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This project offered us a real challenge. It was next to the tug of war against the time. The client wasn't happy with the work done by someone else. So, with all the hopes yet with a plethora of challenges, the client anchored on our dock. The requirements were to make an easy to navigate, appealing to eyes, user-friendly, and a fast performing website. This all was needed to be done in a short span of time.

With the help of our creative brains, in a short span of time, we came up with a visual treat that defeats others in speed. We gave it ecru and earthy tones and made a website that runs parallel to minimalism. The website is user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

  • Innovative Design.

    Etched inside the framework of creativity, the CBD website design offers a treat to the eyes. We kept the notion of giving it a feel of nature into perspective while making this website. Yet minimalism never left the cords of our mind. Even from a distance, it's easy for you to understand what this website is all about. The website features a defined product hierarchy. Product taxonomy is done keeping the needs of a user into account so that they get to it without any hassle.

  • Defined view.

    The bubble of doubts and the wind of confusion can't consume you when you are navigating through this website. We listed all the products in a defined manner that doesn't let your eyeballs suffer. You get a complete view of the products here.

  • The tale doesn't end here. When you go to the menu section, you can see the mega menu we have given there. That mega-menu omits one more step offering one more token of ease. When you hover on the "shop," the mega menu allows you to get straight to our desired product category. Isn't it awesome? Your CBD oil web design company bought this epitome of perfection to life after putting in immense amount of work

    This website was made, keeping the ease of users in mind. The website serves the same on mobile devices. What now looks like the epitome of ease was made with a well-thought-out plan within a short span of time. In terms of design and functionality, this website is sheer perfection. Talk about colors; the earthy tones have given it the feel of nature. Hence one word comes out of our mouth after seeing it, "Organic." It truly feels like the purpose has been served.







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