Sleep Geek

Case Study


Our client needed a logo for her “about me” website where she can conduct webinars, tell people about herself, upload her books, blogs and basically help people! She wanted her website and of course the brand’s identity to be one that is welcoming despite it being science related, since everyone needs to sleep well.

Tara therefore wanted the logo to be very intimate, displaying something that people can directly relate to sleep and geek. She wanted us to play with the typography mostly while incorporating a cartoonish sketch somewhere with the word sleep. Logo designing for this sleep instructor was thus one challenge we gladly accepted and aced!

The Design Table

Every logo tells a story and we unlocked some alarming creative ideas in order to help our sleep geek convey her message and tell her story. With the perfect blend of typography and graphics we finally created a work of art that ironically didn’t give us much sleep. Logo for Sleep Geek needed to have Geeks’ abstract and we designed it in a clever way.

Notice how the “e” of sleep in the logo design is cunningly shaped like the rims of a person’s spectacles while the only graphical element added is a hair shaped vector to incorporate our client’s wish of including a geek in the logo! The word sleep is creatively joined with geek to form an entire image which is all white in color. The S, L and P of the main “sleep” (logo’s part) is assigned a blue hue to highlight Tara’s abstract sketch. We opted for a darker blue in the background so that the logo itself stands out while shades of blue are mostly associated with a serene, cooling effect – hence the choice.

About Company:

Tara will have a website that is an “about me”, where she can have her blog, book information,and webinars.


Design Explained & Idea & Inspiration

This is a uniquely interesting design concept with carefully curated font and perfectly picked graphics. The two e’s are creatively modified to give an impression of a person’s eyes. This subtle touch of creativity makes it unique and memorable. The design is not too busy, distracting, or overly done but a simple illustration that portrays an impressive image of the brand. You can surely go miles towards developing a positive brand recognition with this identity design.


Color Pallete

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