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In this case study, we will give you an overview of the creative process through which we were able to meet the requirements of our client whilst keeping logo designing principles intact. In a nutshell, we picked up the client’s brief, added our creative ingredients in the mix, and the result – a yoga club logo that reflected the client’s vision.

The Client

Located in Grimstad, a village by the Sea in Southern Norway, the studio is a health and peace sanctuary for men and women alike, who endeavor to achieve mental and physical contentment.

Offering online courses along with training sessions within the studio, Grimstad yoga offers a wide range of diverse yoga exercises catering to women only and mothers-to-be as well! Explaining their brilliant vision of improving the world’s mental and physical health (highly needed, especially at this time), Grimstad Yoga approached us in need of logo design. For yoga clubs, this case study will surely help gain insight into the international yoga logo design approach.

The Brief

The logo design for yoga club – Grimstad Yoga, was supposed to be a mix of their tagline and vision as well as a logo that is responsive .i.e. adaptable to different mediums of advertising. For this purpose, they requested that their brand message, “Yoga from the heart” be conveyed through the logo, with elements from nature shaped like a heart. ‘We put mind, body soul, and heat into serving our customers’ was the identity that Grimstad Yoga wanted to create through its logo.

The second requirement as mentioned previously was the ability of the logo to be split from its word-mark or brand name where and when required whilst maintaining the brand identity.

The Design Board

For Grimstad Yoga’s logo design, we had to portray that yoga at this studio is a medium of getting in touch with nature and relaxing the mind and body. Thus, we needed to incorporate both these essential messages in the yoga club logo.
We initially sketched the outline of a tree and worked on options of how to appropriately create a responsive and minimal logo design while adhering to the client’s brief. After much deliberation and drafts, we accomplished this challenging task and landed on exactly what a yoga club logo should look like!

Observe how the leaf-vectors encompass the bark of the tree in a heart shape. The roots too have small hearts indicating that you grow what you plant. The font is minimal yet impactful and as requested by the client is “detachable” from the design. Keeping in mind the urge for a responsive logo the icon itself has been designed to convey the brand’s message without using any words.

This was just one of the many clients we’ve managed to satisfy and we don’t intend to stop! Do you own a yoga club or have a plan ready? Reach out to us for the perfect logo design!

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