Logo Design & Branding Kit To Make A Great Brand Identity

Working on a brand and have no time to do things from scratch?

Well, why don’t you use the trade secret that every pro designer does?

Yes, you got me right!

Just search one of the best logo design kit options and complete your project without getting into such intricate details as creating a custom font or designing a new logo on paper.

In fact, I might be able to help you with the best branding kit options that make your creative process as easy as replacing cushion covers (Nah, not that easy, though).

But still, my list contains some of the best logo design kit options that can help you in accomplishing your brand identity projects.

Let’s dive in!

Best Logo Design Kit Choices for Designers

I understand how each one of you has a different brand identity project needs so I kept the list as diverse as I could. The reason for mentioning versatile brand kit options was to offer you a wide range of choices so you can pick the most appropriate one based on your core needs.

Keep reading and discover the best logo design kit option that goes with your project’s requirements.

Tortoise and Deer Design Kit

Logo Design Kit - Tortoise and Deer

Price: $33

The very first logo design kit recommendation comes from artist Emma Make who’s done a fantastic job with traditional woodland motifs!

You’ll find this kit closer to Mother Nature that you may use into your creative project and give it an essence of Earthly elements.

In other words, you get to have access to multiple fonts (in bold & regular) along with 24 distinct premade editable logos. Plus, there are more than 40 motifs that you may incorporate in your designs, too, along with 5 awesome Adobe Illustrator Brushes.

Let’s Download

Mountain Outdoor Vintage Logo Kit

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Mountain Outdoor

Price: $29

In case your branding project demands to have a vintage feel, artist Lovepower has a relevant logo design kit for you to give your project a unique, classy touch with Mountain Outdoor Vintage Logo Kit!

It’s loaded with more than 300 vector elements and 20+ ready to use logos which you may incorporate in your creative project. Plus, you get to have multiple file formats such as PSD, EPS, and AI for easy access to what’s hidden inside of this design package.

Apart from that, you get to have access to various shapes and elements that further add a wow factor in your brand’s identity.

Let’s Download

Vintage Logo Kit Pro

Best Premium Fonts - Vintage Logo Kit Pro

Price: $29

If you want to include a vintage touch to your brand projects, Vintage Type Co. has a fantastic logo design kit option for you with the release of Vintage Logo Kit Pro!

The prime reason for including this one in the branding kit options is the 12 versatile logo files that you can personalize as per the need and make most out of this amazing option. Plus, the Anaheim Gothic Font with OTF/TTF format support is another highlight that compelled me to consider this logo design kit for the inclusion.

Let’s Download

The Vintage Logo Creator Kit

Premium For Logo Designing - The Vintage Logo Creator Kit

Price: $29

Here’s another wonderful logo design kit from Nomad Visuals Co. in shape of The Vintage Logo Creator!

It’s an ideal branding kit option if your search includes an antique touch in its branding elements that offer your brand image a classy yet approachable feel. You get to have more than 15 versatile logo templates that enable you to create a new logo in no time and customize it as per the brand requirement.

Also, there are 3 awesome font combinations that allow you to keep the branding message consistent in every marketing collateral, too.

Let’s Download

Essential Branding & Identity Kit

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Essential Branding & Identity Kit

Price: $25

This branding kit comes from my favorite artist, Lisa Glanz who’s (in my opinion) a creative magician and her Essential Branding & Identity Kit is the proof!

This logo design kit is basically ideal for those designers who want a ready-made branding kit solution (or for those who have limited budget issues).

Just unpack its 12 premade logo templates, play around with the fonts and decorative elements a bit and you’ll be able to create your own brand identity template using this wonderful kit. Also, this pack comes with 65 illustrations and 14 hand drawn seamless patterns, too.

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Tropic Moon – Mystique Design Kit

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Tropic Moon

Price: $25

If your plans are to design an identity that creates wildlife nostalgia for your brand’s consumers, Maria Letta has an ideal branding kit option in the shape of her Tropic Moon!

What I liked the most about this logo design kit option is the intricate detail that she didn’t ignore in each leaf, flower or other elements. Plus, you get to access tons of branding elements for amplifying the effect of your brand’s image via this awesome branding kit.

Let’s Download

Hipster Logo Kit

Best Premium Fonts - Hipster Logo Kit

Price: $22

If you’re seeking to include a hand drawn effect in your brand’s logo, Hand Drawn Studio steps forward with Hipster Logo Kit!

This branding kit comes with a fresh feel with its unique decorative elements and 12 customizable logo designs that allow you to make quick changes and speed up your creative work. Plus, its clean look is ideal for jewelry or food brands due to the welcoming element that you’ll get to add in your branding project.

