22 famous brands with triangles in their logos

Okay, time for a little activity, give your brain a little nudge and think about all the brands that have triangular logos. How many could you think of? Well, when I was asked to do this activity, I could not think of more than one or two brands. Nevertheless, no matter how many brands one could think of, one thing is for sure that not many people are aware of the psychology behind these particular shapes of the logos. I mean, who even give much of a thought to the logo shapes. Nobody right? Well, that’s wrong; all my graphic designer readers can agree that they can read a lot more than just a brand name by looking at the logo shape only.

In the world full of square and rectangle logos, triangle logos tend to stand out in the crowd. While circular symbols show unity and square logos signify power, the triangular logos involve a more playful geometry that can make for an attractive logo.

Here is another brain activity for you, name the vessel that holds everything together? That’s right; a shape has the tendency to keep everything intact. The main thing is that a shape gives foundation to your logo design, a basic structure on which you architect your design further. While most of the designers go for the safer route and have their brand logo in circles or square, only a few courageous brands take the tricky road and go for the triangular logo and confidently own it too.

Most of the well-known brands like Chevron, Delta, and CAT use triangle shapes to display innovation, momentum, stability and direction; however, the things are not this simple. How you place your triangle in your logo says a lot about your brand, nobody could have ever thought about it, right? If your brand puts the triangle on its base, then it shows religion, power and strength. Tilt it slightly on its side, and it shows movement, drive, passion and innovation. To give it a whole new meaning you only have to balance it on the edge of your logo, and it would send out the message of being bold, daring, edge and precision.

The meaning behind Triangle logos

You would think it is just a coincidence that many brands love triangular logos; however, this is not the case. Brands love triangle logos because they are the perfect fusion of both square and circle shapes. The symmetry of the triangle is attractive to eyes, mainly when all the three sides are the same size. It does not only represent unity (because of the circle), but it also shows a strong foundation (like a square).

Triangle is pretty flexible in designs; you can change the whole meaning of your logo only by changing the orientation of a triangle. The best thing about this shape is you can substitute it for other letters of the alphabet as well which includes “A” and “V”. That’s a lot of flexibility from one shape only, so let’s take a look at the famous brands using the triangle in their logo and see what actually they represent through them.

Are you excited to explore the meaning behind these brand logos? Well, I am, so let’s move forward.


The sharp, bold triangle shape of the Guess logo integrated with the bright red colour makes a standout design that sends out the message of passion and strength. Every Guess fan can see the love through the clothing that they make. In its logo, the triangles are integrated throughout from the outline and the dot of the question mark in a way that tagline is angled. The stamp shows the free-spirited and glamorous aura of the brand for the target audience.

Guess - Triangle Logo


Partek empowers scientists to make scientific breakthroughs in human genetics, disease relationships, drug discoveries, diagnoses and disease treatments. A triangle in Partek show compassion and peculiarity that a scientific organization needs to portray. Its logo is the perfect representation of strength and stability.

Partek - Triangle Logo Design

Google Drive

The logo of Google Drive manages to portray a lot of meanings in one icon even though it is pretty simple apparently. Each triangular side is a different colour and shows one of the many features of Google drive. Blue is for Docs, green is for Sheets, and yellow is for Slides.

Moreover, by using the triangle in the circle, Google has focused on the trinity of services, it provides while also showing how all your information is secure in a safe and enclosed structure.

Google Drive - Triangle Logos

Google Play

The logo of Google play has undergone many changes, but one thing that has always remained the same is its signature style of a triangle on its side. The triangle in the logo shows the Play butting which you would often find on Netflix and DVD remotes.

Moreover, Google further helped to push its branding by totting up all the colours of the company and now whenever we come across any similar colours; our mind subconsciously connects them to Google. This is the kind of impact Google logo has on us.

Google Play - Triangle Logo

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Palace Skateboard

If you wish to have a sneak peek to the 90s pop culture, then have a look at the logo of Palace Skateboard, as it takes all the associations of hard triangle logos and mixes them expertly. The logo design of Palace Skateboard shows the true essence of skating, which is technical, challenging and fun. All our skateboarders can agree with that. The logo does this using an optical illusion to create a 3D triangle with the help of wordmark placed at each side.

Palace Skateboard - Triangular Logos


It is an Italian clothing company established in 1922, originally they started with the manufacturing of the clothes for Alps people only, but later the brand expanded its product category and introduced clothing for all types of people. If you look at the logo closely, you will notice that A in the triangular form shows the durability and stability of the brand

Moreover, it also shows the softer side of the brand because of the curved corners. Stability and durability are what all the customers look for in a brand which FILA offers through its triangular A, see how much a triangle can do for your brand?

