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Your brand deserves a jaw-dropping beauty logo that withstands the test of the time, yet makes people rhyme a song of perfection. To get the medal of appreciation for you, we craft a brand identity that is as beautiful as a desert rose.

  • Get your hands on upto 5 beauty brand logos
  • Reap the perks of unlimited no. of revisions
  • A perfect value for money
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Cosmetics Logo Design - Beauty Makeup Logo
Makeup Artist Logo Design - Cosmetics Logo

You need a beauty logo that illuminates from head to toe

Akin to your product/service, your cosmetic brand logo should make people stop and look over. Playing mainstream shouldn’t be your thing when you have a choice to make things better. To help you win the banner of customer’s trust, we craft a brand identity that serves the purpose.

Personalized beauty brand logo

With the element of personalization, we add radiance to your beauty logo that draws in people like a sweet summer night.

Customization is our golden snitch

You are an integral part of the whole process. With your input, we come up with a beauty logo that you won’t exchange for anything.

Ownership of the logo

Once you choose the artwork, you get the complete ownership of the logo. Be assured; we don’t have any hidden curtains.

A clan of happy clients

With our upbeat logos, we have pleased a vast number of clients.

How it works?

We offer you a hassle-free process. Your input plays a significant role here. You merely need to answer a few questions that help our brand identity specialists give a shape to your brand.

1st Step of Cosmetics, Beauty & Makeup Brand Logos
1. We listen to you

You need to fill out a short creative brief that contains a set of questions.

2nd Step of Cosmetics Logo Design
2. Conceptualize & share

We conceptualize a good number of options and share them with you.

Last Step - Cosmetic/Beauty Logo Design is Ready Now
3. Final selection

You take your pick, and we deliver the art files of your chosen logo.

Are the waves of unanswered questions bothering you?

Bid farewell to your worries! We have got all the answers covered.

Cosmetics Logo Design

How can I get my new beauty logo without any hassle?

We have made the process of obtaining a logo a lot easier for people. Whether you want a beauty salon logo, makeup brand logo, or looking for makeup artist logo, you have to follow the same steps. To get your beauty salon logo or cosmetic company logo, you need to fill the creative brief. The brief contains a specific set of questions, including your color choice, the logotype you like, a bit about your business, etc.

Note that we do cater to special requirements. But you have to mention it within the creative brief. Hassle lives in a far-flung land when you have FullStop onboard. With the help of your filled brief, we fill the missing pieces by bringing your idea to life. Be assured our crafted brand identities are worth a second gaze.

Do I really need to fill that creative brief? What if I don’t?

We can understand, filling the creative brief sounds like a hassle. But everything worth having demands the input. Therefore, you need to fill that creative brief.

The purpose of the creative brief is to know about requirements. You can say that it is a rough picture of your brand that helps us giving a final shape to your brand identity. If you want a jaw-dropping beauty logo, filling the creative brief is mandatory.

Do you offer a cosmetics business logo?

Yes, we do offer cosmetics business logo. All you need to do is to go through the same steps, fill the creative brief, and then we take it from there.

How soon can I expect to get my cosmetics logo?

Our turnaround time is 48 working hours. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for your makeup company logo or makeup artist logo for days.

In the care of a minor revision like a color change or font change, we take 24 working hours.

If I like more than one beauty cosmetics logo, what should I do next?

When you have multiple options, it’s always challenging to select one. Nevertheless, you need to understand that a brand can’t have more than one logo. Given that, you have to make up your mind and be firm with your decision.

Still, if you feel that you can’t select amid four options, it’s better to get them all for an additional nominal fee and decide what best suits your brand.

If I am not satisfied with my beauty logo, will you improvise it?

Don’t worry about it! You decaf and relax, let’s do everything for you. If you are not happy with your cosmetics logo, we can make adjustments like minor shape change, color change, and size change. Until you are delighted with your logo, we keep making these adjustments.

However, change in a typeface in the type-based logo that doesn’t fall in the category of revision. It is regarded as a new design.

If I ask for a refund, will you approve it?

Since our digital artisans put so much work into creating makeup business logo, cosmetics logo, hair, and makeup artist logo, the refund never comes into the talk.

If you are not satisfied with the logo, we make the adjustments like color change, minor shape change, etc. until you are pleased. Even after making all these adjustments, you are not satisfied, we approve the refund request without any hassle.

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