Enhance Your Business Prestige by Building Brand Assets

One of the common questions that I have come across from business owners is that despite equipping their marketing and sales team with the best resources, they fail to deliver as per their expectations.

This failure I believe goes down to one basic shortcoming which nearly all new business owners are guilty of.

Let me explain.

The best marketing and sales team is not necessarily the most experienced one. The best teams are the ones that can present their company as an unforgettable brand that has a distinct and unique personality.

The answer to question posted above is simple but it is something that did not strike the minds of most business owners. The shortcomings of the marketing and sales teams owe its existence to a failure in creating brand assets.

The personality of a brand is critical to the success of your business. This is the treason why I have selected to write a blog on Brand assets in detail.

Once you read this complete blog, you will know all the necessary details about brand assets.  Continue to read to find out how brand assets are critical in enhancing your company’s reputation and market value.

So let’s start with what these brand assets exactly are in the field of marketing.

All that you need to know about Brand assets

Brand Assets

Identifying brand assets is necessary for your sales and marketing team to engage prospects more closely, which in turn will lead to leads and an increase in sales and revenue. So how do you recognize your brand assets?

I will not only explain what these brand assets are and but also how to differentiate them from other assets.  

What are brand assets in easy words?

brand assets in easy words

I would like to start with the key worth of brand assets so it’s easy for you to grab the essence of this topic. To be able to make the best use of brand assets, try understanding not just what these assets are but also why they matter.

Brand assets can be described as elements that help potential customers and all stakeholders identify a specific brand. This refers to the color scheme, brand name, logo, tagline, and typography, fonts and other elements of a company’s brand that can help people relate and recognize your brand with ease.

If the elements such as fonts and colors are used by your customers to identify your brand or in other other words they become synonymous with your brand, then you have succeeded in creating brand assets.

How to recognize a brand asset?

If you still have doubts about what a brand asset is, then this basic point will help you figure out this topic.

If any element in your brand is unique to the extent that it becomes associated with your specific brand when customers view it then you have created a brand asset!

I must emphasize that this feeling of recognition in the minds of customers while seeing a brand asset must not in any way invoke another competitor’s brand in mind.

In other words, the elements in your brand must be famous and distinct enough to make customers recognize it as representing your brand.

I will now give you three examples of famous brand assets so as to completely familiarize you with this topic. 

3 most popular brand assets’ examples

Microsoft color scheme

Microsoft Logo - Brand Assets

You obviously know what Microsoft stands for and what is its business. But what image comes to your mind when you hear about this company?

The highly likely answer is its color scheme that has four colors side by side together – orange, green, yellow and blue.

However, the most important question is that how is this color scheme a brand asset of Microsoft?

The answer is simple.

These colors with a specific shade and with a particular order are unique to this company. If anyone sees these four colors together, they are likely to visualize it as belonging to either Microsoft or one of its products. So this makes it a brand asset of Microsoft.

Furthermore, I would like you to look a bit deeper into what this color scheme or brand asset implies. This color scheme has become a symbol of quality in the technological sector. It reflects trust and confidence which is why this brand asset is so critical to the success, image and personality of Microsoft Company.

Apple’s logo

Apple’s logo - Brand Assets

Who could have thought that the half bitten apple logo of this company will be able to achieve international fame?

Though this logo has come up with many different colors over the past few years, yet an apple with a bite taken from its upper right corner will remind any viewer of Apple products.

Since this logo will make any viewer think of an Apple product straightaway, it turns out to be a brand asset for the Apple Company.


McDonald’s Logo - Brand Assets

This famous food brand is popular across the world. Take a close look at McDonald’s logo. You will see golden arches denoting the alphabet M which has become an identifying sign for people of all ages.

These very golden arches have become a brand asset that is only associated with McDonald’s and no other company.

A little more on different types of brand assets

So we have discussed what brand assets are and how to recognize them. I have also discussed three famous examples of brand assets. Now it is time to learn about the different types of brand assets.

