How to Make a Great Logo? 11 Killer Tips to Make Your Logo Stand Out

A logo speaks a thousand words for the brand and if you want to set an image in the market, a logo is the first visual thing that you should work on.

When you start marketing your brand, what’s the first thing that you do? You work on your social media channels. Now, can you make an impact if you don’t have a great logo that represents your brand? Without a logo, your brand is incomplete.

The question is, how to create the right logo? Well, that’s not tough to answer. If you are a designer and you thoroughly understand the brand, then you know what’s right for the brand. Other than that, the brand owners often have their perspective for the logo that works for the brand.

How to Make a Great Logo

We have come up with the perfect logo designing tips to help you get the best logo for your brand. Before we head on to the tips, know that your logo must be catchy, timeless, and memorable.

Apart from it, always remember that your brand logo must be consistent everywhere. Have you ever seen a brand without a logo? Never, right? Have you ever seen a brand changing its logo design again and again? Never, right? Once you’re clear about what you want and you have thrown it in the market, it takes a long time to change that image in the audience’s mind.

Now, without any delay let’s move to tips for designing logos. From beginner to expert, everyone needs to know about these tips before designing a logo.

The Need to Have a Logo

Ask yourself why do you need a logo? Don’t give the typical answer because you have to!

How to Make a Great Logo

The answer should be critical and must show why you want your audience to know you by your logo. As mentioned above, your logo speaks a thousand words. Imagine if you are a streetwear clothing brand and your logo does not have any colors, would it attract the customers? I doubt so.

Your logo gives off a vibe, which must be as per the brand. If you own a meditation brand, then you cannot have a typical logo that gives out a loud vibe. It needs to calming and subtle.

So, sit with yourself, evaluate your brand, read your audience, and make a list of things that you want to show through your brand. Once you have all the answers, write them down and start working on an empty canvas.

Does the Logo define your Brand?

Best Ways to Design a Logo

Creating an effective logo is not so difficult if you know what your brand is all about. Your logo defines the brand’s identity and its personality as well. So, how do you want your brand to work in the market?

What are the core values of your brand? One way to analyze it is by asking the following questions to yourself:

  • What was the main reason to start the brand?
  • Why do you think your brand is the best?
  • What motivates you every day to wake up and work on your brand?
  • How do you want your customers to think of you?

Once you answer these questions properly and with certainty, you will have an idea of your brand’s identity. It’s extremely important to keep it in mind when you start to work on the logo design.

Get Inspiration from Competitors

How to Make a Good Logo

Now that you know the message that you want to deliver through your logo, it’s time to get the inspiration to work on it.

How to create the Right Logo

One of the best ways to design a logo is by brainstorming with everyone. More importantly, think like your audience when you start to make a logo. If you get stuck anywhere, then it’s best to take help from the competitors.

No one is asking you to follow them blindly, but a little inspiration about typography or colors can put you on the right track. You can always work on your own ideas, but once you know the direction, everything will be more aligned.

You can also get a mood board and put up a visual picture of how your logo will look like. A mood board helps a lot of designers to make the perfect design for their brand.

So, did you get your inspiration or you are still having trouble?

Opt for a Design Style

Tips For Designing Logos

I am sure you’re pumped up to immediately start working on your logo design and you have a clear idea in your mind as well. Once you are clear about the basics, it’s time to opt for a design style.

As much as your design needs to be logical, it must be aesthetically appealing as well. From the color theme to the typography, everything must appeal to the audience. There is no one design concept and you need to choose what’s right for your brand.

There are hundreds of designs in the market, for instance, handcrafted, classic, fun, minimalist, and so many more. Which designs do you think are perfect for your brand?

You don’t have to pick one only, there’s always room for mix and match to come up with the best idea. Take your time and work on selecting the right design style for your brand’s logo.

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Choose the Right Color

Color scheme matters. Period.

Colors add emotions to the logo and if you do not put the right colors in the logo, your brand may not be that attractive to the audience. Certain colors speak for something, therefore, it’s important to choose the right colors for your logo.

