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Case Study


We recently got the opportunity to design a logo for “Speak Together”, a system which brings together native-born English speakers and people who are eager to master the English language onto one platform, with the aim of enhancing their linguistic skills so that they can then practice speaking.

Logo design for the brand needed to include elements that transmit the services of two-way communication.

Creative Board – Logo Design

Since the core purpose was to communicate “speaking”, logo designs were sketched where we could creatively illustrate the concept whilst being minimal simultaneously. After much deliberation and rough drawings, the identity designer came up with an icon that contains two speech bubbles indicating the practice of speaking (logo needed to deliver two-way communication as mentioned earlier). The two bubbles intersect at one point (as you can see in the logo), conveying the brand’s message of combining two diverse cultures through a common language in a clever way.

Creative Board – Logo Design

The colors used are completely different from one another yet have one thing in common: they are both secondary colors on the color wheel consisting of blue as the common primary color for both. An insight that is mostly meant for designers to ponder at. The primary colors for the Background are navy blue and white, both of which play their role appropriately in enhancing the visibility and readability of the logo design.

Coming back to further details about the logo’s design, the typography is subtle and is not too hard on the eyes. Since the brand itself emphasizes the value of speaking, the logo designer has highlighted the word SPEAK a teensy bit more than TOGETHER. Furthermore, the logo is a responsive one where the client can conveniently use the speech bubble icons or illustrations where the word-mark creates clutter or is unnecessary.

Not that we like to boast but our client was more than satisfied with their new brand identity (laughing emoticon).

If you’d like your logo to convey your brand message in an effective yet creative way, you’ve found your logo design professionals right here at FullStop!

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