FILA - Triangle Logo


Home and Garden Television is famously known as HGTV is well famed for their garden and home improvement content and not just on TV, but you can see their fame on blog and YouTube as well.

The triangle on the logo has made the brand homier and gave it a more realistic picture. The blue colour of the logo is pretty inviting and signifies intelligence as well.

HGTV - Logo With Triangles


In this contemporary world where we see all kinds of bad news on TV, trusting someone enough to let them stay in our house is a pretty big deal. The last thing everybody wants today is a thief or maybe a murderer in the house. Nevertheless, Airbnb does just that, the marketing genius of the Airbnb logo shows strength through its logo. The triangular shape signifies strength; however, the rounded corners are pretty inviting. 

The co-founder explained that the symbol aims to send out the message of belonging to the audience. The circular elements in the logo show a sense of community. Moreover, if you look at the logo closely, you can see a house in the shape of A, which brings the audience back to the brand mission and name.

Airbnb - Triangle Logos


The founder of Reebok changed its logo to a segmented and soft triangle in 2014. Originally the company aimed to reach out to the athletes only; however, when they added the general public in their audience, they softened their triangle.

The rounded edges and the squared-off corners are not much of a significant change, but it has changed the overall personality of the brand and evoke reliability to the buyers.

Reebok - Triangular Logos

Spire Holistic Health

If you are Health Company trying to be more welcoming and trustworthy, then there cannot be anything better than going for the rounded triangles. One of the many companies that have capitalized on this concept is Spire. The triangular design of the logo along with the circular bottom gives the shape of a leaf which is another powerful symbol in natural and organic medicine.

The green colour of Spire is intimately linked with nature, wellbeing, and calm. The colour of the logo gives a notable difference to the feel so you have to be sure which colours you are choosing for your logo as it can affect your logo.

Spire Hoire Holistic - Triangle Logo


There is no denying to the fact that Toblerone is one of our all-time favourite chocolate, the most surprising thing about this chocolate is, it is not famous for the chocolate only but for its hidden meaning as well.

The triangular mountain on the logo shows the most famous peak of Switzerland mountain Matterhorn, and if you look at it closely, you can even see a bear hidden inside it cunningly. The bear in the chocolate shows the coat of arms of the city where they founded the chocolate. There is definitely some visual impact of Toblerone’s mountains.

Toblerone - Logo With Triangles


If you have boarded on the plane of Qantas, you can see the actual brilliance of the logo as it is the exact replica of the tail of Qantas planes. Nevertheless, if you travel frequently, then you must be aware of the exhilarating feeling of walking through the gate of the plane.

The logo of the Qantas evokes the same feeling in an individual, just by looking at it, you would want to book the next flight to your dream destination and experience the thrill again. The triangle shape in the Qantas logo is the perfect example of utilizing the shapes to beseech a feeling linked with the brand.

Qantas - Triangle Logos


The logo of the CAT is the perfect example of integrating triangles into a font. The primary slab lettering is adorned masterfully with a simple yet attractive yellow triangle. The main purpose of the company is to create different equipment for the building sites, and everybody can agree to the fact that triangles are pretty crucial in architectural design. Incorporating triangle in the CAT logo is the perfect choice of the shape.

Moreover, the colour also matches those used on the hats the constructors wear and other clothing of the constructors; therefore, it is pretty similar to those in the target audience of the company.

CAT - Triangle Logo

DLF Building

DLF Building logo is the perfect representation of strength, stability and reliability. The organization is all about constructing new buildings and no one can disagree to the fact that of all the industries in the world construction industry has to represent the values of strength and stability. The triangle in the logo shows how brick by brick they construct the whole building for their customers. Each triangle in the logo shows their values and integrity. Triangles are pretty important in the construction sites, most constructers know that therefore most these organizations prefer adding triangles in their logos.

DLF - Triangle Logo


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Even if your brand name is in some other language than English, you still have many options to showcase its meaning such as shapes and icons. Mitsubishi is the perfect fusion of two words Mitsu which translates into three and Hishi it’s a Japanese word which describes a diamond shape.

Every diamond you see in the brand shows something related to the success, reliability and integrity of the brand. All these elements of the brand combine together to form the famous triangle logo, which can be recognized instantly.

