Top 10 Free Logo Maker Sites & How Much They Actually Charge

Free of cost – No sign up or need to register and user friendly! These are some of the lines that you may have come across on various free logo maker sites. There is plenty of free logo creators available online. However, the big question is, do they really live up to the expectations of users looking for free logos. Let’s find out. Stay with me as I’m going to feature the top-10 free logo maker sites today. I hope you will learn something new.

Free Logo Maker Espionage

Let’s take a quick look at some of these free logo creator sites and see what they have to offer. I will try to highlight their pros and cons, and you can be your own good judgment to fall for free logo services or avoid them. May the force be with you and the odds be in your favour!

01 – Logo Genie

Slogan: Designing a great company logo has never been so easy!

Logo Genie - Free Logo Service

Taking a great kick from their tag-line, I pulled my socks up and started my free logo hunt. Here’s the step by step procedure that I followed on this free logo maker:

Free Company Logo

So far so good. I entered my company name and slogan after choosing the business domain and proceeded further.

Free Company Logos

Many options to choose from.

Create Your Own Logo Online Free

At this stage, Logo Genie gives a choice to change color scheme and typeface.

Free Company Logo Design

Tadaaa! Here comes my new company logo design via free logo maker, but wait I need to download it. So, I looked for an option to retrieve my brand mark.

Free Custom Logo Maker

Rendering the request for final design takes me to the price tag. This free logo creator comes with an initial price of 66 $. Moreover, it offers an exclusive option. Before checking out, I had an urge to check the exclusive option. So, I pressed the button.

Free Logo Design

The exclusive option further escalated the price graph and 66$ turned into 266$. Also, let me share with you what exclusive option includes:

Free Company Logo Generator

As you can see the screenshot below, the unique brand identity could only be secured with the exclusive option. The 66$ option does not give exclusive ownership to buyers, and you can’t do anything if the so-called free logo maker sells the same design to other customers.

Online Logo Maker Website

Conclusion: Free logo maker is not actually free! The basic plan that doesn’t include exclusive ownership is for 66$, whereas the high-resolution vector is for 266$. Just be cautious that even if you pay the higher price, you won’t get a newly made logo. Such companies have pre-made logos which do not make the best match for certain brands.

The concept of a good logo is that; it should be made from scratch considering the target audience, and it must be designed by a professional. 


02 – Graphic Springs

Let’s continue with our logo hunt via free logo creator and see what Graphic Springs generously claims to give out. On the first page, I was greeted with clever punch-line “CREATE A LOGO IN 1 MIN OR LESS”. So, I checked my time machine and started.

Free Website Logo Maker

Business name and slogan added.

Free Logo Services

In the third step, it shows different categories of designs to choose from. I picked the highlighted monogram and proceeded further.

Business Logo Maker Free

The results came in and the image somewhat looked incomplete with a missing part. Nonetheless, I was happy with the half design that I got. 

Logo Design Maker Free

Good thing that it showed me the practical form of my company emblem on a t-shirt. By the way, I added a crown from the clip art to make my logo more attractive.

Professional Logo Maker Free

I was given examples of my company logo on stationary e.g. business card, compliment sheet, fax paper, pen, and folder. These were some good options to give an idea to the buyers how their logo is going to look like in practical form.

Free Emblem Maker

Alert! Please see the highlighted text. “3 other users are currently looking at your graphic…”

Free Logo Maker Design

Eventually, I made it to the final step and that also came with a price. However, I rolled my eyes thinking it was free logo maker!

Free Professional Logo Maker

Conclusion: This free logo creator costs from 19$ to 199$. The basic plan offers nothing but rubbish stock art, which is pure crap. The pro and platinum packages also have limitations. Hiring a professional to do the job would be best in your interest. 


3 – The Free Logo Makers 

Here comes another free logo maker site, which has a catchy title to attract new customers.

Emblem Maker Free

Design choices (wasn’t impressed with the options and choices though)

Free Design Logo Maker

I picked the first design and advanced to the next stage. The initial concept showed relevant details and information about rates.

Logo Generator Online Free

This is the rate list of the free logo maker.

Free Logo Maker Design

This free logo creator has some good options that it provides html codes for the logo. You can put it up on your website and see how the logo design actually appears on the page.

Make Your Own Logo Design For Free

Conclusion: This free logo maker is absolutely not free, but presses charges and that also for garbage stock logos. The choice is yours…if you still want to try the free logo maker. 


04 – Free Logo Design

Slogan: The fastest and easiest way to create free logos online

Let’s find out how fast this logo maker is and how much is it going to charge. At the first stage, it asks for company name and business type. I added information in the empty fields and clicked ‘Next’ after making a design selection.

Design Your Own Logo Online For Free

Since there were a couple of options to add few items to the primary design, I incorporated a shield symbol in the design.

Design Own Logo Free Online

At the final step, I saw the following options; Free (low-res) – 39$ (high-res)

Free Company Logo Design

Anyhow, I opted for free download that took me to another window. The free logo creator offered me to sign-up first to download my logo design. I stopped right there as I didn’t want to share my personal information without any guarantee of getting the logo design.

