Handmason – Case Study

Handmason is the brand that focuses on handmade genuine leather bags with a retro style.


Sun Chao of Handmason came to Fullstop saying they wanted an excellent website. However, we didn't have a hard time to figure out that by "excellent website" it was meant "excellent business", "better sales", "customer satisfaction" and "increased revenue". Considering all these points, we set a clear objective of creating a remarkable website that would help our client to achieve their set goals.


After collecting all the information about the brand and its special set of services, we decided to build an ecommerce store on WordPress using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is popular for small to medium size businesses for the ease of use.

What we did


Handmason is a premier online retailer that focuses on handmade leather products, especially the bags with retro style. In the beginning, it plans to release travel duffle and then go into developing daily backpacks, messenger bags, and wallets. In order to make its presence felt in the competitive market, Handmason wanted a high-end, fully functional, retro-modern website.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

Creative Brief

In order to embark on the web design project in a professional manner, we asked for our client to fill in the important design requirements via creative brief. It was critical to get all the information to lay the foundation for the web design process. We learned about our client's choices, fonts, layout, style, and overall feel of the website.

Mood Boards

In the next stage, we worked on the mood boards and converted the written information given in the creative brief into a digital collage. In doing so, we picked the best visual and User-Interface (UI) elements and put them together to present ideas and inspiration to the client before entering the formal design process.

Homepage Wireframe

The homepage wireframe showed the arrangement of content on the website. We built the layout of the website with all necessary elements. The context information was defined and explained with the help of blocks on a piece of paper.

The architecture of the Handmason’s website was visualized by showing where different important elements e.g. images, call-to-action buttons, and text should be placed. This stage of the design process explained how the website will be structured.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

Fresh Look Homepage Design

We worked out an effective home page design by featuring a neat a clean image of the main product of Handmason. The stunning image of a leather page helps the target audience to stay on the page and get engaged with the amazing product line of the brand. Along with the captivating image, the page is fully equipped with necessary data for users on how to proceed with an order and to gather key information about the brand.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

Secondary Pages

To cover all what the brand had to offer to vast range of customers, we built multiple secondary pages for the website. The secondary pages included the likes of About Us, Contacts Us, Blog, Feedback Form, and Frequently Asked Questions section.

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