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Sahelingo is a language learning platform with a mission to revive underdeveloped and endangered African languages by translating the web and making language learning easy and free.

Fullstop had already got the opportunity to create the brand identity for Sahelingo, so we had a clear direction in mind to design a stellar website for our client. The primary objective of Sahelingo’s new website was to attract young people to learn and develop their language. Hence, we implemented the most effective techniques to define the success of the website through visual design and usability, and made it a special attraction for the younger audience.

  • Great Color Psychology:

    Since colors evoke certain moods, we carefully made a selection of warm and bold colors that represent diversity and make the website visually stand out.


    We focused on the rainbow theme and created a great fusion by combining different colors. The easy-breezy color scheme is pleasing to the eye and engages first-timers and returning visitors.

  • Construction

  • Multi colours

  • Stationery Design:

    Not only the logo design and website, Sahelingo put its full trust in our professional capability and skill-set to create stationery items for the brand. We worked on company letterhead, business cards, folder, employee cards, brochure, and other office supplies.


    The ultimate goal was to give Sahelingo an amazing branding throughout the company for their personalized communication. The outstanding stationery design adds a great value to the overall image of the brand.

  • Innovative Design.

    If we talk about the complete layout of the website, it is simple and clean, and what makes it even more effective is its user-friendly interface. Eye-catching colors and unique style typography make the user experience further pleasurable.


    Overall, the website sends off a friendly feel and represents the brand as approachable. It has quick load time which is very important for the success of a website. The responsive and mobile friendly design provides it another advantage. All in all, the website represents the brand in a highly professional way and makes it a memorable experience for users.

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