Here’s What You Need to Learn from Baskin Robbins Logo

If you’re an ice-cream, then you already know about Baskin Robbins. It’s a famous ice-cream franchise headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts. The owners of Baskin Robbins are Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins. Baskin Robbins is a very famous ice-cream brand with over 5,800 outlets in about 43 countries. The ice-cream brand is known for its unique and amazing 31 flavors. In this article, you will learn about the history of the Baskin Robbins logo and how it has evolved.

The brand is an inspiration in itself not only in the marketing terms but as a small logo itself. Their designing experts have done beautiful work with delivering out their message through a simple graphic element. We highly recommend designers to take inspiration from the brand and the marketing experts to learn from their unique marketing tactics.

About Baskin Robbins Logo

History of Baskin Robbins Logo Design

A brand needs to embrace innovation and creativity if they wish to stay on top. Beating the competition in the market is not as simple and easy as it might seem, therefore, capturing the minds of your customer should be your priority.

Now, one must wonder, why are we focusing on the Baskin Robbins Logo when there are other brands to consider too? Well, there is no doubt that there are hundreds of great brands doing exceptionally well in the market, but there are only a few that speak directly to their customers.

As a brand one must know how to capture their audience’s attention without doing much and for that, Baskin Robbins is a great example.

It’s an ice-cream and cake franchise that was started as separate entities. Yes, Burt Baskin opened an ice-cream shop in Glendale in 1945 and his brother-in-law Irv Robbins opened a café in Pasadena. It was not more than 1948 when the two shook hands to become partners leading to Baskin Robbins. However, the name of Baskin Robbins was not decided the same day, it was in 1953 for both partners to finally name the brand Baskin Robbins.

Carson-Roberts was the advertising agency working with both entrepreneurs at that time and they were the ones suggesting the brand’s name. Their very first logo was shouting their slogan ’31 Taste’ very clearly.

History of Baskin Robbins Logo Design

1947 – 1991

Ever wondered when the pink little spoons were introduced at ice-cream parlors to let customers try out flavors before buying the whole scoop? The motto of the company was to give customers a unique ice-cream flavor every day, which eventually took the center place. The owners of the brand decided to make ’31 Taste’ the center of attention by placing it in stylized numbers on the Baskin Robbins Logo. The logo consisted of the number with dark shadows in a pink circle. The line below the 31 read ‘Baskin-Robbins ice cream’.

The logo instantly took everybody’s attention and the unique idea to try new flavors every day seemed like a tempting offer to all. Baskin Robbins logo design was simple yet it gathered all the attention, so it was safe to say that the brand started on good ground to capture everyone’s attention.

1947 – 1991 - Baskin Robbins Logo Design

1991 – 2006

Entering the millennium’s era required a different approach and it was sensible of the Baskin Robbins team to sense it. Bringing a simple transformation in the logo brought huge attention to the brand. The logo still had the ’31’ in it, but it was rather placed creatively in between the word ‘Baskin’ on the left and ‘Robbins’ on the right. In this logo, the solid circle was replaced with the half ring, which looked extremely well with the overall logo transformation.

The transformation tells brands that it’s important to take important decisions when necessary. If changing the logo is the need of the hour, then it should be done without a single doubt. Removing a single circle around the logo made it more relevant and appealing. Make sure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to designing your logo or transforming it into a new one.

1991 – 2006 - Baskin Robbins Logo Design

2006 – Present

Another transformation of the logo was mainly for rebranding purposes. The company had already introduced a lot of new flavors, so the ‘31’ in the logo served as the cult brand identity and a legendary mark in the logo. You can still see the number placed in between the logo, but it’s more subtle now. They have utilized the fonts to make the number appear in the logo. The 3 is the side of the ‘B’ and 1 is the left leg of ‘R’ showing as 31. To make sure that people can see it, the number is highlighted in pink color. The name of the brand appears in full spelling below the letters. If you look at the logo, you will see the number quite clearly. Talk about creativity because the Baskin Robbins logo design is all about it!

2006 – Present - Baskin Robbins Logo

Design Elements of the Baskin Robbins Logo Design

Shape of the Baskin Robbins Logo

If you wish to see an iconic logo, then it’s the one and only Baskin Robbins logo. You can get a clear message from the logo with an amazing shape of the elements and an incredible choice of colors. The company revamped its logo quite a few times, but the last update in 2006 is definitely worth the praise. Every designer should take a hint from the amazing and eye-catching Baskin Robbins logo design.

The shape of the logo is quite appealing despite the fact that it’s incredibly simple. The placement of the ‘31’ number between Baskin and Robbins is a clever depiction of creativity. The design is extremely simple with the shape of the logo being simple as well. Take inspiration everyone!

