123 Pasta Pizza Gelato - Case Study

An Italian restaurant that allows guests to create fully customized pastas, pizzas and gelato.


123 Pasta is a modern fast food Italian restaurant that has a unique way of entertaining its customers. It allows customization of fast food items on spot and also provides catering and delivery services. Considering the business structure, it was essential to create an exceptional website for 123 Past that would make an appeal to its broad customer base. It will help the brand to develop a large chain of franchise locations that are well-known and offer convenient options for people on the go, local residents and local businesses looking for catering services.


We carefully analyzed and pooled all the information about the business and how it works, in order to build a robust e-commerce system. A comprehensive strategy led us to erect a responsive website that covered online orders, social media campaigns, link to the brand's app, and the field of ongoing improvement. In essence, we facilitated 123 Pasta for an effective content management system, stunning UX, an easy purchase system for end users, and an extraordinary graphic design. The new website of 123 Pasta has an exciting presence among its competitors and it has immensely helped the brand to grow.

What we did

  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive

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