VIVA Financial Tuition
Website Case Study

A General Review

VIVA Financial Tuition is a unique player in the eLearning industry. It provides help to professional students taking their CIMA exams. It is an authentic study source with high quality content and groundbreaking prices. VIVA Financials’ main market is UK and South Africa, but it also aims to capture the markets in developing countries. Fullstop got the amazing opportunity to work with VIVA Financial to revamp its website.

Why a new website?

VIVA Financial Tuition wanted to distinguish itself from the small-scale budget providers out in the market. Its prime focus was to convey an image that was in line with high-end professional and premium content. With a new competitor in the market offering similar prices, it was the right time for VIVA Financial to come up with a better and more responsive web interface. Furthermore, a new website would help VIVA Financial to increase traffic, get more subscriptions, and boost the sales revenue.


Given the fact that VIVA Financial got a strong competition in the market, Fullstop strategized a plan worthy of giving it a performance boost and making it the No.1 choice for Professional Students and Accounting/CIMA Academies seeking study materials.

We worked on making all the pages on VIVA website more active and easy to navigate. The plan included addition of attractive calls to action, demo videos, testimonials and free sample work to put VIVA Financial one step ahead of its competitors. Keeping the professional simplicity, we brought all the key information on the front and worked on making a great experience for site users.

What Was Changed?

The old website was visually inconsistent and the design was outdated. We created balance among all the existing visuals and added more to make the website eye-catching and modern looking.

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The sizes and layout of the content on the old were out of proportion in many places; so, we fixed the problems and transformed the rigid look to totally sublime and modern.

Apart from design, VIVA Financial had issues with an htaccess error for the PDF documents, which was a big factor for the increased bounce rate. We worked on the root cause of the issue and fixed all the bugs to make it an error free and smooth website.

What does the new website offer?

After the complete revamp, is no longer the website which seemed like very standard, impersonal, and generic. It is now a highly improved e-learning platform with a customized theme and modern visuals. We have given it a personal touch and a professional finish.

The overall design of the new website is simple, clean and vibrant. It is well optimized for mobile devices and desktops, and also for less tech-savvy people. The fresh new website has the ability to engage the visitors and eventually increase the conversion rate.

Our client for the VIVA Tuition Project, Thomas Newman, was completely satisfied with our professional services and the fantabolous looking new design. If you're a business looking to improve your website, you can ask Fullstop to do the magic for you. Just take a look at our work and you will know that you have arrived at the right place. We make the process as painless and convenient as possible, and we love what we do.

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