BMW Flat Logo Revamp – A Smart Move or a Failure?

Have you ever pondered upon how simple it is to recognize and recall a brand instantly, just by looking at its logo?

Yes, the fact of the matter is that even without any name or description written, the viewer is able to identify immediately. And with thousands of businesses having been evolved and more on the rise as we speak, the power of a good logo can never be underestimated.

Research has proven that symbols are integral as well as effective means of communicating the right information regarding a brand. This is the reason why companies invest a great deal of thought and funds in creating that perfect logo. And it is this investment that expert’s term to be the biggest marketing decision ever.

With that being said, automobile giant BMW recently unveiled their new logo design to the public and critics aren’t happy, to say the least. Many terms the flat logo revamp as everything and anything that can go wrong in terms of modern logo creativity.

BMW Is Making Its Logo Harder For The World To See

BMW Flat Logo

When it comes to pioneers in the automobile manufacturing industry, BMW is a name unknown to none. This is the reason why the recent unveiling of its iconic emblem had the world confused and in frenzy.

Think along the lines of sacrificing a powerful brand’s renowned identity for something that is sub-par, to say the least.

With its first emblem released in 1917, the masses and supporters had high expectations for the brand in 2020. And rightly so as their logo is one many have grown up seeing in television commercials, billboards and other forms of media and mass communication platforms.

The new logo that favors presumed modernity has a total of two major changes worth exploring. Firstly, the design features a more flat esthetic appeal, leaving behind the dated and common three dimensional effects as well as shading.

Alongside that, the other major change is the complete elimination of black tones in the outer ring. This gives rise to a transparent ring background that appears plain bad.

Why The Brand’s Justification For The New Design Isn’t Convincing Many?

BMW Logo Process

With the term stylized propeller being associated by many, BMW has a lot to say to convince its hardcore supporters about its decision to change.

The brand’s creative minds have stepped into the limelight to defend the modern design. But cool, minimalistic and ‘oh so modern’ just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. These were the opinions of many who were left dumbfounded as to why such a heroic alteration was even done in the first place.

While BMW states its design visualizes radiation towards clarity and subtle openness, they failed by much regard.

BMW Flat Logo

Many experts held the opinion that the logo would appear alright when placed upon a bronze-hued vehicle but what about those arising on a white-colored BMW car model?

How about its appeal upon the letterhead for the brand’s paperwork or even a sign that relates to dealership present on the highway? It’s a total disaster by miles and one the brand may soon regret.

Precisely, the design emanated of failure to add clarity with sloppy creative design work. It’s almost as if one of the graphic designers accidentally eliminated the background while working on a Photoshop file, right before it was exported.

The BMW Logo – A Hot Topic Of Debate For Decades

Logo Revamp

The term BMW is a history on its own. Standing for Bayerische Motoren Werke or the terms Bavarian Motor Works, this name goes back as early as 1917. Emerging from the names of a German manufacturer of aircrafts, the brand was always in the spotlight.

When first registered in July 1917, BMW had no company logo design. It was later in October of the same month that the brand appeared with a logo consisting of a black ring surrounding the brand’s name and traditional blue and white pattern design. Soon the addition of two gold lines was incorporated into the outer ring, bearing the letters BMW.

But what do the blue and white tones represent? The main key to the brand’s logo was the use of these colors that stood for the hues reflecting the Bavarian state of Germany. This is exactly when ads began to feature the symbolic four toned quadrants for BMW that many can relate to till today. It’s almost as if a rotating propeller is being depicted in the most creatively and magical manner possible.

The renowned logo appeared for the first time on the streets in the year 1923 while in 1993, the brand unveiled a new logo for BMW’s communication that contained a double black ring and similar design pattern. It was simple yet impactful- a logo that was embedded in the minds of all.

Can The Brand Recover From Its Poor Choice of Logo Design?

Cool BMW Logo

While BMW sees nothing wrong in its latest unveiling, many beg to differ. Even though the entire motto of the modern outlook was to invite others to come and become a part of the BMW world, it seems the logo manages to do anything but that.

But this isn’t the first time that such a large scale multinational brand has become enveloped by its own design. Business giants like Yahoo, Facebook, GoDaddy, Volkswagon, Google and more have faced criticism over their unique logo design choices too.

It’s almost as if they managed to discard their well-designed creations in favor of Instagram themed aesthetics. And the world will always have their say.

While BMW’s new logo is yet to appear upon its vehicles, it can be viewed on its social media platforms and website pages too. And that clearly means the world will soon observe it adorning the hoods of their next sedan.

Change may not always be good but in some cases, it’s quite inevitable. What BMW must decide is whether they wish to continue and go forward with their revamped look or reconsider the bold decisions being made by those in charge of design and creativity.

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