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1980s Retro Logos Design Kit

Premium For Logo Designing - 1980s Retro Logos Design Kit

Price: $20

And if you’re planning to include the early 80s vibe in your brand, Wing’s Art and Design has 1980s Retro Logos Design Kit!

The reason for including this logo design kit into the list is its versatile branding tools that make your creative work very refreshing and appealing to the eyes.

There are 10 editable logos along with variable patterns and textures to give your posters and other marketing collateral a uniformity.

Let’s Download

Logo Creation Kit

Best Premium Fonts - Logo Creation Kit

Price: $19

Zeppelin Graphics always have an awesome creative option for all designers and Logo Creation Kit is one such selection that I included in this list!

This logo design kit comes with a bundle of 30 logos that you use and personalize as per the brand requirements. Plus, there are 300 elements that offer you a wider selection range when it comes to decorating the brand and up its identity score with versatile design options.

Also, you’ll get to have various Photoshop brushes that allow you to tweak the template further.

Let’s Download

Geometric Logo Creation Kit

Best Premium Font - Geometric Logo Creation Kit

Price: $19

With this logo design kit, Zeppelin Graphics has borrowed the creativity of Arabic artists for offering your branding endeavors a unique feel!

And you can also incorporate the wonders of geometric designs while creating a branding presence for your client’s project. There are 20 versatile logo templates along with 15 wordmark logos that are purely customizable.

You also get to have 50 variable textures that further add a wow factor to your branding efforts.

Let’s Download

Logo Creation Kit Vol. 5

Premium For Logo Designing - Logo Creation Kit Vol. 5

Price: $19

Zeppelin Graphics has another awesome logo design kit that minimizes your creative challenges with versatile vectors and premade logos!

Logo Creation Kit (vol 5) comes with 50 versatile pattern styles along with 20 premade logos that you may personalize as required. Along with that, you’ll get 108 vector elements that prove helpful in improving your brand identity score, too.

Also, there are various free fonts to help you in maintaining the brand guidelines without getting into licensing issues when you reveal the branding kit with the client.

Let’s Download

Floral Logo Kit

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Floral Logo Kit

Price: $18

I just came across Kozy Place’s work and decided to include Floral Logo Kit in this list that offers almost a complete package to meet your branding kit requirements!

The artist has included 300 versatile elements that come with 2000 combinations for offering your designs a uniqueness and freshness. Plus, you get support for various file formats, too, by incorporating this logo design kit into your creative process.

Also, this logo design kit proves to be a blessing for any designer facing budget & time issues in the project with its versatile application.

Let’s Download

Luxurious Logos – Monogram Kit

Best Premium Fonts -

Price: $18

In case you’ve planned to use a monogram in your branding project, artist Qilli has contributed a beautiful branding kit in the shape of Luxurious Logos (Monogram Kit)!

This logo design kit, from Qilli, comes with 100 editable logos and typographic figures for making the poster design and various other graphics easy and timesaving. For further adding a wow factor in your designs, there are 6 seamless patterns included in this pack.

And if you want to tweak your designs a little more, you have access to 21 multiple floral elements, too.

Let’s Download

Doodle Women’s Logo Kit

Premium For Logo Designing - Doodle Women’s Logo Kit

Price: $18

Kozy Place’s Doodle Women’s Logo Kit is a fantastic choice as the branding kit you’re seeking for your brand that has a feminine customer base!

What really clicked me is the versatility of logo templates and variable font choices that offer you a creative freedom to personalize your brand as you feel right. And the unique concepts that the artist has tried to introduce via this bundle is another awesome highlight that you may use and accomplish your creative objectives.

Let’s Download

Floral Wreath Save The Date

Premium For Logo Designing - Floral Wreath Save

Price: $17

If your creative skills are influenced by floral effects, I’ve just the right branding kit to suggest – Floral Wreath Save The Date!

It’s very easy to customize the logo templates included in this pack and you get to apply this logo design kit on various brand projects, too. What I truly adored in this branding kit is the very detailed work that the designer didn’t ignore while working on the kit. And I’m sure that you’ll like this logo design kit, too, due to its distinct floral effect.

Let’s Download

So Female Branding Kit

Best Premium Font - So Female Branding Kit

Price: $17

Don’t settle on Floral Wreath Save The Date as I’ve few more recommendations to make and So Female Branding Kit is one of them!

Designed by Agata Create artist, this logo design kit includes 18 unique logo templates that offer you a freedom to customize your brand with a fresh feel. Plus, you can add a minimal effect in your brand identity, too, that sets your brand as a distinct one in the competition.

Let’s Download

30 Premade Logos

Best Premium Logo Design Font - 30 Premade Logos

Price: $17

There’s another logo design kit option from Agata Create that offers you a versatile range of logo templates!

Select any logo template from 30 versatile options and personalize your client’s brand the way you promised him. Plus, the font options offer you an ease of maintaining consistency across your graphics for different platforms.

