meal, remember that it’s a lie, and your food too has gone through the horrors of laboratories. Oops!



27. American Apparel

A step away from sexiness towards awkwardness. American Apparel thought it would be a cool tactic to finally bring to life those awkward fashion show dresses which no one would ever like to wear even in their worst nightmares.

And hence, the company was successful in ‘appalling’ everyone.

American Apparel

American Apparel

28. Enron

Mostly everyone is aware of the Enron scandal. With that scandal and with the loss of money that hit a huge number of people potentially all over the world, Enron brought an end to everyone’s fun-filled life.

Well, who would like to sit in a pool with shades on while his millions of dollars of hard-earned cash are going down the drain by the hands of a few suited bank officials?



Since now you know the truth behind logos, be smart!

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