8 Reasons to Choose a Logo Designer Over Online Logo Makers

Tell me what would you choose between cheaper designing price and brand reputation?

If you’re a true businessman, I’m assuming that your answer would be the brand reputation. Because every businessman knows without a positive reputation, no brand can survive let alone prosper.

Then why do you fall for cheap logo makers just to save a few bucks?

Sure, every logo maker has been created with due care to offer you awesome templates. But you’re not a designer, are you? So, how can you be so sure that your logo design would be unique enough to create a buzz?

Let’s just suppose you’re a surgeon and often receive patients who tried to dissect themselves after watching the procedure on YouTube.

Do you think they’d be able to treat themselves via a DIY video?

Absolutely NO!

Then why are you risking your brand to sooth your DIY designing adventures?

Logo makers are great but it is the users with limited design knowledge and no abilities to think creatively (and out of the box) that harms the brand.

Come, let me explain to you what happens when you neglect a professional graphic designer and choose a cheap logo maker, below!

Why Logo Makers are Bad for Business

Online Logo Makers

I know you’re still thinking of going back to an online logo maker so you can save money. But doing so would prove so catastrophic for your brand that you’ll never be able to impress your core consumers and your whole branding plan will be a big fiasco. Just give me 2 minutes and I can prove how using an online logo maker is a big mistake and a bad omen for your branding journey.

Here are some eye-opening facts, below:

Your Brand Will Look Cheaper

Online Brand Logo Maker

An online logo maker does have everything that you’d ever need to create a logo design. In fact, there would be tons of interesting templates that you can pick, make amendments and use as your logo.

But will you be able to fine tune the template so it appeals to your consumers?


Because you’re not familiar with various intricate design details that a professional logo designer knows. And this can give your DIY logo a cheap feel when you leave it half way (that according to you is a complete design process).

Your Logo Will Look Too Common

As I mentioned, an online logo maker offers various templates that does appear to be a time saving feature. But using one of these templates exposes your brand’s logo to the world of commons. Yes, the world of commons means that your logo would not include uniqueness and this can impact on your brand reputation.

See, being unique in the logo design approach is one of the demands of a successful branding plan. But when your brand’s logo fails to secure a distinct position in the market, no one notices that if you even exist let alone comparing your brand with other options.

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You’ll Be Labelled as a Copycat

Motorola - Online Logo Makers

An online logo maker basically spoon feeds your creative skills which confirms that you’re not a creative person at all.

It means that your DIY logo is basically a variant of an existing logo design. But a very poor variant who can’t prove its competency.

Sure, the logo may not be used in the same industry before but still it could be recognized by people. And once they do so, they’ll simply label you as a copycat brand rather than praising your logo’s originality and awesomeness.

Your Logo Will Have No Personal Touch

Online Logo Maker

Talk about famous brand logos such as McDonald’s golden arches or FedEx’s wordmark, they all display a personal attachment with the brand which signifies the dedication of the designer.

But your DIY logo will be a symbol with no personal value to your brand!

And this can fail your branding strategy even before you commence working on it when the logo fails to grab eyeballs and spell its magic. Because your logo doesn’t display your mission statement, your vision or your business values as these big brand logos do.

Be Ready for Infringement Notices

Online Logo Design Makers

It’s not entirely true that your DIY logo can’t attract people but it will be the wrong eyes most of the time.

See, a custom logo design is created with due care that no one has used the design approach before. But a DIY logo, and that via an online logo maker is available to various users at the same time. And sometimes, it is designed by copying a famous brand. And if you opt for such a design, you can receive a legal notice for infringing someone’s else’s intellectual property (which is the logo in this case).

So, would you be fine to face a legal battle and pay a huge fine when you haven’t earned a single penny out of your new brand?

Why Hire a Professional Logo Designer?

Professional Online Logo Makers

I told you about the consequences you can face for using an online logo maker and now I hope that you can understand why every sane businessman avoids them. Now, let me tell you what a human mind can do for your brand logo and why exactly you should prefer hiring a professional logo designer than opting for an online logo maker tool.

Come, let me unveil the revelations to you, below!

Avail a Proper Design Roadmap

Online Professional Logo Maker

Things seem pretty easy on an online logo maker when you open the app, select a template, enter your brand name and ta da, your logo is ready!

But this quickness deprives you from having a fantastic logo design idea which can make your brand famous. One of the reasons for using the services of a professional logo designer is that you have a proper design roadmap.

This basically deals with colour selection, font choices and various other elements that are pertinent to make a great logo. Just imagine if Google has used a logo template, do you think they would’ve come up with their current wordmark logo idea?

Nope! Because at that time, this was not the trend and no online logo maker (if they existed back then) have copied this template to add in their design options.

So, work with a professional logo designer and understand what each step can do for making your brand’s logo a perfect option.

Don’t Share Your Corporate Face

Airbnb - Online Logo Makers

People are savage when it comes to identifying rip-offs and they never hesitated when Airbnb became a prey for logo infringements. Amongst these copycats, Belo was a prominent name who inverted its upper part and used the same background colour hoping that no one would notice.

But everyone did!

As I told you earlier, using an online logo maker brings you to the club of commoners!

The bad thing about joining this club is that you won’t be able to enjoy a brand that is unique, recognizable and appealing at all.

And this can put a question mark on your brand’s success since your corporate face is basically a mask that’s accessible to every other brand.

Hiring a logo designer allows you to give your brand a special status when your corporate identity, your brand’s logo, is an exclusive property of your company. And this is one of the steps to make your brand successful when people adore its awesomeness instead of finding similarities with other, famous, brands.

