Website Design Case Study
of Power Smart

Company Overview

Power Smart is a start-up company with a focus on mobile phone accessories, with a target of being the leading wireless charging solution in Kenya and other East African countries. It caters to the needs of commercial and residential customers and offers them a new technology of charging phones through wireless chargers. It also focuses on selling other wireless-enabled accessories like speakers, earphones, and power banks. In order to gain credibility in the market, Power Smart needed a professional website. Learn how Fullstop created an excellent website for them to reach a wider audience.

Project Overview

John of Power Smart made the right decision to pick Fullstop as the creative workforce to develop his new website. We gladly accepted the challenge of producing persuasive and enduring results for Power Smart by building a prolific website.

Game Plan

To meet the business needs and goals of Power Smart, we crafted a well-thought strategy to provide them with an unmatched value. We aimed at building a web-interface that would show the real glow of the company.

Since Power Smart specializes in two types of products/services, we decided to design the landing page accordingly. One half leads to the wireless charging services section under the brand "POWER SMART-Wireless Charging" and the other half to the " POWER SMART-Life fully charged & connected".

Thereafter, we looked at the competitive landscape for how the website should function to become a conversion starter for the brand.

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In the next run, our UX designers started sketching the web layout and experimented with different mood boards. With the help of comprehensive layout, we showed our client how the final design was going to look like on different screen sizes. John was more than happy to see the design comps and approved them right away.


From there, our team of skilled developers took the lead and the process entered the final phase. We customized the WordPress theme for maximum performance and to enhance website usability. We professionally controlled it to shape the online presence of Power Smart to its fullest potential. After the integration of layouts, we tested the site for cross-browser compatibility and it was ready to go.

The Result

The Power Smart has now become a proud contender in the market with a dynamic website which has full potential to attract new customers and retain them longer. The lean and fast web-interface not only works well, but it creates a wonderful user experience. If you also want a website with a catchy UX design, easy navigation, smooth functionality, and user-friendly tools, head over to Fullstop to avail our professional services.

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