Creative Logos With Hidden Messages

I’ve always admired the work of creative logo designers, who stretch their imagination and see things with different perspective and also with a touch of added intelligence. It definitely puts a smile on your face when you crack logos with hidden messages and figure out the hidden things in logos.

You may have seen the logos of big a$$ companies designed by famous studios, but I’d like to showcase the work of our own small design studio. I can proudly say that these are all designed under my supervision and direction. I’m sure you’d love and appreciate the creativity.

01 – Matt Daniel Baker

Creative Logo Design Services

This custom logo design represents a magic firm. As the profession involves mystery and deception, the logo has been designed in the same fashion. If you pay attention and look closely, the negative space behind the hat and golf sticks forms the shape of magician’s face. Just like the magicians have a logical explanation for their tricks, the nifty design gives out an idea of Matt Daniel’s work.

02 – Boat Sentinel

Creative Services Logo Design

The unique logo design of Boat Sentinel not only features the sailor’s hat, but also shows a boat inside. Taken as a whole, the incredibly cluttered visual space gives a feel of sailing. Because of its very nature, the Boat Sentinel design perfectly makes it to the category of logos with hidden messages.

03 – FACE.ID

Creative Logo Design Services

This is the era of modern gadgets and sophisticated technology. FACE.ID provides digital identification services. Keeping that in mind, FullStop® worked out a smart logo design that immediately links audience with company services. FACE.ID design emblem is based on creative logo design ideas. There is a bit of fun fact attached to this logo as well. The letter ‘F’ is in the shape of a face, while it also has the eyes and nose.

04 – Her

Creative Services Logo

‘Her’ is a women’s clothing brand for those who love sports and style and the logo has the right feminine feel to it. Just because it’s a combined sport and fashion brand, the use of sporty font makes it prominent and the letter ‘R’ in the shape of a stiletto is very clever. Such logo design ideas are easy for the brain to memories.

05 – Mybasixs

Creative Logo Design Services

Yet another slick design for Mybasixs, the health brand for people less than 60-year of age. This creative logo design gives out the right information about the company and its products. The cleverly infused numeric 6 in the letter ‘b’ is remarkable work of the creative logo designers.

06 – Paradigm Panerai

Creative Logo Designers

The Paradigm Panerai is a Swiss watches brand, which plans to make big mark in the industry. The white space between the boldly crafted letters form the Swiss flag. Moreover, the two P’s form a clock-wise circle which is a wonderful depiction of the brand. It also explain why hidden things in logos make them memorable.

07 – CRAVE

Creative Logo Design

The logo for CRAVE is not only elegant but smart. The letters A and V are placed in a fashionable manner that breaks the monotony and puts an interesting twist. If you look closely, you can spot 2 pencils creatively infused in A and V of word-mark.

08 – Power of 1

Creative Logo Design Services

Power of 1, the fitness brand, has one of the clever hidden logos. There is a number 1 set on the eagle’s chest. It is probably overlooked at the first glance, but if you pay close attention you can spot it right on.

09 – Mr. & Mrs. Frappy

Creative Logo Designers

The mustache and pink lip in the Mr. & Mrs. Frappy represent soul of the brand. The company was formed with the idea of serving iced coffee to couples and it’s a fun logo where the steam is coming out as it rises from a hot cup of coffee. The complete figure inside the circle is also in the shape of a coffee bean.

10 – Pin-Talk

Creative Logo Design Services

The logo for PinTalk has a fairly obvious pin sign, but the negative space inside the pin forms a talking bubble which is basically the hidden message.

Enjoyed the Logos with Hidden Messages?

If you enjoyed this collection of logos with hidden messages, you’d probably be trying to check hidden things in logos next time. Bookmark this page and watch out for more amazing designs that I post every day. Creative work does speak volumes for itself but I wouldn’t mind constructive feedback from you guys. Drop us a line if you were able to figure out some of the hidden things in logos here.

And btw if you have any great logo design ideas of your own in your portfolio, do share them.

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