Colors of the Baskin Robbins Logo

Coming to the choice of colors in the Baskin Robbins logo design, which is also an amazing example of playing with creativity. Being a designer one must know how to play with colors, shapes, and other elements to showcase the true essence of the company.

If you take the example of Baskin Robbins, you will know that the simplest of colors can bring out the best in logo design. Baskin Robbins logo consists of some cute and flavorsome colors, i.e. white, pink, and blue. The choice of colors is extremely creative showing an amazing image of the ‘ice-cream’ company. The colors add elegance, reliability, excellence, and purity to the brand’s image.

Font of the Baskin Robbins Logo

The amazing dancing font of the Baskin Robbins logo design is a custom-made italic typeface. The font is interesting considering that it’s an ice-cream company. The choice of color plus the font adds a light touch to the brand’s image. The font plays an important role in creating the brand’s image through the logo. So, if you want to be the next best, make sure you’re doing right by your logo design.

Can Logo Add Personality to a Brand?

Yes, it’s not even a question!

If you want to add personality to your brand, then your logo should be on top of the priority list. Logo design seems basic, but it’s the first step towards creating a remarkable brand image. You can visually set yourself apart from your competition by simply having an exceptional logo design.

You can showcase your brand’s personality through a logo design without doing much, but the choice of elements will matter the most. The font and the colors that you will choose to design your logo will help you set the tone of your brand in the market. If you are still wondering how a logo design can add personality to your brand, then here is how you can do it!

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Choose Good Colors

One of the major aspects of creating a memorable and easily recognizable logo that adds personality to your brand is through good colors. Colors speak a thousand words for your brand and if you’re not doing it right, then your whole logo can be easily compromised.

If you pay attention to the Baskin Robbins logo design, then you will realize how important it is to choose a good color palette for your logo design. Colors convey a specific message to the audience and a professional designer is quite aware of it.

One way to choose the right colors for your brand’s logo is to think of how you want your audience to connect with your brand emotionally. You cannot choose the colors of your liking, but colors that connect your audience with your brand. If you’re doing it this way, then you’re doing it right!

Take the example of a blue color. Using this color in the logo design brings out peaceful, friendly, trustworthy, and authoritative vibes. Now that you know, you can better understand the true inspiration behind or the message behind Baskin Robbins logo design. Choose colors wisely if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Pay attention to the Graphics

Another important aspect of a logo design is the graphics in it. No matter what kind of pattern, illustration, or icon you’re using, make sure that it’s worth it. There is a huge range of design elements that you can utilize in your logo design.

Take the example of Apple’s logo design. What do you see? A simple eaten apple. Although it’s a simple element, the message hidden behind it is quite phenomenal. Not only this, the example of Burger King with a simple burger as an icon sends out the message as well.

Using some meaningful graphics in your logo design might not be a bad idea, but too much of it can destroy your whole design. Never use out of context design elements because they tend to ruin the whole brand’s image. Take some inspiration from Nike and look at how they have successfully done their branding through the years.

Typography & Font Matters

If you have never taken the font seriously, then here’s what you need to do – TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

Just like color and graphics, the font is a key player in deciding your brand’s tone and image in the market. When it comes to a brand’s personality, fonts can be a real bummer if not used right. Here’s an example, the Times New Roman is usually used to give a professional, boring, and stoic touch to the logo. On the other hand, if you want your logo to look youthful and playful, then it’s Comic Sans that you should be opting for!

All you have to do is think about your brand’s personality in your mind. Once you know what you want, you can easily get it done by testing things out. From your typography choices to the color, everything should align with the idea of the brand that you have in your mind.

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What Did You Learn?

Well, the best thing about logo designing is that it’s a simple and smallest element that can help you reach heights of professionalism. Setting the brand’s tone and personality is not a piece of cake and needs a lot of energy and effort to build it.

The example of the Baskin Robbins logo design can help a lot of beginners to learn how to use graphics, font, and colors uniquely. A logo may seem small, but it’s what will be printed on your stationery, business cards, and so much more. Your social media will be filled with it and your audience will remember it to recognize you next time.

Your logo must be memorable and appealing so that it’s not lost in the crowd. Standing out in the competition might be tough, but it’s certainly not impossible. Make sure that you’re using the elements rightly to avoid any problems in the future. Your branding will depend on it, so it’s important to consider the smallest of details while designing a logo.

Taking inspiration from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, etc. might not be a bad decision for you. Take your chances and think of your brand’s personality before starting to work on the logo.

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