15 Fashion Logo Inspirations to Create a Remarkable Logo

If you are a designer, then you must have sat down for hours taking inspiration from other fashion logo designs to make one appealing logo. The struggle is real.

We, as designers, also run out of ideas, and with thousands of brand launching every day, it’s becoming harder. To come up with unique ideas and designs is not a piece of cake. Hours of work go into designing a single logo.

Unless you’re a designer, you probably won’t understand it and we get it!

I personally believe that designing a fashion logo is particularly hard because the market is so saturated. To wonder if simple is best or you need colors. Well, let’s be honest, it’s a hassle.

Where the internet is filled with millions of inspirational ideas, they sometimes do not seem enough.

A logo speaks for the brand in million ways and helps in creating a mark in the market. You can spot McDonald’s from miles away just looking at the ‘M’ on the board. The ‘F’ of Ford stands out in the market for some reason. Similarly, there are other brands that have made a mark in the world of logos.

Coming to the fashion market, these logos need a little more creativity. Consider Cartier, Ted Baker and so many other brands who are acing fashion logos. If you are working on a fashion logo too, then you are here for a reason. This article will cover everything for you and will provide you with enough inspiration that you will know exactly what you need in your logo.

So let’s get started?

Fashion Logo Styles

Before we jump on the logo design for a clothing brand and other fashion brands, why not go through the type of fashion logos there are? Isn’t it easier to first learn everything and then decide what would be right for the brand on hand?

So, after going through so many brands and analyzing them, we have concluded that there are mainly five types of fashion logos in the market. In short, depending on your brand, these are the type of logos that you can opt for your fashion brand.

Stylish and Chic

When it comes to fashion, style and trendiness speak volumes for the brand. Is the brand too masculine or feminine? What’s their brand tone?

Depending on so many factors, we finally conclude that giving a stylish and chic direction to the brand may be the best choice for it.

The color palette and the type of material that you use in the design matters a lot. For instance, if it’s a female fashion brand, then opting for a pastel color palette can be the right choice.

Stylish and Chic - Fashion Logo Inspiration

Dreamy and Delicate

Designing a dreamy and delicate logo is again dependent on the nature of the brand. For instance, a brand selling organic products might want their logo to be minimal as possible. Apart from being minimal, the logo should depict the soul of the brand.

Hence, when it comes to dreamy and delicate designs, the logo must connect with the soul of the brand. Such logos use light colors, flow-y typography, and use of delicate items such as flowers.

Dreamy and Delicate - Fashion Logo Inspiration

Strong and Dynamic

Imagine a brand dealing with gothic clothing having a dreamy logo. Can’t imagine, right? The logo is the first door to your brand, which is why so much attention is paid to it.

You cannot have roses hanging on the door of a ghost house. So, when you design a logo, keep the nature of your business in mind.

What is the brand personality? Is it strong and dynamic? If yes, then you need a logo that resonates with it. Having strong fashion logo ideas is not wrong as long as it catches up with your brand’s true message.

Strong and Dynamic - Fashion Logo Inspiration

Elegant and Classic

Do you like something simple and classy for the brand? To be honest, minimalist designs rock the fashion market. Their logos are easily recognizable and create a huge impact on the user.

Elegance goes a long way and these types of logos can stand any type of change in the market as well. Sometimes working with the typography is enough to bring elegance and classiness to the logo. So, if you’re looking for something subtle, then this should be your logo choice!

Elegant and Classic - Fashion Logo Inspiration

Relaxed and Cool

If none of the above works for you, then relaxed and cool should be your go-to logo design. There are hundreds of fashion logos that are dependent on this type of style.

The brands that not only sell products but also a proper lifestyle are the ones that opt for this style. Often masculine logos work well for relaxed and cool fashion logo ideas.

Relaxed and Cool - Fashion Logo Inspiration

15 Fashion Brands Logo for Inspiration

Now that we are done with explaining the type of fashion logos that exist in the market, here are some fashion logos that have set standards for other brands.


If you look at Armani, you will first notice the beautiful typography and sheer simplicity. There is nothing more worth noticing in the fashion logo other than the beautiful and sharp letters used in it. The sharp lines and details are what sets the brand’s logo apart from the rest of the brands. The use of thick and thin lines in the logo gives out a strong impression along with maintaining the elegance of the brand. The color combination is also pretty simple strengthening the brand personality.

Armani Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas

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The script font used for Cartier speaks of heritage and tradition, which is extremely important for the brand. The simplicity in the logo has kept it shining for a long time. If you look closely at the logo, you will feel a personal touch with Cartier’s logo. The simple and priceless typography creates a personal touch and helps customers to connect with the brand.

