Tips For Effective Culinary Logo Designing

The restaurant business is the most widely profitable business in the world, and why should it not be? Everybody today is crazy foodie here, some people literally live to eat while there are some boring people who eat to live. With the extensively spread food businesses, people today are investing heavily on restaurants and catering business which is why you see a new restaurant opening up every week. The more you work on this business, the more you would want to market it, to attract more customers. I mean, why else would you be running the business if attracting the vast number of customers is not your main goal?

If you think you have crazy culinary skills, then what could be better than earning through them? I mean you must have heard that quote if you are good at something never do it for free. Start up your small business today; in this contemporary era, you do not necessarily need to have a physical shop to start a business, your online presence would suffice. The first step to establish your online or even a physical presence is to create a creative and catchy catering logo. 

For a catering business, it is vital to create a brand identity and to advertise your products both online and offline and how can you expect to flourish without having an authentic and custom logo? Catering logo is pretty essential as not only it goes with every branding material but is also the one thing that is remembered by the customers the most. Moreover, the logo also helps identify the customer about the restaurant services and the products; however, you cannot associate it with the hotels as they have other services to offer too. 

There is no denying to the fact that humans process the pictorial images better than the words. You can find hundreds of online free logo service, which can help you jumpstart your venture at the earliest with the online presence. All the attractive website needs a logo that should be effective and simple that can promote your business.

You can easily find food and drinks vectors on the internet you can use to create the logo of your own restaurant. Some businesses use hidden messages in their logos which depicts their creativity. The key to be effective in this case, is to design a logo that sends out a clear message about the services your business is providing. Catering company logos must communicate your culinary industry, and that can only be done if your logo designer can use some crazy yet relevant illustrations and graphics.  

Tips to make good catering logos

Catering Company Logo

While you are running your own catering business, you are less likely to focus on the branding and company name. Overlooking the major catering events as you present delicious food with an artistic touch all in one day’s work. However, no matter how good you are at what you do, you must remember whether it is a catering business or any other kind of business if you are not branding with the attractive and beguiling logo, you are probably missing out on a lot of good opportunities. An effective catering logo can strengthen your business like anything.

 As a business owner, you must come to terms with the fact that your logo is not merely an image, but it is the attractive keystone of your marketing strategy. So what in your opinion could be the best way to boost popularity in the current highly competitive market? An eye-catchy brand identity tends to stand out and has a strong ability to influence the audience in a vast number. So why should you let go of the amazing opportunity of converting your everyday spectators into your long term clients? This is why getting a brand to design, and being able to comprehend the different elements that go into it should be your first priority.

Go through the following tips and create a super attractive logo for your culinary brand.

1. Stand out in the market

The question is, how can you set your logo apart from the rest of your competitors? You want to make a unique logo and keep the customers hooked on to them for a while or maybe later result in them visiting your restaurants or ordering a take out from you. If you wish to stand out one thing that you must consider first is the area of your expertise. What is your USP? What do you actually deal in? Is BBQ your speciality? Or wedding cakes are your thing? Or maybe you know the perfect recipe of cheesy Italian dishes? Once you know it, you can cash on it pretty much a lot. Nevertheless, whatever is your speciality make sure you are depicting it through your logo so your brand can reach out to the customers everywhere. 

FoodLover Logo - Catering Logo

2. Take the minimalistic approach.

Simplicity is the key to win the hearts of your customers, today people all over the world are living on the mantra of Less is more, so why not do what your customers demand? We all can agree to the fact that colours practically reach out and talk to us in person, there is always some hidden message that is sent through the particular use of the colors. Nevertheless, people are not actually impressed or happy if you use super funky and bright colors that is because the margin for error is pretty small, you do not want the color theme to have a negative impact.

Farmcut Logo - Catering Logos

The famous black and white combo is our go-to combo for everything, be it a logo design combination or a mishmash for your wedding dress. You can never go wrong with it; it’s the warmest and the natural-looking color. However, you should steer clear of neon or bright color themes because they tend to send a chaotic message. The best thing that you can do for your culinary brand is to opt for natural and realistic hues, which significantly resembles seasonal and raw food. Other colors like yellows and reds, greens, earth tones and blues also do a pretty great job. The best you can do is learn about the perfect fusion of the colors, which can attract more people to the logo rather than the tagline and the monotones.

