Healthwerx – Case Study

A Global Nutraceutrical Brand And Marketing Company.


The global nutraceutical brand and marketing company Healthwerx envisioned a corporate website that would attract investors and the greater scientific/tech /health /wellness community to brand and market their ideas toward commercialization. So, the prime objective for Fullstop was to build a clean, sophisticated and futuristic website that would also be linked to nature. It would help the visitors to establish trust and confidence in the services of Healthwerx.


We really wanted this to be an unmatched experience for Healthwerx and the site users, so we came to a decision of setting up a modern responsive website that would bring great value to the brand and enable it to outshine the competitors. The company had a plan to release its own suite of products ranging from functional beverages/bars to health/fitness and beauty cosmetics lines. And for this reason, the target audience ranged anywhere from kid's to parents, to sports stars and we built an e-commerce website accordingly.

What we did

Healthwerx is an international nutraceutical brand and marketing company dedicated to the provision of leading-edge well-being solutions without the undue burden on the environment.

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Fresh & Authoritative Look

In order to build the brand's image as serious and trustworthy, we gave extreme importance to making the website look fresh and authoritative. We didn't want the site visitors to think that it was something put together in the darkest hour of the night. Therefore, we worked hard to develop a solid website layout that shows competence, professionalism, and class. With the addition of high-quality photos of plants, we successfully highlighted the ‘environment friendly’ aspect of the brand.

Visual identity

Colors and typography play a humongous role in representing a brand's personality traits and we didn't overlook this point. We translated Hearlthwerx's personality attributes into colors and enhanced the aesthetic appeal of web pages by adding equally effective typography. The wonderful mix of warm colors and vibrant text evokes the right emotions and feeling that the brand aspires to exhibit.

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Responsive Design

In today’s modern era, it is essential for every business to have a responsive website as people interact via different multimedia devices. We also opted for a responsive design and made sure that the web pages look good on all devices and the users have a smooth surfing experience.

To welcome the target audience of Healthwerx, we built an eye-catching and engaging home page that guides them what to do next, and leads them through different options to catch an in-depth insight. People can freely explore through the site, learn about the brand, and have a memorable user experience.

Secondary Pages

In addition to a majestic homepage, we worked on adding more appealing and intriguing secondary pages that cover more information and encourage users to deeper browsing. In doing so, we provided excellent navigation on all pages and users are allowed to access information in various fields.

Let's start by providing us some information about your brand vision and styles you prefer.

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