Creating an Effective Logo

For instance, there is a red color that shows passion, anger, or excitement. On the other hand, we have green that is perfect for every brand. Similarly, there is yellow that gives off friendly vibes and showcase the brand under youthful or cheerful light.

But, don’t worry. Choosing the color theme is not so difficult. If you have followed the above-mentioned steps with heart, then it’s just a matter of a few minutes for you.

Work on Typography

How to Make a Great Logo

Another important part of the logo is the typography that adds appeal to your brand. If you are not aware, then there are 4 basic types of fonts that are usually used in the logo.

Serif fonts, sans serif fonts, script fonts, and display fonts.

Although you always have a choice to choose one logo, you can always mix and match. In fact, the logos with a mixture of fonts looks stronger than ever.

Every font is different from one another and you need to decide the one that will work best with your brand. So, are you ready to make the decision?

Keep the Brand Owners in the Loop

Best Ways to Design a Logo

No matter what you do, it’s best to keep the owners in the loop. At times, you think you’re doing right, but according to the owners, you are not.

You are the professional, but owners are the ones with an emotional attachment to the brand. Whatever they will tell you can actually help you to make the right decision for the brand.

Keeping the brand owners in the loop will save you a lot of time on iterations. You won’t be remaking the logo, again and again, so you will never lose track.

Before even starting to work on the logo, ask critical questions to the owners. Ask them what they prefer, what do they think of their brand, which colors do they prefer, and other important questions too. It’s an important step that you cannot miss out on.

Have Options

How to Make a Good Logo

Don’t work on just one logo, it’s best to have multiple options at your disposal. When you have more than one option, you can always ask for feedback from your friends, peers, and colleagues.

Having more than one option will save you from investing your time in the same thing again and again. It’s best to prepare alternatives and then decide which one to go with.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

How to Create the Right Logo

Don’t follow the trends blindly. Taking inspiration is another thing and sticking to the cliché is another. No matter if you’re working on your own brand or preparing a logo for someone, remember that everyone loves custom designs.

Originality always beat the trends. You will see a few logo trends every year, but that does not mean that you’re bound to follow them. A logo should stand out in the market instead of blending in with the others.

Know what’s overrated and what’s underrated and make the perfect decision. Use your creative mind and come up with original ideas to ensure that you deliver the right message to your audience.

Embrace Simplicity

Simple is always beautiful. Adding unnecessary touches to your logo can actually ruin it for life. Have you seen the logo of Puma, Adidas, or Apple? Well, you must have it because it’s so powerful.

Apple Logo - Tips For Designing Logos

Those are the simplest of designs and yet have a huge impact on their audience. What makes you think that you cannot set an example by doing it simple?

Apple logo is iconic and gives off a deeper meaning than just showing a boring apple. See, even a simple detail can deliver your message to your audience. You don’t always have to put everything in the logo to make sure the audience understands your brand.

Work on Negative Space

Cleverly using the negative space in your logo adds to the logo appeal. Consider the example of FedEx. I am sure you must be seeing this logo for so many years. Do you see the negative space in it? It’s there and it’s so subtle that you might overlook it.

Fedex Logo - Creating an Effective Logo

You can always add some negative space to your logo to make it look cool and amazing. Keeping it minimal with enough negative space is what we’re really getting into.

Does Your Logo Suck?

Don’t worry. Nobody is an expert in the beginning, but we all learn from our mistakes. If your logo is not what you think it should have been, then you must have been overlooking one of the tips.

If you are clear about the brand message and identity, then you have less to worry about. An experienced logo designer may not find it difficult to design a professional logo, but a beginner can really benefit from the tips.

Take inspiration from the top brands in the market who are already making their customers crazy after their logo. A little inspiration does not hurt anyone, so make sure that you’re only rooting for a great logo design and nothing less than that.

We hope that you have your answer to how to make a good logo. So, what are you waiting for? Start working on your logo and follow these tips to solve the issue in no time.     

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