Logo Design Trends in 2021: How the tide has changed!

From 2020-21 we had no predictable year. Despise it as we may evolution did strike the world in 2020 and continues to do so in 2021. There are pros and cons to every change, however and we did embrace some while we still wait for others to go away. Let’s not recall the negativity, right?

Similarly, the Logo Design Trends of 2021 might provoke mixed views and feelings but they are worth the knowledge. Hey! Wouldn’t you want to know whether you’re thinking along the “right” track as a designer or brand?

One thing that will perhaps never change though is how important a logo is for your brand and you just cannot choose to neglect it.

I’ll just halt the story build up here and cut to the chase saving you precious time.

Are you with me?

Let’s travel into the new, now and ‘will be’ of logo design!

  1. Minimalism continues

Starting off with the logo design trend that I hope will never lose its significance and charm – Minimalism. There’s no denying that this trend isn’t entirely an innovation of 2020/21, however it has survived even the Covid wave and has crept its way into 2021 with ease. Why? Errors tune down to a minimum with minimalism!

Not only are minimalist logos the first choice of any brand wishing to convey professionalism, they are highly responsive and hence more important than ever with the frequent changes in technology and the digital world.

Logo Design Trends - Pet Cloud

It’s not an entirely new notion but one that has seen ups and downs before finally being embraced, perhaps for many times to come. The finesse of a minimalist logo with simple fonts and a neat look has captured the interest of several companies/brands.

Below are examples of brand tycoons that have already taken a minimalist approach and don’t intend to change their decision in 2021. Can you guess these?

2021 Logo Design Trend - Apple

  1. Dipping your logo in ink

In 2021 logo design trends turn into ink. Not saying that literally – did I scare some designers here? Oh no, there aren’t any actual pens or quills involved here, just ink style visuals designed on a digital canvas. Nevertheless, these designs can be tricky to design and use, yet they might create a great impact especially for companies that need to portray a vintage or artistic image without using the typical emblems (which I am sorry but we have seen too much of already).

Logo Trends - Baba Boba

From signature styled logo designs to hatched lines with some interesting details and even imagery that seems sketched from ink, there are endless possibilities to make your logo classic with “ink”. If you’re still unsure of what an ink-style logo should look like here are a few examples to help you visualize:

  1. Stained glass – looking back

Are you ready for a little History lesson along the way? Ironically enough, we need to look behind at times to move ahead, even in design! This time logo design has extracted inspiration from the stained glass windows used first by elite Romans in the first Century AD and later by medieval churches as well as mosques.

Logo Design Trends - Storybox

The charisma of a visual broken down into separate colors yet when looked from afar will create one beautiful image, has not been exaggerated. We’re not crossing out the fact that designers tilt towards minimalism but they are attempting to bring some old to the new without cluttering it up.

Furthermore, sanctity and peace are two important elements of logo design trends in 2021. No surprises there, given the continuous chaos surrounding the world. This is precisely what these logos communicate. So, if you want to add something magical to your logo and give your brand a serene persona and depth without falling into complicated design elements, here’s your answer.

  1. Creative Letters

While word marks are nothing new, they have evolved in 2021. Logo design trends this year can be seen shifting towards a slightly rebellious end. Designers and marketers are still in agreement that word marks are a minimalist trend that should not die since they also serve brands by drawing more attention towards the brand itself. Here’s the big BUT though; it is such a cliché!

It has been repeated so much, it now seems like a shortcut to just skip the whole creative logo process. Perhaps designers realized this in 2021 and so the logo design trends have cunningly interfered in the typical word mark. The ideas is to make one letter distinguishable, creative and attention grabbing!

So for instance you have a candy shop called “Sweet Things”.

Forgive me for the in-your-face branding.

Logo Design Trends 2021 - Sliced

Now, you don’t need to complicate your logo by decorating the whole text with candy textures or icons. It’s just the “t” that can be manipulated to look like a candy stick and you’ll have a logo that pops out without making a fuss!

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  1. Symmetrical logos – the “same” game

What’s a professional logo design without balance, eh? Even if you’re taking the abstract approach, your logo should never look as if it’s created without any margins. Symmetrical logos have a twin factor to them that is they are a mirror image of one another should you split them in two. Here are a few examples to clear the fog:

Logo Design Trends - Toyota Mcdonalds

These logos adopted the symmetrical approach and don’t we recognize and adore them?

