Looking for Cheap Logo Services? You Need to Read This!

“Cheap logo services” I’m sure this would be the first search term that you’ll be typing when it comes to having a new logo design for your business.

Whether you’re ordering this logo for a new startup or want a redesign, you need to be very clear about your selection of the service.

I get it, I get it now stop scratching your head in confusion, I know you’ve various thoughts on your mind such as keeping the costs in control and having a new logo design.

And some evil genius has whispered in your ears to opt for the cheap logo services to reduce the cost of your rebranding project.

Don’t blame him, you were kind of thinking about that, too!

But don’t you think that using a $10 logo is undermining your brand’s potential from the very first moment? C’mon, a logo is not just a filler on the upper-right corner of your website but will do more than you can ever imagine.

I know you may’ve budget issues or miscalculated your marketing funds but before you go on to hire the cheap logo services, I just need your 9 minutes. (I promise it won’t take long)

And then you can go with your decision! (I won’t say a word)

Your Logo Plays a Major Role in Your Business Growth (Let Me Explain How)

Cheap Logo Design Services

You’re not completely at fault for undermining the importance of a fantastic logo design in the presence of cheap logo design tools and websites. And it’s natural to consider a free or cheaper substitute for a premium service.

So, let’s understand how having a fantastic logo design can help your brand grow faster and maintain its positive impression in consumer’s eyes. 

Let’s start with the logo below! 

Cheap Logo Designers

Tell me, what’s the very first thought that comes to your mind when you look at this logo design?

If I’m not wrong, you imagined a café, a coffee house or maybe a restaurant where you can get delicious milkshakes or morning coffee before work, right? 

That’s the magic a perfect logo design creates in the brand and portrays it in the correct manner. 

Secondly, you’ll always identify this brand via a specific shape that displays its connection with drinks and foods. 

Now if they’ve used a logo containing their name in a retro font then would you be able to guess their core business structure? 

Absolutely not! 

Cheap Logo Design

Here’s another example to prove my point! 

As you can see this logo represents a sports team and if you’re a sports fan, you’d have guessed it pretty quickly already. 

Can you see any relation with the sports enthusiasm and excitement just by looking at this logo?

Well, it’s the very first objective of a logo design to infuse trust (or say an unsaid promise) in a consumer’s heart with its relevant design. 

And it is this trust that convinces old consumers to stick with the brand and invites new consumers to explore more about it. 

And you’re not the only service provider in that market or say within the area, right? 

How will you introduce your brand to a stranger who’s thousand miles away from your base of operations?

A logo design acts as your representative by first catching their attention and then inviting them to know more about you. And this is where the sales cycle begins to take place! 

And this is the sole reason that big brands such as Pepsi or BBC never hold back to spend a fortune on their corporate face. Because they know this investment will return with loyal consumers and a strong brand identity that strengthens their sales cycle each day, each month, and each year. 

And I hope that now you know why you’re investing in a fantastic logo design and what it does for your brand in return. And this leads us to the second part of the conversation “Premium or Cheap Logo Services?”. 

Should You Go for Cheap Logo Services?

Cheap Logo Services

The confusion started with uncontrolled saturation in design agencies offering unbelievably lower rates. 

They charge as low as $10 for a logo design that anyone would want to use their services in comparison to a legit creative agency charging between $250 to $5000. 

On top of offering cheap logo design services, they claim a few things such as fastest turnaround, unlimited revisions, and unique designs etc.

And honestly speaking, I would’ve fallen for these service features if I wasn’t a designer myself. 

But are they really that smart to offer quality work on a price same as Starbucks charges for a coffee cup? 

Let’s find out below! 

Positive Aspects

Here are some of the most obvious reasons that a company would be attracted to cheap logo design services.

Cheaper Price

Cutting costs is a common practice that every company does occasionally to remain in the safe zone and those offering cheap logo designer services understand this. They keep the costs as low as no one would ever question pricing or ask for the discount. I mean, why would you mind paying a few bucks instead of saving $150-$170 on a logo design, right? 

Quickest Delivery

These cheap logo design services come with the “Quickest Turnaround” tag which is another reason that companies prefer hiring them. I mean anyone would be happy to receive a logo by the evening without having to deal with uncountable design brief meetings and all. You start a project at 10:00 A.M. and receive the final product by 6 in the evening.  

Unlimited Revisions 

You pay them a nominal fee and get unlimited revisions of your logo design!

They literally offer almost a lifetime revision cycle which is why every company gives them priority over an expensive agency. I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive extra treatment and that on a price not-so-big, right? 