Never Pay for Minor Adjustments

Online Logo Design Maker

You’re tempted to use an online logo maker due to cheaper prices, right?  

But do you know they actually cost you more?

See, you can decide a lump sum amount with a logo designer and in return, you get ample revisions until the design is perfect in every way.

But an online logo design has set a certain price whenever you use the platform to create a logo, to make amendments and lastly, to download the files.

Then, there’s another issue that you won’t get multiple file formats while using an online logo maker. On the contrary, you’re always welcome to ask for multiple file formats, get minor adjustments and design support even after you select an option which is delivered to you already.

Test Before Final Flight

Best Online Logo Makers

Do you believe in taking opinions before making the final decision?

Well, you should if you want to make your brand successful!

See, when you use an online logo maker, you select a template, make adjustments, and finalize it in seconds.

And this is the first (in fact, worst) mistake that your brand has to suffer from later in the branding process.

One of the benefits of using the services of a professional logo designer is you can test your logo for different usage before using it for your brand’s representation.

You can ensure that your logo is perfect in terms of readability, colour selection and won’t embarrass you due to a poor font selection.

Be More Than a Business Symbol

Online Business Logo Makers

People feel the same enthusiasm as a racer does whenever they look at the Formula 1’s logo design!

Are you planning on giving your brand such a similar touch where your consumers feel an adrenaline rush whenever your logo is displayed?

Sure, it’s understandable that you use logos for representing your business but it can be more than a mere symbol.

You can work with your logo designer and see what are the options to make it “interesting” that people go gaga whenever they see your logo. The idea is to show the same awesome buying experience or the promise that you’d make via your quality products or marketing message and infuse them into your logo design.

Break the Creative Barriers

Online Creative Logo Makers

Usually, an online logo maker would offer a few hundred templates but it can’t beat the human mind when it comes to creativity.

Have you heard of Citibank’s quickest logo design by artist Paula Scher?

To your surprise, she made it on a napkin during the design discussion after taking the first brief.

And the bank thrived on its awesome visually appealing logo for the last few decades without making a single amendment to this design.

Now tell me would you prefer using a known logo template or prefer having a fresh idea that would resonate with your consumers?

If you chose the lateral option, don’t limit your creative options via opting for an online logo maker and always trust the human mind when it comes to creating your corporate face.

Attach Your Brand Message

Online Brand Logo Makers

Do you stand for sustainability?

Are you focusing on green initiatives?

Or maybe, your aim is to go paperless with your products…but are you including these values in your branding?

Sure, you can do this via your brand’s logo design!

And nope! You can’t do it via an online logo maker so the only option that’s left is a professional logo designer.

Look at the examples of FedEx, Baskin Robbins or London Symphony Orchestra and how they’ve included the core brand message in an interesting manner in the logo design?

I’m talking about such special treatments, to add your brand message in your brand’s logo. Because doing so would give your brand a new feel and your consumers a new topic to talk about you.

Perfect Your Corporate Image

Online Perfect Logo Makers

It’s obvious that you might forget to pay attention to your brand’s logo once the business activities resume.

And the online logo makers, well they just obey your commands, don’t they?

You need someone with a creative eye and identify the flaws in the existing logo design as the time passes or the taste of your consumers change.

And this is where hiring a creative agency (or working with a professional logo designer) comes in handy. The presence of a logo designer will help you find the gaps in your branding, your logo design, and the overall brand image that needs some creative treatments.

How to Rate the Best Logo Design?

Since you’ve made your mind NOT to go for an online logo maker and decided to hire a professional logo designer, now comes the most important part. As you’re investing into a logo for your brand, it should have certain features in it. Here is a handy checklist to rate your logo design that accurately compliments your brand:

  • Firstly, your logo design must not confuse the viewer and should be simple enough to be understood by a child. So, keep the basic design idea as simple as possible.
  • Colours play a very crucial role in a brand’s logo design. Sit with your graphic designer and seek different colour options that are accurate for your brand’s personality and offer the viewer a perfect feel, too.
  • Then comes the typography of your logo design! Just like our voice impacts on our overall personality, the fonts influence a similar effect on the logo. So, be sure to select a relevant font.
  • Make sure that your logo design is readable in different sizes. Since you’re going to use this symbol on a multitude of surfaces, it should not lose its appeal and legibility while representing your brand.
  • When you invest in a new logo design for your brand, make sure that it doesn’t appear to be a rip-off of some famous brand which can impact on your reputation in the market.
  • Whether you use a design element or print your business name along with it, your logo should be able to serve in both options. so, make sure that your logo design is balanced before considering it as the final option.
  • Since you want to be the first choice of your consumers, make sure that your logo is the first thing that comes to their mind while thinking about your industry, the products or service. And it’s only possible if your logo is easy to remember!
  • The last tip comes from Coca Cola that hasn’t made any huge changes to its logo since ages. Be sure that you’ve selected a logo design that’s timeless and doesn’t need frequent adjustments every 6 months or so.

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Pro Tip + Final Words

Before I wrap up this post and we say goodbyes to each other, I want to say something!

Your brand is important to you so should be your logo design and you must not risk it to save a few bucks by trusting online logo makers. A professional logo designer gives you more than his talent, his time, which is evident in the final product. He’d listen to your ideas, exchange his thoughts and work with you to eliminate the flaws in your existing logos that an online logo maker won’t.

Take the right decision, make a call, and schedule the meeting with a creative panel to strengthen your brand’s visual identity via an awesome logo design, Adios!

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