Free Logo Services

Conclusion: The truth is – you cannot avoid the hidden charges whatever the free logo maker says. Risk of sharing personal information is also there with no guarantee of getting your desired logo.


05 – Ucraft – Free-logo-maker

Ucraft free logo maker offers to pick an icon, add text or shapes at the initial step.

Free Logo Maker

Moreover, it has formatting options.

Logo Generator

I used the toolbar and added a symbol into the logo design.

Generate Logo Onine

Got done with the design and pressed the button to export my free logo.

Professional Logo Creator

I waited for quite a while, but my logo didn’t appear. I checked my internet connection just to be sure that I was online….everything was working fine. However, my logo design failed to load. Eventually, I had to throw my hands up and quit.

Free Company Logo Generator

Conclusion: Do not put your brand on a stake. Get through to a design agency and keep in mind the long-term benefits of a properly designed logo. It will pay off well in the future. 


06 – Logaster

Slogan: Create your own logo in a minute. Fast and simple.

It starts with company name and business type. 

Design Your Own Logo Online

After adding the required information, the logaster free logo maker showed plenty of styles with my company name and relevant symbols.

Design Own Logo Free

I checked my business card with my logo design, which looked pretty nice. It was a good option, I must say.

Design Your Own Logo

I was happy with the way things were going but the final steps put me off again. I gave my contact details and moved to the next stage.

Free Logo Design

Important notice: What you get after payment:

Logo Free Maker

Conclusion: Free logo creator comes with hidden charges as you can see the payment option. I opted out as I didn’t want to sign up. If you want to try, you can go ahead and share what offer you get….would love to see it! None of the free logo makers we have analysed above is actually helpful. I wish you luck if you are also on a free logo hunt. 


07 – Logo Maker

Slogan: Get a logo design that you’ll love.

This free logo maker has a nice lady to tempt you to avail the amazing free logo services. Impressive, aye! So, I plunged into making my own free logo.

Make Your Own Logo Design Online

Company information and business domain.

Create My Own Logo Design Free Online

I got to see many a design option to choose from.

Create Own Logo Design Free

I made a selection and took next step in the procedure. The free logo creator offered me to receive my business card as well, which was a clever way to attract a new customer.

Design Your Own Logo For Free

It also gave an option to secure a web address with my company name. Again, good option for business startups.

Create My Own Logo Design For Free

Wait…here comes the catch. The free logo maker asked me to sign up first, in order to get my hands on my self-designed logo:-(

Design Own Logo Free Online

This was what I got to see after sign-up.

Design Own Logo For Free

Conclusion: The cost of this free logo maker starts from $39 and you need to spend money on buying other services first. Proceed with caution. I strongly believe that your valued brand deserves an identity mark treated by a professional designer. 


08 – Online Logo Maker

Slogan: Create an amazing logo design for your brand. Right now. Free now.

First Step >>

Design My Own Logo Online

Second Step >>

Design Own Logo Online Free

Third Step >>

Create Your Own Logo Design

Fourth Step >>

Design Own Logo Free

Conclusion: Instead of spending $29 for trash, it’s better to go to fiver and get the same job done by some young designer. 


09 – Logo Yes 

Slogan: Build a logo – It’s fast & easy

First Step >>

Create Your Own Logo Design Free Online

Second Step >>

Design My Own Logo Free

Third Step >>

Make My Own Logo Design For Free Online

Fourth Step >>

Logo Generator

Fourth Step >>

Professional Logo Generator

Conclusion: Save yourself from all of these fake offers as they are just traps. Make up your mind and get your logo designed by a professional. It will prove to be a good investment in the long run.


10 – Free Logo Services 

Slogan: Make a logo design in minutes. Try it Free.

First Step >>

Make Your Own Logo

Second Step >>

Free Company Logo Generator

Third Step >>

Free Logo Creator

Fourth Step >>

Create My Own Logo Design For Free Online

Fifth Step >>

Free Logo Design

Sixth Step >>

Free Logo Maker Guide

Seventh Step >>

Free Logo Design Maker

 Design Contest

Professional Graphic Designers Compete for Your Business


After investing too much time on these free logo maker sites, I concluded that it was just a waste of my time and energy. This is a material world, and you don’t get anything for free. Even if it’s free, it is not up to the mark or standard that you aim for your brand recognition. Opting for a professional designer or design agency is highly recommended by industry experts.

All of these sites press charges – have hidden fees and that also for useless designs. You don’t want to risk your brand’s reputation by relying on free logo makers. Instead, be always advised to seek the help of professional designers. In the long run, this will bring a good return on your investment.

Word of advice!

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”, said Paula Scher. I think that’s what she meant for the free logo maker experience. No pun intended but the free logo creator is not a thing that you want to consider for your valuable brand.

Design industry experts say that branding is very important, and it should be on your priority list. Get a good branding if you want people to remember and recognize your business. A good logo design can work wonders for your brand identity. Nevertheless, it is only possible if it’s done professionally.

Have you ever tried a free logo design service? How was your experience? Can’t wait to see your thoughts on this, do share them for other readers. Speaking of free logo service, I do provide absolutely free logo design consultation. At least now you know what you need and how to go about it! 

Click, logo design services to order your creative logo and other customized stationary today. You may choose to contact us for free logo consultation.

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