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Since the brand message itself communicates that anything complex should have an easy interface, this is precisely what the brand wished to communicate through its logo design. Apart from following the “simple yet creative” motto in their logo, the company wanted the design to be an amalgamation of a corporate and youthful look. Being innovative problem solvers for modern-day products they requested a design that would have a contemporary and subtle look, thereby effectively portraying their brand’s persona.

The Design 

We created a design that catches the eye but doesn’t hurt it at the same time. We selected a color palette that can go with the brand’s youthful image and thus we designed a logo with a blend of aqua, indigo and pink. Combining the 3 letters U X and I we came up with a creative design that could showcase the company’s name without looking too “in-your-face” and mundane. As you can see in the logo, U and I (lower case) combine together to form an X in the middle – yes we can take a bow for that level of creative thought! We made four variations for websites and other advertising mediums, making the logo responsive and adjustable. The end result was a logo that conveys the brand’s message of creativity and presenting innovative solutions.


After this project which kept us on our toes due to the urgency, we added another success story to our portfolio with yet another client who appreciated our hard work, attention-to-detail and creative thought. They were extremely pleased with the minimalist yet innovative design approach and thanked us for not compromising on quality despite the limited amount of time.

About the client 

Our client, UXI is a tech company that provides creative solutions to other organizations and people using products every day. They believe that no matter how complex a product is, the UI or User Interface must offer convenience, should be simple yet creative and must solve a problem.


Keeping in mind the client’s core requirements and the urgency of their project, we gathered up our creative thoughts and created rough sketches before finalizing an option. Along with every detail mentioned in the brief, our client wanted a word-based logo instead of any vector illustrations/visuals while keeping the feel corporate and high tech. With no time to kill, we finally came up with a design that could be the answer to our client’s problem!

Color Plates

Color Pallette

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