Grab & Dough

Case Study


Since Grab and Dough is a sub-brand of Batterlicious, the main problem is the logo design. The leading brand has a specific, well-defined logo with a very eye-catching business logo design. But, the part of this brand needs a more striking and aesthetic logo design. This has made their aim of achieving more customers without having to elaborate who they are and what they do, not explainable. The company hired a graphic designer to overcome this problem, but there was no way he made corporate logo cookies more attractive for the traffic.

The business logo cookies created by the designer appeared to be very tedious, unentertaining, and obscure. The design is required for covering the packaging of candy bars and jars.

Our Client

The owner, Dan Benzler, sight’s on putting forward more friendly and feminine values of communication for the customer. He had anticipated that the future of cookies might need to change. The dough is made with such friendly eatable materials that eating the raw mixture won’t even harm you. You can consider it as an extravaganza that even a mother becomes a child in front of it. The combination is temperature friendly, so purchasing it for long journeys is another advantage of maneuvering it. There is no age restriction to who can eat it till when.

The Design Board

To overcome this bland, cheap logo cookies design, the company has decided to extend the deadline for delivering the final product. They have vouched to provide the best for their customers.


One of the competitors of this company is an infamous consortium named as Doughp that emerged in 2015. The online business of this competitor has spread worldwide. They provide readily eatable cookie dough that can be stored for two weeks and extending up to 12 months in the freezer. The cookie business logo represents the firm providing raw material with authentication. All the ingredients are readily available on their website. They have also vouched to break mental health stigma. This competitor is their biggest rival because they have improved their recipe, excluding alcohol. The alcohol-free cookie dough company is located in the heart of Las Vegas. This organization is growing and developing with time and providing free delivery nationwide.


Color Pallete

The Design Board

Logo Design For Grab and Dough

The cookie logo design represents the edible cookie dough. The company has introduced a new jar version that can be eaten raw. Interestingly, the edible dough comes in three flavors: chocolate chips, peanut butter, and birthday yum. The last one is also a birthday cake batter that can be spread last minute on to the cake without further requiring any baking. The logo design has a cookie with the slogan ‘Crazy Good.’ The main idea behind this cookie logo business is to promote the ‘on the go’ wholesome cookie dough.

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