In my opinion, this logo design kit is a life saver for any designer who’s facing time problems while working on the branding project.

Let’s Download

Hand Drawn Floral Logo Kit

Premium For Logo Designing - Hand Drawn Floral Logo Kit

Price: $17

If you can’t think of a branding idea, just turn to floral designs!

Hand Drawn Floral Logo Design Kit is one ideal option by BNIMIT that offers you 10 awesome logo templates that you may use in your branding projects. Also, there are 30 hand drawn floral brushes that increase the charm of your visuals.

And you get multiple file support with this logo design kit along with editable text and resizing option, too.

Let’s Download

30 Nature Logo Kit

Best Premium Fonts - 30 Nature Logo Kit

Price: $17

While searching for the best logo design kit for brand identity purposes, I came across this ecological wonder by unrealstock!

The reason for adding 30 Nature Logo Kit is its versatile logo options that allow you to personalize your health brand on the go. In other words, you get to access various logo templates that are well designed to meet the health brand standards.

Along with that, you get a full customization facility, too, with this logo design kit for creating brand guides for your clients.

Let’s Download

Esports Logo Kit

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Esports Logo Kit

Price: $17

Working on a gaming brand?

Let me suggest you an ideal logo design kit that will speed up your creative process – Esports Logo Kit by unrealstock!

This branding kit comes with various logo templates that give your brand a distinct touch and an inviting feel to all the gamers. I personally liked the diverse logo options with full customization facility that offers every designer the power to complete branding projects on time.

Let’s Download

Badge Logo Kit

Best Premium Font - Badge Logo Kit

Price: $17

If you’re working on a food brand, I know which logo design kit would be an ideal option to give your brand the relatable element from the core consumer’s point of view. NewFlix has contributed its creative branding kit that offers you the power to personalize your brand with its multiple logo templates and design a trustworthy, calming logo for the restaurant.

Let’s Download

Pre-made Logo – Branding Kit

Best Premium Fonts - Pre-made Logo

Price: $17

I couldn’t resist adding this option in the logo design kit list due to its appealing floral elements!

The designer has kept everything in proportion while crafting this branding kit so you never feel insufficient while working on your branding project. Along with a main logo, there are 2 alternative logo options, too, that offer your brand a pleasant feel.

Let’s Download

Deluxe Gold Logo Creator Kit

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Deluxe Gold Logo

Price: $17

I’ve talked so much about floral logo design kits then how come I forget to suggest you a branding kit that involves script font?

Well, you must look at the Deluxe Gold Logo Creator Kit by artist Angele Kamp that comes with more than 5000 logo design possibilities. Along with having such versatile logo templates, this branding kit also comes with free fonts to help you create brand guidelines with ease.

Let’s Download

Logo Template Creation Kit

Best Premium Fonts -

Price: $17

If you’re working on a brand that involves travel or camping then I recommend you to consider the Logo Template Creation Kit (Camping Edition) by artist JeksonJS!

There are various elements that make this bundle an ideal logo design kit option for those designers who prefer to work on little details with multiple design elements. Plus, you get to have 9 premade logo design templates that further speed up your branding work.

What I liked the most about this logo design kit option is the versatile range of mountain (and other) shapes that help you in having similarity between your brand’s message and actual camping feel.

Let’s Download

Logo Creation Kit Monogram Edition

Best Premium Logo Design Font - Logo Creation Kit

Price: $15

Zeppelin Graphics has another awesome logo design kit in the shape of Logo Creation Kit Monogram Edition that offers you very interesting logo templates!

There are 20 basic elements with 20 premade logos and more than 80 decorative elements that you may use in your branding projects and give your clients exactly what they expect from you. Plus, there are several backgrounds along with free outline fonts that make your branding kit complete.

Let’s Download

Outdoor Adventure – Logo Creation Kit

Best Premium Fonts - Outdoor Adventure

Price: $15

In case your branding project involves tourism and travel, let me suggest you another ideal logo design kit in the shape of Outdoor Adventure by Darumo Shop!

You get 28 premade logo templates along with 40+ vector elements for further decorating designs. Also, there are Retro filters for Photoshop that can increase the charm of your branding plans. This branding kit comes with versatile font options to let you customize the logos and other graphic identities with ease.

Let’s Download

End Note

So, these were some of the cool logo design kit options that I wanted to share with my designer community.

I personally liked Essential Branding & Identity Kit by Lisa Glanz but you’re welcome to try other branding kits mentioned in the post to find the most relevant one. If you’re into floral and decorative effects, I’d highly recommend you to check Floral Logo Kit by Kozy Place, too, or maybe you’d like to use Tropic Moon designed by Maria Letta.

Feel free to pick the right branding kit option and surprise your clients with an awesome final result. Adios!

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