7 Golden Rules to Learn By Heart to Design a Logo

If you’re a logo designer, then you must have learned it from somewhere or must have worked on it on …

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13 Must-Buy Best Scanners for Graphic Designers in 2021

Congratulations on making a big decision and stop taking pictures of your artwork, first! Having access to the best scanners …

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Fly higher than the competition – Why branding and logo design is important for an airline?

Being a regular traveler myself, I’m quite picky when it comes to air travel. I believe so is every individual …

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21 Free & Premium Texture Brushes for Procreate for Digital Artists

Procreate offers you the true creative power with its unlimited brush library. And if you’re seeking to add some depth …

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6 most popular logos that have a great tell to tale

What is a logo? (Oh no I’m not elaborating upon that here). This question though, has been answered multiple times, …

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13 Essential Work from Home Tools for Designers to Setup Home Office

The one thing that this year-long pandemic has taught us is to be ready for work even if you’re at …

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13 Best Touchpad Options for Graphic Designers & Illustrators In 2021

From ages, the mouse has been considered an integral part of a computer set! But for graphic designers, it is …

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21 Best Laptop Stands for Graphic Designers & Developers In 2021

Do you find it irritating when you’ve to bend your neck every time while working on your laptop? Well, you’re …

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Logo Design Trends in 2021: How the tide has changed!

From 2020-21 we had no predictable year. Despise it as we may evolution did strike the world in 2020 and …

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Top 20 Best Curved Monitor for Designers & Illustrators In 2021

You know what hurts the most in our line of work? It’s the eyes shuffling different monitors in quest of …

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32 Free & Premium Poster Fonts for Every Graphics Designer

Do you find picking the right poster font a tricky task? Or is it the abundance of best poster fonts …

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