I will discuss 5 most important types of different brand assets. Reading about these different types of brand assets will help you brainstorm ideas about how you can create on for your company.


As discussed above in one of the famous examples of brand assets above, what comes to your mind when you see the capital alphabet M inscribed with two golden arches? And what do you visualize when you see a parcel with a smile sign on its side?

The answers are obviously McDonald’s and Amazon.

So a logo is important for building your brand and one of the key elements that can be made into a brand asset. Most importantly, it is the first visual representation that a company can provide to its potential customers.

Hence, this implies that a logo has the potential to be easily converted into a brand asset. A simple logo has more chances of becoming a brand asset as it has the power to convey to your customers, partners and all stakeholders what your business and brand is about.

A few tips to come up with a logo that can be converted into a brand asset are not to follow trends and keep it simple. Always opt for customized fonts and keep the logo original.

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I feel that typography has the power to become an important brand asset if utilize this element efficiently.

I’ll give you an important tip on this matter – Your typography must by all means be different than the font you use.

As far as the font is concerned, select one that is one of the preferred web fonts. You also need to make sure that it will work across all devices such as desktop and mobiles.

So when you select a font for your company’s logo, website and other marketing material such as call-to-actions, keep the font different from the typography. But don’t make the mistake of keeping font relatively different.

The trick is to use different font but keeping them relatively the same.


The reason why I have listed this element as one of the most important ones is that color has the power to act as a differentiating factor. It can make your company distinct to its competitor and also ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Which color should be used by companies? I have heard this question many times. So far in my professional career I’ve noticed that startup businesses most commonly opt for vibrant and bright colors.

This approach by startups is in contrast to professional services companies that prefer dark colors.

This approach cannot be termed as flawed as both have reasons for their respective color selections.

So which colors would suit your company?

My answer for startups and professional companies would be different. If you are a startup, then possibly considering pink, purple, bright purple, bright and vibrant colors and lime green would be the right choice.

For professional services company you would want trusting colors such as brown, deep green, navy, gold and deep red.

Graphic elements

Over the past few years, I have come across one major blunder that most companies, especially startups make. This relates to ignoring the graphic elements.

I must emphasize the importance of graphic elements as they are one of the key ways of showcasing your brand. Ignoring this aspect would be a major mistake for brands as they have the power to act as brand assets.

So when you are planning on using icons on your website and other marketing materials, think wisely when making a selection between thin, flat and three dimensional options. Also make an informed choice when it comes to using colorful and simplistic icons.

Don’t miss out the opportunity of creating a brand asset by ignoring graphic elements.


I totally agree with many marketers that image selection is truly one of the most tedious tasks, especially when you have to ensure originality. For companies that don’t want to depict as a faceless one, images are all the more important.

For those of you who think that your business must take solid steps to stand out, I would urge the need to create own imagery. Such images have the power to act as brand assets if they are widely accepted by your customers.

How to make best use of brand asset

Now once you have made efforts to come up with brand assets, you need to leverage them to make the most out of these elements.

How do you ensure this? It’s relatively easy.

As a start, you need to use them consistently throughout your marketing campaigns. This will help your brand maintain an association in the minds of your potential customers.

Next, only rely on feedback from your customers or in other words trust your audience. This will help you discern the real strength of your brand asset and then be able to make the required efforts to grow your brand.

Being aware of the competition is extremely necessary as there are always elements in the market who may hijack your brand assets in case they are successful. However, you don’t have to worry a lot about this point. By making sure your brand assets are protected by trademark, you can easily address this threat.  

4 reasons why your business needs Brand asset management

Brand assets are a term unknown to many startups. Over the years, I have seen many startups launch their businesses without any reasonable understanding of brand assets.

What does this imply for these startups? It means they are losing on a strategy to enhance the reputation of their businesses. This is because the brand assets are an integral part of brand management which provides key advantages to the business.

I will now discuss four main advantages.

A business attains a unique identity

Unique Identity - Brand Assets

Brand assets give a business a unique identity that goes way ahead in creating a strong connection with the target audience. This means your business establishes a unique connection with the customers.

