Website Design – Case Study
of Virtual Manager

Helping Create the Business of Your Dreams: Equipped with spectacular consultancy skills, Virtual Manager is a business coaching and management services firm that pursues the mission of helping Small & Medium-sized enterprises. It is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand, and has big plans for future. Cameron MacEachen is the brain behind Virtual Manager, who came to Fullstop looking for an innovative web design solution. What we created for Virtual Manager was an illustrious and memorable experience.

Drafting the Goals

As we are always focused on enhancing the value of our client’s business and making their website the biggest source of future sales, we set our sight on a high-end solution for Virtual Manager. The team of creative professionals at Fullstop mapped out a blueprint of the website capable of providing Virtual Manager a competitive edge on others.

Plan of Action

Virtual Manager provides services to overworked business owners. Keeping that in mind, we built a user-friendly website with a simple and clean layout. We didn't add too many animations but considering how interactive the website is, we carefully blended a few moving effects.

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Besides this, we ensured a robust design, smooth navigation, and interesting visuals. With our comprehensive plan of action, we were able to achieve our objective of stripped-down simplicity and great website usability.

Call to Action

We have used action oriented call-to-action (CTA) buttons on all landing pages to guide users towards goal conversion. In doing so, we have incorporated such colors that make a good contrast with the website. The more prominent CTAs instantly grab users’ attention and encourage them to take the action.


The new website of the Virtual Manager is not only eye-catching but it also renders a seamless user experience for visitors. The site has well-planned information structure. The great UI/UX design allows users to easily find the information they need. Moreover, it has effective navigation coupled with fast load time and browser consistency. The bottom line is that the hard work of Fullstop sets apart from its competition.

Developing a website for Virtual Manager was purely a fun experience for Fullstop. If you are looking for an authentic and cost-effective web design service, make sure to check out our work and you won’t be disappointed.

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