Mitsubishi - Triangle Logo

Delta Airlines

Well, this is one of a few airline companies who has undergone 20 changes in the logo since the year 1928. But one thing that remained in the logo throughout this time is its shape which is the triangle. The name of the organization stands for the Delta letter in Greek, a triangle represents it, and the sign displays a jet flying overhead. Merged with the blood-red colour the persuasive symbol shows power, leadership and trust.

Delta Airlines - Triangle Logo


There is hardly ever a person who is not a crazy fan of the Adidas products; everybody is always in awe of the quality products that sends away the message of power and athletics. You might think the Adidas’ logo was created by chance; however, this is not the case. The sloped triangle gives the image of a mountain which represents all the hurdles that an athlete goes through in the pursuit of their dreams.

The credit for this catchy and meaningful logo goes to the designer of Adidas that spoke the message straight through the logo. Moreover, if you see it with your keen eyes you would understand the steep slope also create the suggestion of power and speed, these are the characteristics that the sports freak look for them in the sporting goods.

Moreover, the colour scheme of the logo is white and black, which is the standard combination liked by everybody; you can never go wrong with the combo of black and white. The colour scheme makes it easier for them to print on different kinds of sportswear and all the equipment they sell.

Adidas - Triangle Logo


Kenwood is our go-to brand for our kitchen accessories, be it the microwave or automatic washing machine this brand has it all and most importantly provides top-notch quality products too. Even by looking at the name of the brand, you can notice that Kenwood is the combination of two separate words.

The name “Ken”, it is often a name given to boys both in USA and Japan and the word “wood” which signifies long life and durability of its products.

The simple sans-serif font is clean looking and modern and is pretty convenient to read even if you see it from afar. Moreover, even by looking at the triangle, you can recognize the brand. This is how a small icon can have a significant impact on your logo and how a mere logo can have an effect on your audience.

Kenwood - Triangle Logo


Well the logo of HSBC definitely stands out in the market because of the fact that it does not use only one triangle, but it is the combination of six triangles, which makes a unique and red hourglass icon. There is no denying to the fact that HSBC is one of the most identified banks out there, and main credit goes to the brand logo as it helped HSBC gain popularity and brand recognition.

If looked at it with the keen eyes, one can see that two out of six triangles are placed in the negative space of the logo. It is one of the most widely used design concepts that utilize blank space to construct elements and is more noticeable to the audience.

HSBC - Triangle Logo

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Who here remembers Alcatel mobile phone brand? The 90s babies must be already aware of this brand; it is another brand that substitutes a triangle for a letter A. The designer let his creative juice flowing and went with the middle A only instead of switching both A’s in their name. In return, it has created a symmetry which displays both triangles secured by the equal amount of letters.

Just like Kenwood, the incorporation of the triangle in the logo helped in creating a unique logo that is not easy to attain with the regular typeface, particularly the sans serif fonts that are currently on-trend.

Alcatel - Triangle Logo


All the crazy bikers must already be aware of this famous brand; their bikes are proof of prime quality. The current logo of Ducati resembles a shield painted in the dark red tone. The central meaning of this logo is victory, and the colour is supposed to be the leading indicator of Italian motorsports and auto sports.

If you look at it closely, you will notice that the modern Ducati logo is like a red coloured inverted triangle or a water drop with the smooth rounded corners. The centre of the logo shows the Ducati inspiration along with the curve line that reminds us that this brand’s motorcycles aimed to represent the speed.

Ducati - Triangle Logo

Chicago Bull

Only those who are obsessed with attention to detail can grasp the real meaning of the Chicago Bull logo, the arduous appearance of Chicago Bulls is the reflection of the team eagerness to achieve and maintain the success in the lifetime of the uncompromising fight. The bull’s face forms the shape of a triangle and wears a fierce expression. The red blush and blood-covered horn tips, however, signifies the striving spirit of the team to gain young blood rather than slaughtering a rival.

The colour combination of black, red and white in the logo show the fusion of qualities that makes a absolute sportsman which are determination, excellence, endurance, power, vigour and elegance. The emblem of Chicago Bull is the perfect representation of how logos should be.

Chicago Bull - Triangle Shape Logo


If you are a designer, you would agree triangle is one of the trickiest shape to get right for the logo design structure. However, when used effectively, it has more impact than the regular square. What you should be clear about is that how versatile triangles can be, in some cases more than squares and circles.

As you must have gauged already from this article that how the smallest triangle can have a significant impact and other times it is just the smart use of the negative space that becomes the central element of the logo. We hope this article has helped you learn about the brand with their logo meaning and how vital shapes are in logo designing.  Now that you have an abundance of inspiration, how are you going to make your logo to stand out from the crowd? Time to put your brain to work now.

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