12 Famous Timeless Logos Every Startup Should Study

Every great brand, today, was once an idea that the world didn’t welcome!

I know that you’ve a great idea that you want to make a reality but to do so, you’ll have to play your cards right.

No, no, I’m not asking you to gamble!

What I mean is that you must give your startup the right footing so it can soar high in the success’s sky. (Yes, I made up this proverb)

Since we’re talking about your startup’s branding, let’s take a start with the logo design!

But I don’t want to discuss how a logo is designed or how you must hire a designer. I wanted to share some cool, timeless logos of some pretty famous brands that can inspire an entrepreneur amongst you.

Let the convo begin!


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Does Your Startup Need a Logo?

I know, I know when you’re managing the finances all by yourself and have a long To-Do list on your mind, you may want to skip the logo design part.

Mark my words, it can be your biggest mistake!

See, your startup is new, in fact, most of the people didn’t even know of your existence. This is the most needed time that you have a symbol to represent your startup that waves at the viewer and let the conversation begin.

Before I start suggesting you the cool, timeless logos I want you to realize the full potential of a logo design investment, below.

  • Your investment into a timeless logo design can enable your brand, your startup to be attractive enough that it grabs everyone’s attention, instantly.
  • The part where you start showing your products or explaining about the service quality comes AFTER someone lands on your website. It’s the logo design that would create the very first impression of your startup and you should make sure it’s good.
  • There’s another reason whyyour startup needs to have a timeless logo design. it would serve as the base of your whole brand identity structure.
  • Since it isunique, recognizable and attractive, a timeless logo design would also help you in segregating your brand from other service providers.
  • Those of your consumers who’d pay any amount to buy your products need a symbol to remember you. And having a timeless logo design to represent you can add the element of brand loyalty.
  • And lastly, a logo design enables your brand to stick in everyone’s memories whether they want to make a purchase or just checkout the product catalogue.
  • Having a timeless logo design also adds the factor of consistency in your brand, too. See, people would recognize you over and over whenever they’re finding products that you offer. And having a fresh memory of your brand (via that beautiful logo design) would push them to step in to your outlet (or visit your website).

Best Brand Logos in 2021

Since you’re fully aware of your investment in a timeless logo design for your new brand, I think it is the right time that we get to the main topic. I’ve picked these famous brands who never completely redesigned the original logo (Okay, some of them did tweak the logo way too much) that can prove a goldmine for you to learn all about logos and how they benefit your startup.

Let’s discuss each brand, their logo choices and the key design lessons that each one holds for you, below!


Tostitos - Timeless Logo Design

Tostitos, a brand extension of Frito-Lay, was introduced in 1979 keeping the taste of teens and grownups alike, especially those party freaks who love munching snacks. It mainly offers two key products – Tortilla Chips & Dips – and each one has further options to meet the selection preference of the consumers.

The brand initially used a wordmark that has remained almost the same with some minor changes.


Tostitos used a sans serif font with a red dot above the letter ‘I’ which gives it a soothing touch. The most recent update with a snack-like objective above the red dot associates it with…you guessed it right, the snack. Also, the letters “T” around the “I” appear like two humans celebrating and this is the part where you can declare it a timeless logo (because they’ve been partying since 1985, now).

You should think of a similar design approach to show the fun side of your brand via the logo design, too.


Shell - Timeless Logo

Shell has the pride to be called a century old company!

I’m sure you would’ve visited a Shell filling station this morning while coming to work as it operates in almost 70 countries worldwide competing with some of the big names such as British Petroleum, Chevron, and Marathon Petroleum.

Since its inception in 1907, Shell Petroleum used a shell-like figure as its brand face which hasn’t been replaced completely ever since.


The prime takeaway in Shell’s timeless logo design is the color selection that remained the same over many decades, Red & Yellow. These two colors can be seen from a distance and maybe that was the key motive of the designers for incorporating these colors in Shell’s logo design.

You, too, need to pick a color that can give your brand a unique identity with the ability to be spotted from a distance.


Pinterest - Timeless Logos

Founders Ben, Paul, & Evan noticed a pattern in how people take screenshots or save images they find interesting on Facebook. This led to the launch of Pinterest that gradually made a stable position amongst the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Being a decade old social media brand, Pinterest didn’t change its logo too much and the logo compliments the brand very beautifully.


Artist Michael Deal took the logo inspiration from the core function of the site and gave the “P” a pin-like shape that worked like a wonder. I mean what else could be used as the logo design than a pin which is also the first letter of the brand name “Pinterest”. It also indicates the function “Pin whatever is your Interest”.

And this is how the brand got its timeless logo design that you can use as an inspiration and consider one of your key operations to be used in the logo.


McDonalds - Timeless Logo Design

An idea and proper execution are all what you need to run a restaurant successfully and that on a national level. Ray Kroc gave us an inspiring story when he made McDonald’s a go-to restaurant for families, friends or anyone who feels hungry back in the 50s. Today, this fast-food company is almost in every country that is on the globe.

Apart from its tasty fast-food range, McDonald’s golden arches are another famous entity of the brand.


Now, you may wonder why McDonald’s golden arches use a yellow color when there were other options. Firstly, yellow gets noticed and it also offers a sense of joy, happiness, and clarity (along with hunger). Ray Kroc took the branding a step ahead and used this timeless logo in the architecture of the restaurant.

Try incorporating your logo design everywhere so it becomes synonymous with your brand.

