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Canada Immigration Lawyers

Canada Immigration Lawyers (CIL) is a law firm based in Montreal that provides legal services related to immigration, essentially student visas, but also covers work visas, residency related services, and family law services (marriage, patrimony etc.). The firm is run by David Ortega, who came to us for a redesign of his existing website.

This comprehensive web design case study will show you everything that you need to know how we helped CIL to achieve their business objectives.


The Context and Challenge

The existing website of Canada Immigration Lawyers was very simple, relatively dull with a bad color scheme, missing the good visual content and didn't have the potential to hook new clients. We had the incredible challenge to come up with a creative strategy in order to address all the problems, be it the design aesthetics, smooth functionality, interactivity, or usability. Moreover, bringing a great value to CIL website and creating an engaging experience for users were on the task list.

Project background and description

David, the brain and heart of CIL, was already impressed with the artistic design ability of Fullstop as we worked out an impressive logo design for CIL a while back. With the trust and confidence in our professional services, he returned to us for the website revamp.

It is also important to know here that why the client wanted a new website and why he chose Us. In fact, with a new brand identity that reflected character and personality, it was an easy decision for CIL to hire Fullstop for their website with a new brand theme.

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The Problem

The major problem that CIL had with the old website was not being able to allow potential clients to hire their services through a quick and easy process. Hiring a lawyer or opting for payment on CIL consisted of many different and connected parts, which would lead to a bad user experience.

Project goals and objectives

The creative brief of our client gave us a thorough insight into the problems the CIL website had to overcome. All the issues were pinpointed that helped us to set the project goals and objectives.

We decided to build the website from scratch and eradicate the core problems with a complete design makeover. Other objectives included; making the website equally good for technical and non-technical users, improving the UX/UI, Optimization for mobile devices, an overhaul of front-end and back-end, finally building a website reflective of true values of CIL.

The Process

To kick off the process, we combined all the thoughts and documented the outline of necessary steps needed to be taken. We worked on the sitemap and organized the pages before going into the development phase.

After a careful analysis, the creative lead Waqas D. recommended easy and light colors for CIL's new customized theme. So, we used a minimalistic approach to achieve the simplicity goal and used colors that portray quality and efficiency.

To make it a seamless experience for site visitors, we worked on the front-end and for admin features, we treated the back-end in a professional manner.

Final Result

The end result is a top-notch website with a style layout that conveys excellence and skill. The website has compelling visuals and easy-to-navigate design. It is well structured and equipped with good UI/UX design. It properly guides the visitors to the right page with minimal effort and no distractions. With its current usability and functionality, the site has great potential to rank higher on search engines, which will eventually increase the conversion rate and benefit the business.

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