Negative Aspects

Impressed, aren’t you? 

Well, this was one side of the picture sugarcoated with attractive words only. Now, let me share with you the other side of cheap logo design services that you’re praising. 

Logo Templates

Let me share the darkest truth that only designers (or burnt-out consumers) know! 

Their secret for offering the quickest turnaround is the logo templates that they just tweak a little bit. From font changes to color replacement and adding a few decorative elements is all they do based on your design brief. 

No Brand Relevance

Where you’re focusing on that $10 logo tag, you should be rating the final product on something else. These cheap logo services do offer lowest prices but the final product is mostly far away from your brand’s core values. 

And this can expose your brand to public ridicule when your consumers identify the poor quality of the logo. 

Waste of Time

And lastly, the “unlimited logo revision” thing! 

Suppose you pay for a cheap logo design; they deliver the files but they’re not as directed so they make adjustments and everyone is happy now. 


You’ll never get to the happy part, ever. What they’ll do is make adjustments without checking for more errors and you’ll be emailing a new issue every time they show you the final product. And this cycle goes on for eternity until you invest in a premium logo design that’s according to your branding plan. 

Umm…May I Use Free Designing Platforms Then?

Cheap Logo Designing Platforms

Sure, you can but you shouldn’t!

And there’s a valid reason behind stopping you from using platforms like 99Designs or Canva.

Let’s talk about 99Designs, first!

It’s a great place to start a design competition, set a price, get hundreds of submissions and receive your new logo design.

But do you have that much time to go through each design to be honest?

And the ugly truth about 99Designs is that most fresher designers would use the same design with few tweaks in different competitions in hopes to win it. This reduces the competition’s standards and platform’s quality claims to its lowest.

Now, think about it for a second that your business can get sued for copying another company’s logo. And all because you trusted a participant who used the same logo, he delivered to 5 other consumers or just bluntly copied a famous, foreign, brand’s logo.

And now let’s look at every design noob’s only hope, Canva!

Canva is changing lives for many with its extensive template library. Whether you need a cheap logo design, a book cover, or say a blog banner, you can create everything in a few steps.

What they market as a superlative feature is actually a curse for brands that snatch away the quality of being unique and relatable.

Yes, you may achieve your designing objectives but at the expense of ruining your brand.

So, now the decision is solely yours whether to save money or save your brand! 

Should You Seek a Professional’s Help?

Well of course you need an expert in logo design and brand identity!

See, your business is not a fun activity that you’ll risk it on a $10 cheap logo design, will you? 

Your logo should be as important to you as having a strong business plan or a fantastic sales team in your staff. 

And if you’re not sure what particularly hiring a professional logo designer does to your brand’s logo design, keep reading. (Because we still have 2 more minutes, right?) 

What Can Professional Logo Designers Do?

Professional Designers

In simple words, he’ll deliver as you expect! 

Now let me explain it in detail so you can understand the benefit of having someone experienced in logo design and brand identity stuff. 

A professional logo designer won’t start with the logo until he has a clear understanding of your business, your mission & vision statement, and the kind of values your business has. 

And this is why the design brief meetings are conducted!

This would give both of the parties enough time to understand the capabilities of the designer and the designer would make sense out of all the information that you’ll be sharing with him. 

And you won’t feel disappointed when the final draft is shared with you because you’ll see the element of relevance in it. 

Is It Really Worth Investing in a Professional Logo?

This question has two answers!

If you’re seeking to save money then going for cheap logo design services is the right thing to do. 

But if you’re serious about your business, you must know how having a unique logo design can help you garner a loyal audience. 

You may want to get a free estimate for your business/brand logo. Let’s fill out this form and get an estimate for free.

    Are you looking for a
    Logo Design for your Brand/Business


    A professional logo design is essential for infusing the element of trust, setting the brand as a unique entity, and developing a connection with the viewer. 

    Yes, being a businessman (or businesswoman), you seek the monetary value of a logo design investment.

    When people will remember your company via this creative symbol and choose you over other established brands, this will prove if your logo design investment returned some financial benefits or not. 

    So, would you risk your sales with a cheap logo design or investment in a fantastic, timeless logo instead? 

    That’s up to you! 

    An interesting read for you: Why is a $10 Logo a piece of s**t?

    Final Words

    As promised, I concluded my point in almost 8 minutes (Okay, 9 minutes and 2 seconds) and now it’s up to you whether to use cheap logo design services or not. 

    But again, I’d suggest you to avoid risking your brand reputation just to save some $$$$ because you won’t be able to undo this. 

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