Why this connection is so strong? Look at the amazing aspects of a unique brand and you’ll understand the link. With a unique logo, color palette, typography, graphic elements and images, your brand assets become a source of instant recognition for the customers on just one look.

This has important ramifications for your business. It allows your business to build a distinct reputation, which then plays an important role in overcoming the thought competition inherent in the market.

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Increased customer loyalty leading to a surge in revenue

Customer Loyalty - Brand Assets

Have you ever thought of what prompts a desired action from a potential customer? It is a brand that is always in sight in the market and is well known to the public. Such brands are highly likely to generate increased sales.

To make this easy to understand, a brand that is well known to a potential customer’s family, friend, acquaintances and in social circles will induce a positive response from the customer.

Your products and services sell more if you succeed in offering a higher level of brand awareness. With brand assets that are designed aesthetically and reflect a feeling of superiority, your revenue surges as they reach out to a wider audience.

A way forward to gaining a competitive edge

Brand Assets

Gaining a competitive edge in the market is important for a business to grow. Why is this so? With the given market environment, the competition is always growing. New brands incur more pressure than the established ones to gain an entrance to the market share.

This is where competitive edge helps a business proposer. By gaining a competitive edge over its competitors, brand assets help make your brand recognition possible by highlighting the importance and value of your brand to the customers.

Since your products or services receive recognition at one glance by the consumers, your competitive edge in the market grows.

Increased advertising effectiveness

Brand Assets - Advertising Effectiveness

Brand assets also have another distinct advantage. They serve to enhance your advertising power. The wrong move could jeopardize your business so caution is necessary.

But why is this so?

The answer is simple. If potential customers are attributing your ads to a wrong brand, then that means you are missing out on a major opportunity. You may also end up giving a competitive advantage to your competitors by not managing your brand assets effectively.

However, there is an easy way to ensure your marketing efforts do not fire back. You need to focus on leveraging your brand assets in advertising so that it increases the association between your business and clients.

This move has the potential to ensure that only your business gains from your marketing efforts and it is able to grasp a significant share of the market.

Brand asset management is simple – Learn more

How we help businesses build brand assets

Help Businesses Build Brand Assets

It’s no secret to the market that marketing greats are huge fans of brand assets. Though not a famous concept for many startups, they still give a valuable advantage to your business. Through an effective brand management system in place, we help businesses thrive by protecting their brand.

But why should you opt for our brand management services? The main aspect of our brand management services is to promote your brand so that your business receives a boost. We make concerted efforts at all stages to ensure your business is represented in the most appropriate manner to the customers.

In doing so, we ensure originality of your brand elements and assets across your organization. This means that they immediately strike a strong emotional link with your potential customers at the first glance.

Our services also ensure that all the important aspects of brand management such as logo design, typography, images, design element and other aspects are not used incorrectly in any way. They become linked with your brand and your brand alone.

Our brand asset management services are also crucial because they highlight how important your brand is in the market. We offer your brand to the potential customers as being the best possible option to their needs.

Creating brand assets through developing and managing your brand always allows your organization an access to these elements whenever it needs them.

Another main advantage of our services is that we offer branding consistency to your business across the digital landscape. This means that your business can reach out to potential customers with one professional image at all times.

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Last word

Brand assets have a great value because they represent the brand itself. Considering the fact that brand assets enhance the prestige of a business, it becomes necessary to invest time and money in this direction.

Since in my opinion, this sort of a visual asset serves to introduce your brand to your potential customers in the first step of marketing, therefore, what you require is a professional brand that becomes a brand asset.

The underlying issue with making efforts towards creating a brand asset is that most companies don’t realize that they should create a brand asset. They try to follow the general rules and regulation of creating a strong logo with colors, graphic design elements, images and typography that would highlight their brand.

Does this effort serve to boost your brand?

In my opinion, it won’t. This is because in this process they lose sight of creating a brand that would be unique to their business.

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