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As the name suggests, our client wanted their logo to have an energetic appeal to it, exuding vitality and positivity. They required a combination of blue and green with the purpose of conveying their brand message to people that is to promote a healthier lifestyle derived from natural vitamins. As for the look and feel they wanted an artsy logo that emanates a modern appeal and calls out to its target audience with the promise of an affordable, healthier lifestyle. Additionally they needed a responsive logo that can adapt well onto multiple mediums including, websites, product packaging, signage and advertisements.

The Design 

During our brainstorming session we struck our target when our creative minds finally made peace on an idea to design a logo which depicts nature with modernity and a positive approach. Hence, you can see that the vitamin company’s logo design has a pop of yellow to radiate youthfulness and positivity whilst sticking to the client’s suggestion of using green and blue as the core colors. The V of Vital forms a shade over the other 3 letters finally crossing the letter L to form a leaf that looks as if it is balancing the yellow O. Here we wanted to show how Vitalogen products can balance your health and add radiance to your life. We used a Sans Serif font since the client wanted a font from the Sans family. The ultimate result was a logo that was responsive with a simple touch of creativity and an energized feel via the mix of colors. 

Client Feedback

They saw no flaw! Our client gave us a huge thumbs up with the promise to handover any designing tasks to us in the future.

About the client

The name says it all. Vital meaning health and genesis meaning origin. Vitalogen is a brand that aims to boost the immunity of its customers by providing them with intra-oral vitamin products. Currently they offer vitamin sprays that can provide vitality and energy whilst improving the user’s immunity – something that the entire world is in dire need of especially with immunity levels sinking low due to the ongoing pandemic.


The creative crew at Fullstop joined their heads together to come up with the best designing solution for yet another health-oriented brand. What we feared was getting too inspired from previous creations since every brand should have a unique identity, even though our client had already commended a lot of our prior designs. According to the requirements of our client we sought to come up with a logo that can have an artistic yet modern look without being gaudy. We needed to combine two contradicting elements: serious and artsy.

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