Isoveda Packaging Design

The client did not require a complete redesign of their original label (beverage packaging) since they had already built an identity for their drinks. The packaging was needed, which could relate to their constructed identity while also having an elite and classy vibe, and they could position the drinks as a unisex product that appealed to both men and women.

The bottle packaging needed to be balanced yet quirky since it was a sports drink which needed to portray an attitude. Their brief was a bit vague since they were unsure of the sort of bottle packaging which would serve the dual purpose of being attractive while maintaining their
brand identity.

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Sleep Geek

Our client needed a logo for her “about me” website where she can conduct webinars, tell people about herself, upload her books, blogs and basically help people! She wanted her website and of course the brand’s identity to be one that is welcoming despite it being science related, since everyone needs to sleep well.

Tara therefore wanted the logo to be very intimate, displaying something that people can directly relate to sleep and geek. She wanted us to play with the typography mostly while incorporating a cartoonish sketch somewhere with the word sleep. Logo designing for this sleep instructor was thus one challenge we gladly accepted and aced!

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King of Ceylon

As the name suggests, our client wanted the tea brand logo to be one that looks royal and convey the message that their brand is actually the King of Ceylon – a new tea company soon to be a leader in the industry! They wanted a tea logo with an elite edge.

In order to exhibit the fusion of royal-tea, logo designers and the client, both opted for the colors; green and golden. Green signifying the color of tea leaves while golden to indicate that their tea brand is in fact the King of tea leaves. They required a logo which could infuse tea leaves and a symbol of royalty in a creative way and hence we put our design skills to the test!

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Vitalogen - Where logo designing meets vitality! The creative crew at Fullstop joined their heads together to come...

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UXI Consultant

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King of Ceylon

There are logos we make and then there are logos which make us feel proud once we’re done...

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Anatomy First

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