Power Plant

Power Plant is one of UK's premium construction
machinery and tool hire company.

  • ProjectWebsite Design
  • ClientPower Plant Inc.
  • Time of Completion8 Weeks
  • Linkwww.PowerPlant.co.uk


The goal was to build a fully customized website that would help the brand to reach out to more customers and increase sales. Also, to make all the information accessible to shoppers and make it a notable experience for them.

We formulated a great plan of success for Power Plant and created an e-commerce responsive website backed by WordPress which is fully capable to engage visitors searching for information and technical data about popular equipment. We made sure that the website offers a swift and smooth service, whilst guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

  • Innovative Design.

    In order to make the website look more authentic and engaging, we picked stunning typography and paired it with relevant icons. With the help of icons, site visitors can easily grasp the main points and process the information on the page. Most importantly, good iconography plays a huge role in drawing attention from the intended audience. In the case of Power Plant, we have featured different machines and tools and arranged them in a professional manner.

  • Amazing User Experience.

    The site is fully equipped with multiple pages that can be accessed through home page, via links or push buttons. So, the potential customers can explore all the data and information needed to get familiar with the brand. All the pages have excellent navigation that ensures a visitor's interest and provides a great user experience.







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