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Amid the cutthroat competition, it’s not less than a tug of war to make people remember your brand. Since the world is filled with good-to-be-forgotten brand identities, you can’t risk your business image by ignoring the visual representation of your business.

Remember that your customers are hard-wired to absorb visual information quickly. Therefore, to hitch their attention, you need a business logo that does the job right.
We understand how hard it is to register your business in the mind of the customers. Here, the creative brains of our digital artisans help you. After analyzing your business, FullStop brings sheer brilliant company logos to life that help you get a bright spot in the minds of your customers. In short, it aids in building brand recall. What else can be better than this?

Sankofa Dreams

It’s not less than a challenge to satiate the desire of a client who already knows what they want. Being armed with the finest team of creative brains, we took the logo design project in our hands. Sankofa Dreams came to us with a defined vision. The client was in search of someone who can make a logo that has the real artistic appeal. We were given the task to make a company logo that doesn’t look techie, has Sankofa bird in it as the primary figure and looks more like some artist has made it.

We went through the design brief and pushed our brains to think beyond the surface. It was a real challenge, but we accomplished it within the committed time frame. If you look at the logo, you will see the presence of Sankofa bird as the primary element while the name “Sankofa Dreams” surrounds it. We made a logo that works across multiple channels and translates well across all mediums. The bright hue we have given to Sankofa bird makes it look more prominent yet giving life to the whole design.


Have that fighter spirit and win the game! Predators is all about arranging premium fight events. They came to us with defined preferences related to how they wanted their business logo to look like. Our task was to design their company logo that revolves around the jungle theme. They wanted their name “Predators” to look like a wild animal with eyes that shine in the dark as if looking to hunt and grab what comes by then and there. With the help of their creative brief, our designers went the extra mile and brought a logo to life that best represents what they do.

Look at the logo, you will see the name “Predators” more in a 3d way. We kept the jungle theme yet made sure that it doesn’t look too pushy and suck the essence of the design. We have kept things balanced here. The eyes looking out of the dark represent the go-getter that doesn’t miss the opportunity and grabs as it shows up. The entire logo sums up what they actually do – since they arrange premium fight events, we made sure the logo represents the same.


The demons of darkness, the voice inside your head, lures you into doing bad things to yourself. Hardly talked about, mental health is a serious concern. Talk of which, “Premier Behavioral Health” is committed to helping sufferers get rid of their inner demons. They came to us with a defined vision of how they want their company logo to be. Since their tagline says it all, “recovery is our expectation,” they wanted their logo to convey the same.

After carefully going through their brief, our artisans started building association set to bring a logo to life that speaks for compassion. If you look at the logo, you will see that we have kept it really simple, modern yet classic. The colors we have used clearly denotes the notion of recovery. The way we have played with the typography here gives you a clue that the company is all about mental health. Be it colors, font, or the design elements we have used, every single thing speaks for there is light ahead, a better future awaits you.


The situation is troublesome for commercial businesses after the spread of coronavirus – disinfecting places every now and then isn’t a choice but a necessity now. One such company committed to fighting the pandemic is Kleenlogic. They are the disinfection and remediation experts. Since they own various certifications and are experts at what they do, they wanted us to make a company logo design that truly speaks for their trustworthiness yet explains the audience they cater to.

Our creative team brought a logo to life that depicts confidence, trustworthiness, and hygiene. The buildings in the logo depict that they cater to the corporate sector and make customized plans for them. The shield represents how they guard you in case of an outbreak and on the top, the imagery represents the virus. With the help of their creative brief, we designed their business logo that gels well with their message


Distance learning – the gift we call “new norm” is spreading like wildfire. Talk of which one of the best players in this competitive industry is C1st Online Academy. They came to us with the concept of learning from anywhere in the world. They wanted their logo design to depict the same. We were given the clues to make it more abstract yet give it a pinch of bright hues. C1st online academy offers open and corporate learning solutions in the Caribbean. The whole brand message revolves around making visual learning easier and giving a portal to trainers where they can advertise the courses and visual learners can take their pick

After understanding the brand’s message, our artisans went out of the way and played mostly with lines. If you see the logo, you can get a hint that the company is near to the Caribbean, while the scholar hat made with bright hues represent the learning opportunity for visual learners. If you translate it, the meanings could be perceived as "the sea of knowledge coming from the visionaries."


Name it a project that offered us another real challenge. The client was very precise about the elements needed to be there in the business logo design. ASDK is committed to marketing art in a different manner. Rather than giving it familiar imagery, we opted for a more enhanced version. The client shares a deep love for spirituality yet wanted the company logo to depict the same. Not only that, but our task was to add elements that denote strength, balance, success, etc.

Our digital artisans got to work and brought the business logo to life with the imagery of dragon and phoenix - both are linked to spirituality. We gave it specific hues that are positively correlated to spirituality, wisdom, balance, and a strong foundation. From the elements used in business logo design to the color we gave, everything runs parallel to perfection here.


As the name suggests, Neoklean shares a commitment to keep the environment and the dwellers of Earth safe. They provide environmental disinfecting solutions—talk of which the new normal needs it the most. Specially after what this world has gone through, we are living in an era full of coronaxiety. The startup approached us to get a business logo that speaks for hygiene credibility and innovation. Right after understanding their needs, we got to work.

If you look at the logo precisely, you will see how beautifully we have followed the principles of minimalism here. We gave it blue color to represent purity and hygiene. The letter “O” here looks like the drop of water – conveying the message of cleanliness, purity, and hygiene. While the presence of a leaf in the letter “A” represents innovation - something emerging.


