Negative Space Logos: What’s the Hype About Them?

The world of marketing is changing. From placing big billboards on the street, we have all now come down to social media as our first marketing channel. There was a time when creating brand awareness and brand personality was not so difficult. However, with rising competition in the market, it’s becoming harder than usual.

One industry has millions of brands now and it’s hard to find a creative idea that is not already being implemented. In the world of the market, where graphics play a huge role in catching customer’s attention, your logo can do so much more than you expect.

The concept of the logo has always been there in the market as every brand needs something to leave a mark in the customer’s mind. No matter if it is Ferrari, Rolls Royce, or any other brand, no brand is ever complete without a logo.

Now, coming to the latest trends in the logo realm.


What are they? Easy, guys! You will get to know all about it in the coming headings. For now, all you have to remember is that it’s worth the hype!

If you are not too tired by the chitter-chatter, can we dive into the details about the negative space design? Don’t worry you would not be bored!

What is a Negative Space Logo?

You must be wondering what exactly a negative space logo is. Well, they are all about using the white spaces around your logo in the right way. The white space between and within the letters in the logo can showcase a great message if used properly.

Well, do not be surprised by the white space that I just mentioned. In simple terms, the designer uses the background of the logo to create another image. Your logo does not have to be shouting with colors and elements, instead, you can use the background to deliver a strong message.

By doing so, you will be saving space and usually, the logos are more appealing to the eye. If you have not paid attention to it, then you might notice that most of the brands these days are opting for a negative space logo because it’s light and gives out a clear message.

If you want to convey a hidden message through your logo, then the negative space logo is the one that you should opt for. It is a creative solution to most of the problems related to designing a logo.

Benefits of Negative Space Logo

Negative space logos are famous in the market for some reason. Well, it is wrong to say one reason because it is beneficial for businesses in a lot of ways. If you look at the most famous logos, for instance, FedEx, then you would realize why negative space logos are everyone’s favorite.

Have you ever saw the hidden arrow in the logo? I doubt. But, there is an arrow that delivers a silent message most creatively.

Take a greater look at the FedEx logo.

Negative Space Wordmark

So, one thing is clear. The best and famous brands in the market have already realized the importance of negative space logos. So, are you planning on designing a new logo? Are you looking for some inspiration? Well, do not worry because you will find it all in the article.

Before moving to the inspiration, it’s time to look at the benefits that a negative space logo can bring for you. Here are some benefits of using a negative space design for your logo.

Negative Space Logo

Reveal the Secret Message Creatively

Now, what’s the secret message? Um, it’s no rocket science. Imagine if FedEx has placed the arrow on top of the arrow or have done something else with it? Can you see the level of creativity in placing the arrow while maximizing the space?

Long gone are days when the whole thing regarding the brand has to be written in the logo. If you think I am wrong, then you might trust the award shows that rewarded FedEx’s logo 35 times for being the most creative among all logos.

Hence, creativity is all that counts when it comes to revealing a secret/hidden message through your negative space logo.

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Extremely Simple & Appealing

The negative space designs are extra appealing and easily memorable. There are fewer elements in the logo that makes it extremely simple.

If you look at the logos from the last century to the ones now, you will spot a clear difference between both of them. When it comes to the negative space logo, things are more simplified and easily identifiable.

Here are some examples for you.

Negative Space Design

Can you spot the peacock in the logo? Just look at the simplicity of the logo. All it took was to create a creative space between the colors to deliver the message.

Negative Space Wordmark

Can you spot the stick directly indicating golf? If a small brand like Spartan can nail a negative space logo, then why can’t you? It’s because of this amazing logo that Spartan received a lot of attention. You could be the next one!

Holds Customer’s Attention for a Long Time

You may have experienced it yourself as well. Anything simple catches the attention pretty quickly and stays in the mind forever. Similar is the case with negative space logos. As simple as they are, it’s the creativity in these logos that holds customer’s attention.

When you think of FedEx, you have a clear image of their logo in your mind. Similarly, when you think of Toblerone, what comes to your mind? Yes, you got that right. Hold that image.

Negative Space Logo

Look at this logo of Toblerone. Is this what you thought of when you thought of Toblerone? Now you know how easily a simple logo can stick in your mind? Also, can you spot the bear in the mountain?

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Confine to Any Logo Style

There is no particular niche or context in which the negative logo design can fit. No matter your brand, you can use the negative space design for your logos.

Negative Space Design

For a fitness brand, all it took was a lady standing in the yoga posture to deliver a direct message to the clients. You would not even need to read what the business is about, the image element is enough.

Negative Space Wordmark

Looking forward to designing a logo for a beverage brand? Take inspiration from Seven Peaks Coffee where the mountain and 7 number are combined in one place. Drawing a few lines delivered the entire message to the audience.

If these examples were not enough for you, then take some inspiration from the Fox Chase Publisher. Can you spot the fox in the coolest of colors and design? Guess what, it’s not too difficult to convey a professional message in the right way to your audience.

Negative Space Logo

In short, the best benefit of using a negative logo space is that you can utilize it as you want. Your business type has nothing to do with the type of logo that you want. If you want to play with colors or elements, it is easily possible with negative space logos.

