Worst Logos Ever That Made You Laugh are Finally Fixed

In so many worst-case scenarios, it seems that the graphic designers have pushed their limits. The visual world is so advanced, and there is excessive competition that choosing the right ones is hard. As much as it counts, sometimes relying on even the best designers can be a life lesson. Experts overcharging can fabricate worse logos than freshies charging low. The best thing to do in a wavering case is getting a remake in regards to the style within a modern yet extravagance look. The logo plays a significant role in representing the whole brand or the company. The diverse race, where some lose, others win, has always brought abrupt consistency.

Even the artist’s impression can go wrong, but to every ailment, there is counteract. The logos are corrected except that they are a disaster. Some logos that made you laugh are now fully evolved and look more professional and eye-catching after some work of enthusiastic designers. Most of these were redesigned by the famous graphic designer of Italy, Emanuele Abrata, boosting the viability and creativity of the 21st century. Now that all’s well in love and war. He reciprocated the catastrophe and settled animation bringing life to the logos.

Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

If you get a bright look at the logo, it does not seem anything wrong with it. But for a highly professional institute, the emblem represents extreme simplicity, which isn’t what government officers adhere to. The logo has no comparison to complexity or even close to any correlations. It appeared that the artists of OGC were all compelled to provide a callow design and succeeded. It’s where Emanuele Arbata gained entree and got appreciated for the liability he represented.

The designer made the letters more visible with filling in each background. The colors professionally complemented with the services accoutred by the company. Now the logo seems more approachable and establishes a link with the audience at first sight. The emblem is grey but recoups with the on-going decade.

Office of Government Commerce - Worst Logos

Office of Government Commerce

Safe Place

The logo of Safe Place was full of pictures. The visualization gave the impression of stuffing. For so many reasons, it does not seem likely to fit all the elements into a single design. The company is protecting the household, mainly. But, the logo constraints evaluation but instead manifests excessiveness and not reasonable quotes. The undesirable authentication led to the artist’s take on the redesigning, which sounded more acceptable than the previous.

The designer overhauled the logo and removed any extra elements inside the previous logo. Since the company revolves around protecting teenagers or above kids from injustice, the emblem has to represent a residence. The artist’s impression made the sign into a clipart house that efficiently elaborated on the company’s central theme. The revenues achieved considerable attention after the logo enhanced the idea.

Safe Place Logo - Worst Logos

Safe Place Logo

Mama’ Baking

The previous logo, which was a clipart of mother wearing the apron, did not fully represent the cooking idea. The mother’s cook the food with passion, sprinkling love, and integrity, mixing with devotion and compassion. But nothing felt attractive or even close to adherence in the previous logo. Instead, it did not boost trust and felt uncommunicative for the audience.

The entire concept of the logo changed when the oven mitt replaced the mother art clip. Emanuele Arbata accepted the challenge with fidelity and put forward his hard work.

The artists wanted to put forward his idea of Mama’s Baking, which is feist and kindle. The logo’s color is bright pink and white, which specifically affected the entire concept’s liability. The designer underwent a lot of research, rolled up his sleeves, and showed productively what Mama’s Baking is all about.

Mama' Baking Worst Logos

Mama’ Baking Logo

Kudawara Pharmacy

The Kudawara pharmacy logo gave an old vibe of utter prophecy. The emblem prospected an unpleasing seducer term. Someone was not in the right mind while they opted for the logo for this Japanese pharmacy. The letter K is put in the stranded form, gleaning an idea of unethical projection, which is why The brand did not get the desired attention just because the emblem was not forecasting the entire plan. Rebranding can be beneficial to remove the company from archives of so many. The attractive logos are fastidious and perfidious without lacking any originality.

The designer only fixed on the K of kudawara pharmacy to make it more professional and competent. The typography of the logo was very unattractive, and also the combination of the letters gave an unpleasing touch. This cliche was corrected when the artist used simple shapes to overcome wavering blunder. Now, the logo provides two meanings from a single perspective. One the letter K for Kudawara Pharmacy and second is a cross, which has a distinctive approach in the pharmaceutical world.

Kudawara Pharmacy Worst Logos

Kudawara Pharmacy Logo

The Computer Doctors

The prior logo was a mishap, and there was no way to turn it around. The logo was very unappealing and pushed the audience away at first glance. The complete letters of “Computer Doctor” were mentioned in the logo with a mouse coming from between proclaimed it a catastrophe in the 21st century. The dying colors and saturated bold words, the typography, everything was wrong with the emblem. The designer found it difficult to save it.

In reaction to this turbulence, the artist’s impression evoked the change by variations in the logo. The emblem now has two C faced towards each other, further clarifying into a D initial standing for the doctor. The digital logo predicts the whole concept. The graphic designer has put forward the mingling of art and digital without hindering inappropriateness.

The Computer Doctors Worst Logos

The Computer Doctors Logo

Fire Prevention Products

The logo limits linkage with the theme. The designer thought of it as the inoperative emblem that gave another impression. Fire Prevention Products tend to be aware of protection to the audience from fire scenarios. But, in this logo, the meaning is diverted. It feels unwanted and abandoning. There is no sense of preservation. It is where the designer pulled up his sleeves and got into the creativity of his own.

To boost awareness about its main idea, he changed the font style and shortened the words of “Fire Prevention Products” inside a circle. It maintained integrity and asserted intellectual dialogue with the audience—the emblem provocateurs protection and reflection of the essence.

Fire Prevention Products Worst Logos

Fire Prevention Products Logo

Clinica Dental San Marcelino

A dental institute situated in San Marcelino was designated the worst logo as it elaborated on inappropriate meaning. The dental logo must be wit, brave, and cordial greetings. But, in the case of Clinica Dental San Marcelino, there was nothing related to it; instead, there was an unacceptable slang position that complicated things.

Emanuele Arbata redesigned the emblem and provided it complete ailment. Clinica Dental, C, and D’s initials are integrated inside each other to make a smile. This approach constrains the wrong meaning and brings about a positive sight. The logo is dark blue with a white background to enhance cleanliness after a visit to the dentist.

Clinica Dental San Marcelino Worst Logos

Clinica Dental San Marcelino Logo

Arlington Pediatric Center

A true graphic designer can remove any misunderstanding and maintain the meaning in the emblem in an artistic way. The logo of this center was not matching the primary services provided by the brand. It seemed to humiliate the actual purpose. The emblem has foreseen no misunderstanding. The designer grasped a hold on the genuine concept of the idea and provoked a logo.

The mastermind’s creativity left everyone in shock when the emblem came out as astonishing and highly relevant to make the center reputable. The logo is now in a simple font with circles marking as protection of children and mothers. The typography is Time New Roman in bold. The emblem has met the client’s demand with a smiling mother and child integrated and condensed into each other. There is a clearance of all confusion. The audience visiting the website is now getting a clear picture of the idea.

Arlington Pediatric Center - Worst Logos

Arlington Pediatric Center

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The right logo will always have an attractive approach, fully depicting the company’s meaning or brand the emblem represents. Sometimes, the designer is less creative for a formal site, but on the contrary, the symbol may feel a pushy one for the professional website. It is right to get out and change the logo after a particular time if the logo has appropriate innovation for each niche, preferable to leave it untouched.

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