Formula 1

Formula 1 - Timeless Logo

Every year Formula 1 organizes the most hyped single-seater race competitions and keeps the organization’s tradition alive that was started in the 1950s by Bernie Ecclestone. What’s even more interesting is the unique F1 logo that every human (with little interest in cars) can identify in the very first glimpse.

The Formula 1 organization uses its name’s initial “F” and the numeric character “1” but in a different way.


What makes F1’s logo unique and a true timeless logo design is the color selection and the wonderful use of negative space. You may think that it’s a vehicle rushing towards the finishing line but if you pay a little more attention, the negative space is actually the character “1”. The red denotes passion and the black “F” stands for power to relate the brand with its core function – to organize adrenaline-filled races.

Sit with your designer and try to spot what’s your core quality that can be incorporated in the logo as the F1’s logo does.


Fedex - Timeless Logos

FedEx has earned a reputed name in the transport & courier industry. Starting in 1971, the company has a long history of ups & downs but standing firm on its promise “to deliver faster” which is why everyone trusts them.

Initially using its full name in the logo design “Federal Express”, they shortened it to FedEx for giving it a timeless logo feel.


What I personally like is how they incorporated one of the core business values in the logo via the moving arrow. Look closely between “E” and “X” that forms a moving arrow via the negative space. If you want to give your startup a special touch with a timeless logo design, follow what FedEx did to their logo.


Disnep - Timeless Logo Design

Disney is the proof that your startup idea will be a success if you stick to it until everyone starts accepting it with both arms wide open. Once considered as a rejected animator proved to the world his creativity that went on to become a big, profit-making machine to this day, Disney.

There’s another wonderful entity of this company, its evergreen and timeless logo design, that can give you some designing notes.


With the element of excitement and fun, the logo beautifully represents the brand via its script font. Disney’s logo is the true depiction of how a logo should work in the favor of a brand by giving the exact feel of what they do. One of the reasons to call it a timeless logo design is that it hardly needed any major redesigns and complimented the brand in every decade.

Coca Cola

Coco Cola - Timeless Logo

Feeling thirsty?

Grab a coke and give your thirst some special treatment!

Coca Cola is one of the most demanded colas across the world that doesn’t need any introduction. In fact, they’re so sure about their brand recognition that they even experimented by hiding the logo with the white space of the wordmark a few years back.

To date, Coca Cola has gone under a minor logo treatment for about 6 times.


The reason behind Coca Cola’s timeless logo is the simple design approach that not only makes it legible but easy to remember. In other words, Coca Cola’s first marketer Frank M. Robinson’s smallest contribution to the very first logo design gave the company a stability and firmness that is still visible in the brand today.

Try coming up with such a simplistic yet striking logo idea that gives your brand a unique feel which would stay with it for years to come.


Beats - Timeless Logos

Dr. Dre partnered with serial entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine and the result was Beats!

Though it was acquired by Apple in 2014, Beats grew to become the most selling headgear with its HD sound quality and fantastic design.

Beats remains true to its industry and the core consumers even with the logo design that looks like a man listening to his favorite songs.


One of the reasons for calling it a timeless logo is its clean looks that allows everyone to study the design with ease. The letter “B” reminds every viewer of the brand name as well as gives a hidden meaning “someone’s listening to music” at the same time which amplifies the brand’s impact.

Try to come up with such a creative idea to make your startup’s logo the new buzz in town, too.


Baskin-Robbins - Timeless Logo Design

I personally don’t support discussing Baskin Robbins at work (because it makes me feel hungry) but they’ve established themselves as an authority in the food industry. Started in the mid 40s, the company has evolved to become an international brand.

What’s even more interesting is its logo that very proudly markets its 31 patented ice cream flavors.


Your logo design is not just an option to remind people of your brand. You can do more than that just like Baskin Robbins did by incorporating the number “1” between the name and giving their logo a new twist.

If you want to give your startup a timeless logo, try coming up with such a unique design approach.


Apple - Timeless Logo

Apple is one of those brands who don’t need any introductions. From Steve’s garage to becoming one of the leading computer sellers (and later mobile mogul, too), the company has set an inspirational example for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What’s even more interesting is its timeless logo design that has become an inseparable part of the brand.


Many designers have interpreted Apple’s bitten apple logo differently but I’d just give you one strong reason.

It’s simply the best logo the company could have!

The logo beautifully compliments the brand name and helps the consumers imagine it correctly whenever someone mentions them.

You need a logo that can offer your brand such a wonderful feature, too!


Amazon - Timeless Logos

Do you want to fly in space just like Bezos?

You’d need to work on your startup as hard as Jeff Bezos did since 1994. From selling books online to becoming a household name whenever someone wants to buy anything, Amazon is your prime choice at any given day.

And not just that, Amazon’s logo design is also a fantastic choice to understand the logo’s importance.


Bezos wanted to depict how big Amazon is so he had his creative team work on a redesign. The new logo formed a very creative element using the arrow which creates a smile-like effect. If you look closely, this arrow is starting from the letter “A” and ends at letter “Z” displaying the wide range of products available on the platform.

You may use this idea and show your startup’s strength via the timeless logo that you want to have for your brand.

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Pro Tip + Final Words

So, this was my little effort to suggest to you some cool timeless logos from renowned brands that you may use as an inspiration for your startup.

While reading about all these brands and their logos, you may have noticed one pattern that each one each contains a story, a business value or a promise very creatively attached to the logo. You should also include such a unique feature that resonates with your consumers as well as represents your brand to make it truly unique along with having a timeless logo design.

Logo Designers @ FullStop are always up to help you design a timeless logo that can up your branding game so feel free to contact and discuss your designing requirements. Adios!

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