So are you ready to play with your logo? If yes, then all this inspiration is enough for you to make your first rough draft.

Adds Uniqueness to the Brand

Using unique techniques to create a logo is always more addictive. When you add the uniqueness factor in your logo, it definitely catches the attention of every other person.

Most brands make the mistake of blending the unique factor too much in the logo. Well, it’s not the right approach. Blend logos take more than one look to understand what’s going on in the logo.

You need to make sure that you are using the right way with enough exposure to deliver your message to the audience. If you are already following this recipe, then you are on the right track.

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Tips to Design a Remarkable Negative Space Logo

If you have read this article until now, then you might be interested in creating a negative space logo too. Well, if you are a professional designer, then you might already be aware of all the things necessary to create such a logo. However, some knowledge hurts no one.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie looking to design the first-ever logo and want it to be the next best in the market, then I have the right tips for you.

Tips can help you boost your work, but that does not mean that you should not use your creativity in bringing the character to the logo. Negative space design is all about creativity and if you already know how to nail the design, then these tips will help you in the long run.

  • Bring your attention to the negative space. Often the designers are only focused on the positive space of the logo. Well, that is not the right approach if you are looking forward to creating a negative space logo. The white space or shall I say ‘the background’ of the logo should be the key element in bringing out the beauty of your logo. If you are only using the background as the logo, then there you are making your first mistake to design a negative space logo. You can keep your logo as versatile as ever by using the negative space.
  • Try making some space for the negative space. When you create the first draft of the logo, what do you see in it? A lot of negative space and positive space. The first draft of the logo is simply you throwing all your thoughts on the canvas, so making iterations in it is probably the best way. Now, when you create the first draft, it mostly consists of positive space and less negative space. So, what can you do at this point? Well, you can simply find out ways to subtract some positive space and create a place for negative space. It’s one of the best practices to avoid the clutter on the page and bring out the best in your logo.
  • Find the right type of negative space. Just because one type of negative space worked for a brand does not mean that it will work for all logos. You need to find the right negative space for every brand’s logo depending on their personality and demand. If you do not use it in the right way, then you don’t even know how you will affect the company’s reputation in the long run. You can add personal touch or work as you wish with it, but using it the right way is a fair demand.
  • If you want a negative space, then keep it in your mind from the beginning. You cannot decide at the last moment that you will design a negative space logo. It is not how things work. Answer it yourself – what’s better? Planning a negative space before designing the logo or struggling to find negative space in the logo after designing it? If you are a true designer, then you can already tell. So, if you’re planning to add a creative and personal touch to the logo, it’s better to decide that in the initial phase to avoid cluttering.
  • Be creative. Now coming to an important part. You can take inspiration from other brands as much as you want. At the end of the day, it is your creativity that will add volumes of elegance and versatility to the logo. When it comes to reducing cluttering and adding a unique touch to the logo, always think out of the box. A little bold step goes a long way for the brand. So, are you ready to take the step?

Following these tips will surely land on an amazing first draft of your logo. Even a newbie can benefit from these tips. Do not worry if you have zero experience in the field. Every great designer was first a newbie, so keep a positive mindset and apply these tips.

Negative Space Logo Examples for Inspiration

Is your negative space wordmark ready? Do you have enough inspiration to start working on it or you are still finding it hard to get a grasp on it? Either way, I have summed up the best negative space logos in the market to get you inspired so you immediately start working on the logo.

Negative Space Design

Batman’s eyes are hard to miss in the logo. What great use of the background to put out something strong. If you are a fan of Batman that you will instantly recognize those eyes. There might be a hundred things that could refer to Batman, but those eyes under ‘M’ sets the whole brand apart from others.

Negative Space Wordmark

Look closely at the wings of the eagle. You may find the face of the horse and the bear suggesting the whole business to you at once. One eagle said it all! Just check the power of the negative space in your logo.

Negative Space Logo

What’s better to just place the award trophy in the middle of the logo to tell you exactly what you will get? Academy Awards is one of the most prestigious award functions. The use of negative space shows the importance of negative space wordmark.

Negative Space Design

I am sure you can easily find the nail and the hammer. What a brilliant way to show what the business is all about. Apart from it, the color combination is just as unique as the concept. An exceptional negative space logo!

Negative Space Design

I bet that you cannot find a better logo than this in the market. It’s such a remarkable piece of creativity. If you are looking for an all-time logo inspiration, then this is the logo that you should refer to. I believe the thought process behind this logo either came up for the first time or took a long time to turn like this. There’s no in-between.

So, is this enough inspiration for you?

There is no right logo. You have to put your mind out there to create what you feel is the best for the brand. Every brand is different and has a unique voice, so the logo must represent that. Check out other negative logo designs on the internet to get more inspiration, but make sure to write the tips in a notebook.

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It’s time for you to create the best logo of all times for your brand. No matter the business that you are dealing with, you need to understand the requirements of the brand before jumping on the bandwagon.

Often negative space logo might not even be the best choice for the business and you have to decide it. In case you are making a negative space wordmark, don’t worry, this article will serve you right. I have gathered everything that you will need to create the best recipe for logo designing.

Steal the show with your creativity and show your skills by designing an incredibly creative logo by following all our tips.

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