Nothing is more rewarding than bringing a life into this world. The happiness you feel after being a part of something that brightens up other’s home is out of the world. Our client, Surrogacy, came to us with their vision. They didn’t have any special picture in their mind, but had an idea of what they wanted the logo to depict. The idea was to create something that encourages women to be a part of surrogacy, know it more, and understand how it works for the mutual benefit.

After understanding the client’s requirements, our team got to the real gist of it. Look at the brand’s logo design, you will see the hope, love, care and compassion. 4 hearts are completing the whole design – showing the connection that is built once you opt to light up someone’s world, to give their home the little feet of happiness. The moon here conveys the message that people are connected for one primary purpose that is not only fulfilling yet illuminates homes. The bright hues signify that when the love is amplified, the Earth-beings get a new life.


"One more cappuccino!" said the shopaholic, deeply lost in selecting her next apparel. The world is at our fingertips – you need something, there is no need to rush to the physical store. Everything is available with a single click. Our client "Shopichino" wanted to look different from all the other ecommerce brands. The name itself reminds us of the last cappuccino we had. We were asked to make a company logo design with the familiar imagery of coffee in it but with a new twist. Since it’s an online shopping hub, the client wanted to convey the message "sip your cappuccino and shop till you drop."

We understood their requirements and got to work. Look at the company’s logo; the presence of coffee here reminds you of the time you used to have your cappuccino or latte while shopping out. The cart here represents the online world of shopping. Well, the new norm has changed things, but certain things will remain the same. The combo of coffee + shopping is always a big YES! The same message we immersed in this logo design.

Do you really need a customized company logo?

If you are in the business race to be the same as other Tom, Dick, and Harry, there is no need to be worried about your company logo design. On the contrary, if you are in the business clan to leave the rest behind, it’s imperative to get a customized company logo design that helps you build brand recall. You need a company logo that appeals to your audience and builds an instant undying connection with them.

A company logo that connects

We human beings are led by emotions. Talk about our buying-intent; we stick to the brands that we feel offer us real value for money. Ever thought why we stick to certain brands? It’s because their logos have been hammered in our brains time and again, and our subconscious mind stored that information. Since we understand the real catch, we help you build company logos that build an instant connection with your target audience, hence helps drive brand loyalty.

Projecting your real personality

FullStop understands that no two businesses are alike. Since their brand personalities are different, so should be their brand identities. Keeping this notion into account, we do all the mind-mapping and think of the visuals and symbols that best describe your brand personality. A business logo that is easy to interpret and represents your business without you even saying a word wins the race – this is precisely what we aim to achieve every time.

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With the help of our artisans, we have shaped-up brand identities for businesses that are the sheer epitome of perfection.

Are you juggling between a plethora of questions?

Fret not! Your business logo design company has got you covered. Below find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Logo Design

How can I get a customized company logo design?

We love over-simplification of things; thus, we have designed a smooth process of obtaining a business logo. All you are required to do is to fill a short creative brief that has a couple of questions. With the help of this creative brief, we get to know more about your business, understand the intricacies, get an idea of your competitors, know your business goals, your color and font choice, the type of business logo you like, and several other things.

If you have any special requirements, you can communicate it within that creative brief. Your given information is of utmost importance as it helps us do all the mind-mapping and paves the way for a distinctive company logo that brilliantly captures your brand’s essence. In short, your logo becomes the real treat for your target audience.

Do I really need to fill the creative brief? What if I don’t?

Creative brief is the only little pain you need to bear if you want a brand identity that sets your businesses apart from the rest. We can understand sometimes it sounds boring, but this is the only compulsion you have on your way.

Your filled brief unlocks many unanswered questions for us and helps us come up with brand identities that never fail to impress your customers. To get a business logo design that runs parallel to perfection, a little pain for filling the brief is worth it.

What if I like two business logos?

Amid the shared concepts, it is crucial for you to be firm with your choices and select one only. Understand that your brand can’t carry more than one brand identity. If you roam around and see other businesses, you will find out that companies stay glued to their one brand identity.

If you are confused between the options, we advise you to get hold of more shared concepts by paying an additional nominal fee then you can do split testing and see for yourself what appeals to your audience.

What is your general turnaround time?

We know how exciting it is to start a business, and you want everything to get done real quick. Hence, FullStop doesn’t let you wait for a prolonged period. We hand over your business logo design with 48 working hours.

However, in the case of minor revision, like the color change or minor change in shape, we take 24 working hours to deliver it. Be assured; we keep you informed.

If I want you to redesign my business logo, will you do it?

If you already have a business logo and looking for refreshing or redesigning it, we are here to get the job done. You can inform us about what elements you want us to omit and what you like us to include. With the help of your provided info, we can give a whole new look to your company logo.

What do you think about how often should I change my logo?

Your company logo is your brand’s attire. It gets a good amount of time to get your brand registered in the mind of your target audience. Therefore, changing it frequently won’t help. We recommend you to stick to your brand identity for good 10-15 years atleast. However, if you feel that your logo is hurting your brand image and you need a complete revamp, we are here for you.

If I don’t like my logo, is there any refund policy I can count on?

Talk about a business logo, our creative team goes the extra mile and put in sheer efforts to bring the outstanding business logo designs to life. Therefore, refund never comes into the talk. However, if our client isn’t happy with all the shared concepts, we refund the amount without any hassle. To us, client satisfaction stands atop everything.

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