Should You Get Logos For Personal Branding?

We’ve all seen influencers and celebrities thriving on their popularity and fame – making money off of merch, brand endorsements, …

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Merchandise Branding: Why Is It So Important For Your Brand?

What is Merchandise Branding? What is a brand without proper promotions? If you have a brand with a vision to …

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Flat Logo Designs – All the Inspiration that You Need for Your Brand

Logo designing seems pretty easy, but ask a designer how much effort they put into it to get the desired …

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Canva designer vs Graphics designer: Understand the difference

Not too long ago, I participated in a seminar regarding the future of graphic designing in the ever-evolving world of …

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13 Questions You Should Ask Your Brand Strategist

The business today is very different from how it was 20 years ago. Your company could exist and be glad …

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How to Take Your Public School Branding to the Next Level?

A public school is not barred from becoming the best school in the vicinity. From a school logo to the …

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Why Should You Never Go For A Complex Logo Design?

Walk down the memory lane… During the summers last year, I volunteered for a small company in my vicinity that …

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Why Should Small Businesses Take A New Design Spin? Importance of Rebranding

When was the last time you came across a familiar brand and could not recognize it?  Did you experience a …

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McDonald’s Logo & Branding: A Lesson For Fast Food Companies

McDonald’s started in 1954 and today it has more than 36,000 branches in over 100 countries. The tagline of McDonald’s …

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How Does Branding Empower Small Businesses?

Branding a probable heavy sounding word with loads of intricate working and mechanics operating this 5-letter word. Understanding the crux …

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Is Your Logo Design Good or Bad? Analyze the Logo Quality of Your Brand

Before I start writing about how your logo is good or bad, here’s a piece of advice that you can …

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