Isoveda Packaging Design

Case Study


The client did not require a complete redesign of their original label (beverage packaging) since they had already built an identity for their drinks. The packaging was needed, which could relate to their constructed identity while also having an elite and classy vibe, and they could position the drinks as a unisex product that appealed to both men and women.

The bottle packaging needed to be balanced yet quirky since it was a sports drink which needed to portray an attitude. Their brief was a bit vague since they were unsure of the sort of bottle packaging which would serve the dual purpose of being attractive while maintaining their
brand identity.

The Design Table

The original design had a Times New Roman font which retained. However, the challenging task was refining the original bottles’ packaging design. But, what are designers if not problem solvers, right?

After a thorough examination of the colors and our client’s demands we finally said Eureka! We concluded that what this beverage packaging design needed was a balanced composition: minimum text which could deliver all the right messages with a more organized design.

We thus started off with the paragraph on the original beverage packaging design, briefing it into a pointers which were important with icons.

For variations we used an inverse effect. We created a design with a black background and a mix of white and light green text while creating another with white background highlighted by black and green text.


The end result was a more quirky design which maintained seriousness but would appeal to energetic individuals belonging to an SEC B+ and SEC A class which was the client’s intention.



We started off with a few rough designs in their original color palette for the beverage packaging which was primarily green, black and white. After some deliberation we decided to make something which is subtle yet has an impact when the consumer first looks at it. First impression is the last impression when it comes to packaging!


Color Plate

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