Driving School Logo Design Case Study

The making of a driving school logo design was a fun act and great experience for FullStop. The client wanted an eye-catching logo that would stand out in the crowd and could be read from a distance. The Fullstopers (as we like to call ourselves) came into action and set course for a modern and chic brand identity for Coco Driving.

Target Audience

The typical target audience of the driving school was young people over the age of 17 and also their parents who would probably pay the fee for their driving lessons.

Brainstorming for driving school logo ideas

After receiving the brief from the client, our team was ready to run a brainstorming session. The research was done and various design elements were brought under discussion to generate the best ideas for a driving school logo design. Let’s take a rundown on the first draft of ideas for Coco Driving that resulted from the study of brand’s needs and its target market:


Driving School Logo

In the first option, the typeface was selected which was easy to read. In order to link the audience with the special set of school’s services, we put two road safety signs in the name Coco. It made a perfect sense for a driving instructor logo.


Driving School Logo Design Ideas

A good combination of hands on the steering wheel, the road, and the brand name was the specialty of the second option for driving school logo design.


Third design sample used a different font style for brand name and showed a steering wheel infused with road imagery.

Client’s Feedback

The early concepts were shared and soon we heard from the client. It was the first logo idea that gathered more attention than the other two. We were asked to use a ‘warning triangle sign’ in the brand name as it was one of the popular shapes in the highway code. Moreover, for prompt visibility, the client asked for a 3D effect on logo symbols. We carried out the desired changes and also did a couple more options of the first design concept.

First Revision


Coco Driving Logo


Coco Driving School Logo Design


Coco Driving School Logo Design


Coco Driving Logo


Coco Driving School Logo Design

Out of five logo design options, the client favored the same sample which they liked before. So we took sample 2 and re-worked on the road symbols to give more options to the client to choose from.

Second Revision

One Drive Logo

Final selection of the Driving School Logo Design

The final form of Coco Driving School logo design looked amazing and represented true brand essence. It carried the right feel and all the necessary elements to link customers to the services of Coco Driving School. The color scheme made a good combination with typeface and gave a remarkable look. That’s how the creative process of Coco Driving School Logo Design completed and we successfully made another client fall in love with our work.

Coco Driving School Logos

One Drive Logos

Coco Driving School

Business Cards and other Stationery

FullStop proposed the idea of business cards and other stationery for Coco Driving School, which the client happily approved.


Driving Business Cards



Driving Business Cards

Driving Visiting Card

Out of two different color themes, the client preferred both sets of business cards with red color.

Final Selection of Business Cards

Driving School Logo

Appointment Card

Front Side – A

Driving Appointment Card - Front Side

Front Side – B

Driving Appointment Card - Front Side

Back Side

Driving Appointment Card - Back Side

Signboard Designs and Photo Realistic Presentation

Coco Driving School Signboard

Coco Driving School Car Signboard

Coco Driving School Signboard

Coco Driving School Building Signboard

Coco Driving School Signboard

In accordance with their investment plan, the client skipped the rest of the stationery. However, I’d like to mention that we offer complete stationery and social media solutions. The full package of services include:

Brand Book (Logo Design Usage Booklet) Professional Website Design/Re-Design to match branding

Brand Image & Mark:

Logo Design (Brand Mark + Typography)

Corporate Stationery:

  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • MS word letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Compliment Slip
  • Fax sheet
  • Email signature
  • Folder Invoice

Online/Social Media Marketing:

  • Facebook/Twitter/G+ cover
  • Brandmark customization for profile images
  • Branded Website Banner

Marketing Material:

  • Label Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Van/Car Wrap
  • CD cover & cap
  • Mug & pen
  • T-shirt design
  • Flyer & Brochure Design
  • Menu Design.

If you are looking for branding services for your business. We’d love to help you with the best options at affordable prices.  Click, logo design services to order your creative logo and other customized stationary today. You may choose to contact us for a free design consultation.

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