The combination of beige and blue is often used for a beachy feel. The shades of green convey organic foods with the browns and reds work perfectly for the rustic tone you can use it if you have some steak or BBQ business. Think about the impact that you want on your customer, and you will have everything you need.

3. Protect the image

You may also come across a plethora of symbols and images that are native to catering chains such as cooking pot, fork, knife or a chef’ hat. Even though they represent your brand perfectly. However they can look overdone, this is why instead of going for the generic icons, and you are better off looking to your cuisine type for your inspiration. If you are a modern caterer with a jumpy cuisine who is always all ready to take some serious risks such as blending flavors and cultures, your logo can go a long way. A banner or a simple flag that represents the cuisine of the origin of the country will be perfect for this kind of a restaurant.

On the other hand, if your brand is all about some leafy greens, a vegetarian caterer, ripe tomato or two, or rosemary sprig can represent your business very nicely. There is no hard and fast rule, though. You can also keep it clean, simple and direct by focusing more on what you want to call your catering business. Most of the catering logos traditionally sport images that are related to utensils and food. So it’s better not to rely on symbols a lot because these will only set restrictions for you.

Keena's Kitchen - Catering Logo

4. Use fonts to do justice to your design

A well-designed logo has all the essential elements in place and is complemented by the use of the right font, Such as the abstract designs need daring fonts whereas the simple ones require Zen-like styles which can appear clean. If you are a wedding caterer, you can make the best use of the script font while the Southern-style caterers must go for the antique lettering.

Your font needs to look great on the marketing mediums, and this is why it has to be easy to read and understand. A great design must look fitting on your marketing materials, company website and the social media, as well as these, are the design elements which significantly highlight the unique characteristics of the business. The right selection of the fonts can attract the right kind of audience. You do not want to attract a poor audience only because you went wrong with the font selection.

Catering Company Logo

5. Tag your logo along

Not many catering companies have any taglines as such, but today more companies have started taking the plunge. If you have any exciting back story of your brand, you must go with a relatable tagline as they entirely cover your brand story. Apart from this, they also tend to describe the unique business traits of your organization. So you must ask yourself what it is about your brand that makes you unique.

Catering Logo

6. A picture paints a thousand words

A brand logo is the visual representation of your brand, so why tell people what you do if you can just show them? Use the regular icons that can clearly communicate your brand. Moreover, if you are looking to attract the audience by being quirky, then visual puns are the best way to attract a considerable number of people to the restaurant. Research says the best way to call a massive number of people to the store is to be quirky yet funny as there are more chances of engagement if your logo or your marketing post has some humor or a hidden message.

Toastea Logo - Catering Logo

7. Impression is essential

You must create a logo that has some lasting impression; you would not want to put your customers off by designing a lousy and dull logo. Just a glance on your logo should be enough to mesmerize the people. A logo works for the company by continually alluring the customers once they have a good impression of the design.

Catering Logo

There is only one way to create a long-lasting impression which is to establish a logo that is unique and can stand out in the market. Offer your audience something that no one else is offering, use the new recipe of the hamburgers that you learnt and make sure you are showing it through your logo.

8. Make it scalable

Another appealing quality of the great logo is that is can be scaled easily. You must be mindful of the fact that your logo will feature in the variety of advertisements; therefore, it should appear like an impressive logo on all the media. It means when we scale up to the bigger proportions on a billboard, the logo should look outstanding. It has to become a part of the billboard design.

Catering Logos

However, if the logo loses its sense of proportion and some of the design elements, they look pretty weird on the billboards, such logos are a failure design. Similarly, if you need to print your logo on smaller surfaces such as the different promotional products like a pen, you have to make sure the logo details are pretty apparent.

Logos of different restaurants and culinary brands

1. Fork- work

The Fork- work is the famous Indian restaurant that is based in Jalandhar, the restaurant offers seafood along with the traditional North Indian food. The logo of the restaurant is the perfect representation of its business. Only a glance at it is enough to tell you that the company is all about culinary. Such creativity in the logos go a pretty long way, and the customers tend to fall for it even more.