Cartier Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Gucci is innovative in all sense and just by looking at the logo, you can tell this. The extra spaces between the letters show a unique touch to the logo. If you look at the color theme along with the typography, you will get a confident vibe about the brand. The logo is structurally strong and oozes elegance and luxury.

Gucci Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas

Burberry London

The block capitals used in the Burberry London logo is simple, strong, and powerful. Along with it, the use of the gallant knight on top speaks of true Britishness. The traditional history is very much visible in Burberry London’s fashion logo. The logo is constant for over 150 years now and is still practical and stylish in the market. From the traditional feel to the simplicity of typography, everything is an inspiration in itself.

Burberry London Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


The interlocked ‘C’ in the logo speaks for Coco Chanel. It’s a well-known brand for accessories and apparel. The use of sans serif typography in the logo speaks of elegance, power, and trendiness. Apart from it, the choice of color further enhances the beauty of the logo. Although it looks like a basic logo, it has a lot of strength to it. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, then Chanel is the right option for you.

Chanel Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Ray-Ban uses a very cool classic letter style typography in bold that convey casualness in the true sense. It’s a famous eyeglasses and sunglasses brand that has a remarkable reputation in the market. The logo oozes with trendiness due to the free-style of typography in it.

Ray-Ban Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Bvlgari is a brand that sells luxury goods and jewelry. For a brand of this character, their logo is rather simple and easy to read. The use of typography along with the color scheme stands out in the market. Latin alphabets are used in the logo that gives a feel of the Italian background of the brand. 

Bvlgari Logo - Fashion Logo Inspirations

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Levi’s is a famous apparel brand, particularly famous for its denim. The logo uses a cute color scheme with a bat-shaped logo with the brand name in the middle. The sans serif font in bold gives life to the logo. Furthermore, the use of red color gives excellent visibility to the logo.

Levi’s Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas

Ted Baker

Quirky fashion, eh? Ted Baker is a famous apparel and accessories brand. If you look closely, the letters in the logo are wide apart from one another. The use of black in the background with white for typography gives character to the fashion logo. Black is the color of authority and power and the logo speaks of it tremendously. It’s one of the most iconic fashion logos in the market.

Ted Baker Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Zara’s fashion logo is the true example of something minimalistic in black and white. From the choice of colors to the colors, everything is perfect in the logo. The capital letters showcase authority in the logo, which is one reason why Zara’s fashion logo stands out in the crowd. As simple it is, the better it looks on the tag.

Zara Logo - Fashion Logo Inspirations


Coach stands for their values, which is why they are one of the best luxury brands in the market. Apart from the name of the brand written in attractive typography, there is a carriage on the top of the logo that speaks of social status and royalty. The logo of Coach stands out in the leather industry and for all the right reasons.

Coach Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Lacoste is one of the famous fashion brands in the market that deals with different apparel along with leather products, watches, and other accessories. The logo has blended corners, i.e. rounded customized typeface. The use of deep green with white typography is what makes the logo extremely iconic. Not to forget the crocodile on top of the logo that speaks of power and authority. It’s one of the most unique fashion logos in the market.

Lacoste Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Coming to the Hermes that uses simple typography with a French name that showcases the origin of the country. Apart from it, there is a horse-drawn carriage on top of the brand name that speaks of the time when the company used to make horse saddlery. The name stands true to its origin and is extremely appealing to the eye with an orange background.

Hermes Logo - Fashion Logo Inspirations

Marc Jacobs

When it comes to fashion, Marc Jacobs is the name that is always on the tongue. Even though the designer has made news in the fashion industry, the simplicity of the logo stands distinctive in the crowd. The typeface of the logo is simply beautiful with black capturing the real essence of the typography. The logo is not so lavish yet it leaves a mark on the mind of any individual.

Marc Jacobs Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas


Another amazing American clothing brand that offers high-quality apparel and accessories to its customers. The thing to notice about the brand’s logo is the triangular shape in red capturing the name of the brand. To further intrigue people, the brand uses a question mark in the logo standing for the company’s name. The use of colors along with typography is unique and evokes passion, authority, and purity.

Guess Logo - Fashion Logo Ideas

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Ready to Make a Logo?

We hope that all of this inspiration is enough to get you working on the logo. Take tips from the top logo designers or use your own creativity to come up with ideas. It’s best to draft more than one logo design to save your time.

Making a logo is not difficult, but coming up with a remarkable logo is not as easy as it sounds. You need to go through a lot of iterations to finally choose one logo. Make sure that everyone is in a loop to avoid iterations at the end.

Also, take fashion logo ideas from the other designers around you who can help you come up with a better plan. But, before moving to this part, ensure that you have studied the brand carefully and that you understand their values.

It’s impossible to capture the soul of the brand without actually focusing on the needs of the brand. Study it well until you finally know what will work as their fashion logo!

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