EzLearnin – Case Study

EzLearnin' creates engaging and elegant eLearning using Articulate Software and offers free prototypes.


EzLearnin already had a website up and running but it lacked the strength and consistency which was required to help the brand stand out among its competitors. The biggest task was to put a new life into the dead website and bring it back on track. The company offered free prototype and wanted to attract potential customers with this tempting offer.


After carefully analyzing all the old data, we initiated the process to redesign the existing look of the website. It required us to restructure all the information and site sections in accordance with the new plan. We displayed company’s portfolio of work, their services, processes, and the fact that they offer free prototypes via their revamped website.

What we did

  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive


EzLearnin was in dire need to combat the challenge of attracting more subscribers on daily basis. In order to achieve the desired goal, it was inevitable to redesign the web-interface for a better user experience. There were a number of changes required to make it more friendly and familiar for non-technical users to navigate through the website. The addition of a quick estimate tool to enhance overall user experience, engagement and lowering bounce rate was on priority.

EzLearnin aspired to put emphasis on portfolio building and promote its offer on the free prototype. Furthermore, it wanted to take full advantage of low competition in the market with the best interactive service.

Better search engine friendly website (that’ll eventually assist in high SERPs) and an addition of media galleries were also important elements of the main objective. Making the website more mobile friendly so that the mobile users also have seamless experience of visiting EzLearnin.

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Website Audit

Our team of experts analyzed the existing website and made a summary of key problems to work through. Lack of consistency in design was the first thing that we noticed on the default theme. Some sections were designed using one approach and others with a different approach in mind. Overall user interface of ezlearnin.com was not professional at all. Website used color scheme, section design and placement and typeface that was difficult to decipher in first glance. Moreover, it was not interactive and looked boring.

The experience of navigation and information architecture was short of important elements. There was a great room to improve user experience and make the website look more competent.

The used typeface and font family could use improvement. From our standpoint, attention to every little detail on the page is necessary and Typeface plays a great role in a better user experience. Likewise, the list of all pages accessible to users and crawlers needed more harmony.

Due to its dull UI, the traffic was low and the website was not able to rank high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The website was missing the quick estimate tool and Call-to-Action buttons that would definitely engage more users.

All of these shortcomings paved a way for bouncing visitors and low subscription rate.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.


As a firsthand solution, we started from scratch and designed a new theme tailored to the target audience of Ezlearnin. The old theme "Avada" had certain design limitations, which led to the poor user experience on the website.

We customized the design UX/UI and worked through the problems and weak points. The customization allowed us to add/remove desired features that completely transformed the outlook by making it visually more appealing.

We added the clear CTAs to upsurge the conversion rate. We brought the social media buttons on the top and made it easier for users to see the contact details. We further optimized and harmonized the pages which resulted in improved site map.

It is important to mention here that we love what we do and like to put duty and responsibility to our work. Fullstop strongly believes that every project deserves its own creative flair and the layout should be designed considering the rational clienteles. Working on this particular project, we kept all the points in mind and provided the best possible solution to our client.

Final Result

After the complete overhaul, EzLearnin site now has a fresh new look, impeccable design. improved legibility, meaningful graphics, simplicity, attractive call-to-action buttons and better functionality. This is all what it takes to be an interactive and user-friendly website. With the addition of better calculators that are fully functional, the client conversion has increased by a conspicuous margin. Check out the new website and then head over to Fullstop to get the best treatment for your website.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

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