The general perception about being “too balanced” or symmetrical in this case, is that it’s just too ordinary or monotonous. However, symmetrical logos give an impression that the brand is firm and strong in its vision and has a structured identity. We’ll have to see however, whether or not these logo designs in 2021 can continue to stand their ground and survive creative critics or not.

  1. Characterization

Brace yourselves because 2021 brings logo design trends that might give you a little shock there lad/lassie. There are multiple routes for designers and brands to pursue depending on what you want to depict. So, if you’re adamant on adding a pinch of humor to your restaurant or some funk to your juice bar, bizarre characters are your best bet! Of course if you’re a bank or a consultation service you wouldn’t want cartoon characters to be the face of your brand, but for companies that focus on entertainment and a friendly persona, you can go wild with your imagination in logos this year!

2021 Logo Design Trend - Pro Master Unkeep Charlie

So many of us wanted to get a picture clicked with Mcdonald’s famous Ronald Mcdonald, the whimsical clown that didn’t exist and yet somehow we developed an association with him! This is precisely what logos with funny and dinky characters aim to achieve –  a bond with the customers. Remember Pringles?

Logo Trends - Pingle

  1. Symbolism blends with modernism

Are we travelling back in time or what? Design trends in 2021 have taken a liking to old art and symbolism apparently. Perhaps designers have a secret wish of travelling back in time and staying there peacefully (just adding a thought here). It is worth noting that logos themselves are somewhat descendants of symbols derived from ancient times. 

Without getting distracted further, let me fill you in on this new trend. In 2021, design trends have joined hands with symbolism from centuries ago. According to experts, adding symbolism in your logo can portray hope, a new beginning and a promise of success – no there aren’t any superstitions involved here.

These symbols such as “the eye”, “a phoenix”, “a Greek Goddess”, “Yin and Yan” along with many others communicate a perspective and are known to have some “power” or the other.

Logo Design Trends - Multiple

So for instance there’s a brand that wishes to convey the message of how it can overcome any difficulties and rise to the top. A phoenix is known to “rise from the ashes” and would therefore effectively deliver this message when included in the brand’s logo!

  1. A little perspective

As mentioned earlier, designers in 2021 can simply not abandon the significance of a minimalist logo. However, they do want to bring back some depth in their designs without crowding the canvas and so in 2021 logo designs may gain some perspective (pun intended).

Logo Trends - Studio

With some simple sketching techniques such as linear perspective or foreshortening, logo designers in 2021 intend to introduce illusions in design – so your logo won’t exactly be a 3D box or ball but would simply seem like one!

  1. Natural inspirations

After a much deserted year, nature has really started to grow on us. Logo design trends in 2021 can’t help but take inspiration from nature, adding freshness and vitality to a brand’s personality. As organic and more nature-oriented brands continue to sprout in the market, there is a dire need to come up with more and more interesting logo designs that exhibit a “think green” feel.

Logo Design Trends - Battree Botanica

This comes as somewhat of a challenge though due to the multitude of logos which are being designed for several brands that have taken an environment friendly approach especially in their marketing tactics. Let’s see how “naturally” creative we can get!

  1. Everything in Black and White

 Surviving the test of time is the all-time successful Black and White trend! Swooping into 2021, this logo design trend just won’t say goodbye and why should it? Whenever you’re aiming towards a classier look, Black and White are two rivals that work best when they are together!

Logo Design Trends 2021 - David Szarka

From simple fonts on a black/white background to animated logos and 3D designs, black and white still dominate logo designing trends in 2021 and will continue to give every other trend some serious competition. The point is, you can seldom go wrong with it! The design trend has gained popularity amongst jewelry brands, furniture stores and garment/textile brands as well as extravagant restaurants that want to portray a noir image. 

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Trends are made to be followed. Yay or Nay?

There’s immense contradiction in logo designing trends as 2021 speeds up. On the one hand we have minimalism while at the other far end we’re seeking inspiration from cartoon characters! Needless to say, trends should not govern your brand or design. There’s no thumb rule! The brand determines the logo design and that’s not just literally. Your logo design needs to reflect the brand’s personality, if it doesn’t do that, your creativity or “trendy” design can simply be part of your digital art gallery.

Make your own trends and perhaps your logo might be featured in our next blog! The gist of the matter is, don’t follow. Rather, have a logo design that’s unique, meaningful and gives you a sense of pride.

So, what are your thoughts on the logo design trends of 2021?

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