Fork- work - Catering Logo

2. Bridges- pub and eatery

The logo of Bridges is to die for, I mean it is so perfect, and the way the spoons and forks are put together to give it a look of a bridge is remarkable. It does not only represent the name of the brand, but it also shows the purpose of the brand. Bridges is the perfect example of how you can name the brand entirely different from the business nature, and you would still get the essence of it just by looking at it.

Bridges pub and eatery - Catering Logo

3. Plated

The name and the way the name of the brand has been shown on the logo can quickly tell what the business is about. The fork and knife at the corner offer the culinary business even the name is enough to guess it. Creativity has no boundaries; the more you stretch it, the better outcome you will receive.

Plated - Catering Logo

4. Fork knife and glass dinner club

Have a look at this logo and as to how perfectly it represents the name of the brand. Adding the illustration of fork, knives and glass on the logo is enough to show what the business is all about. A glance at it would tell you the crazy culinary experience that you will have once you step in the restaurant.

Catering Logo

5. Lunchtime Bistro

The logo wins the race; I mean how creatively the designer has used the knife, fork and a spoon to show the lunchtime on the clock, representing the name of the brand. If you are in Lithuania, you know where to go for lunch. Imagine how great the taste of their dishes would be. For someone who can be so creative with the logo, making crazy delicious dishes would not be much of a hassle for them.

Catering Logo

6. Soup & Pickles

The logo of soup & pickles is the perfect representation of what they offer, the designer has inventively used the illustration of spaghetti and gave it a look of “&”. The addition of spoon on it depicts the soup and pickles. The combination of soup and pickles is perfect anyway and allows the customers to have the unique taste of different soups mixed with the sweet and sour pickles.

Soup & Pickles - Catering Logo

7. Classique Gourmet Restaurant

The napkin tied royally depicts the elite and classic nature of the restaurant. The logo shows how you can expect something royal yet sophisticated if you ever plan to visit the restaurant. The restaurant offers a unique and straightforward environment; the place is perfect for official conferences and professional dinners. All you need to do is to tell the logo designer the purpose of your business and the logo idea that you have in your mind, and you are good to go. These creative people know how to sketch your mind on the poster or paper.

Catering Logo

8. Itorae

The logo of Itorae gets full marks for the attention to detail; how smoke is coming out of the chimney gives the essence of the restaurant. All you need to do is to be a little specific, and you can have the perfect idea of what the business is about.

Itorae - Catering Logos

9. Fork’et me not

Okay, not only the logo but the brand name is so creative that one would enter into the house to see what they even have to offer and since they claim to be so good, you would just want to try once at least. And that is what the goal of the logo is, to attract the new customers and then hooked them onto it. The stamp shows a fork with a bow on it clearing depicting the restaurant name to warn you; you cannot forget the taste of it once you have it.

Fork’et me not - Catering Logo

10. Egg- fast

I am just in awe of the creativity that people have shown through their brand name and brand logos. One can easily guess the business of the brand through its logo and the brand name. The name is enough to tell you how it’s the perfect breakfast place.

Egg Fast - Catering Logo


Logo designing is a perfect example of how you can say a lot without stating any words. It’s a famous saying a picture is worth a thousand words; the above examples are the perfect representation of how just a photo is enough to communicate the message of the brand. The culinary business is simple, and they have one purpose only, which is to satisfy their customers’ cravings through their exciting taste. One of the ways of attracting a vast number of customers to the restaurant is having an attractive restaurant logo design that represents the purpose of your business. The culinary businesses all over the world are making the best of use graphic designing and delivering their message in a creative yet exciting way.

There is various culinary brands logo that represents the purpose of their business. The more attractive the logo is, the better you have a chance at getting more customers. Most of the famous culinary brands like Bridges- pub and eatery and Egg-fast are the perfect examples of how you can use images only to represent your brand. If you aspire to have your own culinary brand someday, one of the things that you must focus on is practical and smart branding.

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