18 World Top Famous Company Logos During COVID-19

“If I had a dollar for every time someone asked, “What do you think about this logo?” I’d be rich.”

Amber Hurdle, The Bombshell Businesswoman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, and Successful Female Entrepreneur

Unlike Amber, in this blog, I will comment on a few logo designs for free! (wink wink)

If you think that’s so generous and kind of me, let me remind you that I am just another lazy soul locked up at home like you are.

Given that I am not a bombshell businesswoman, I don’t think anyone would pay up either! To reduce my guilt, I will assume you are also just lazing around, dumped in heaps and heaps of junk food!

So, continue reading for newer versions and funnier interpretations of how some famous company logos should look like during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of these have been made by Tovrljan, who is undoubtedly bored at home! Why should you read this blog?

Give me a reason not to read.

Honestly, keep reading because I bet you have nothing better to do at home!

1. Master Card mastering the art of social distancing

The original logo of the master card clearly shows that they had a laid-back designing team even before the pandemic. To make it further simple, the set diagram no more has a union. It is now just two standalone circles, maintaining a short distance.

Needless to say, both circles still need to be tested because the distance is lesser than 3 feet or 6 feet or whatever it is!

Positive is the new negative.

  • Master Card Logo - Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Master Card Logo - Top Famous CompanyAfter

2. Star bucks starring The Maskedmermaid

After the successful launch of “The Mask” in 2005, feminists have demanded a feminine sequel of the same. 2020 is the perfect time for nothing but this sequel.

This newer version of Starbuck’s logo seems to be a poster of the upcoming movie. No wonder why their coffee always tasted like a hand sanitizer!

And all this time, I thought privilege tasted like that!

  • Starbucks Logo Top Famous Company Before
  • Starbucks Logo Top Famous Company After

3. NBA embracing indoor sports

NBA looks like a sports brand, no?

Not anymore. The sports of the pandemic can only be played in a horizontal position (read: lying down). Yeah, it is time for National Basketball players to rest and just share their match highlights on their social media handles! 

This new logo pictures what players are doing off the ground. Can’t wait to see them looking more like the ball than the ball itself!

  • NBA Logo Top Famous Company Before
  • NBA Logo Top Famous Company After

4. Nike notifying boredom and nothingness

Have you ever stared at a wall and enjoyed doing nothing at all? Nike has inspired us to surprise our bodies by moving. We all know that Nike is a playful brand.

Well, they are also considering a revised logo during this corona outbreak. No more surprises because staying home mean staying unoccupied! For once, I can miss my work-out session and not be guilty.

  • Nike Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Nike Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

5. Mobil not moving the world anymore!

Exxon Mobil, which once provided mobility to the world, is looking for mobility itself. No wonder adding an “I” would better depict the brand’s current situation.

 Since we have been immobile for ages now, I bet you have forgotten what mobility means. I suggest you google it right away, especially now when we have all the time in the world!

  • Mobil Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Mobil Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

6. Olympics is saying, “OH, no!”

The original logo of the Olympics seems to be drawn by a 7-year-old. The redesigned logo can easily be drawn by a 6-year-old. Enough said!

While the Olympics used to be a happening affair, I see hardly anyone missing it. I am sure the participants aren’t in good shape, and the audience has found links to pirated content, by now!

  • Olympics Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Olympics Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

7. LinkedIn linking us to unemployment

To further stress the already broken unemployment fund, LinkedIn has also left us abandoned. I just can’t sympathize enough with job seekers who actually paid to go premium not to get hired at all!

Some of you might be thinking “Was anyone getting hired from this platform during the pandemic, or was it just me being ignored by all employers?”

  • LinkedIn Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • LinkedIn Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

8. United we stand, divided we quarantine!

The poor airline must be saving its fleet from rusting! Along with our motivation to do anything at all, the revenues of this airline company have also crashed! This pretty much explains why their logo seems so removed.

Jokes apart, were we united even before the pandemic?

  • United Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • United Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

9. Target targeting our fear

Not sure if marketeers are branding or scaring us away. As if the ranking to most and least vulnerable to the virus was not enough complex and depressing already, Target’s logo is here to scare us to death further.

 Not sure if the corona is causing all these deaths or the fear of corona!

  • Target Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Target Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

10. Good year giving bad vibes

Can 2020 be over already? I am not the only one asking for this. The world thinks this year is cursed, and some astronomers are trying to justify the same.

The designers of Good Year are also rethinking whether this logo is usable in 2020 or not. The only good thing about this year is the fact that it half gone already!

  • Good year Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter
  • Good year Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

11. US open undergoing a closure

How can the US be open when my nearby essentials store is closed? No pun intended. The only rally that is lasting these days is that of misinformation. The United States Open Tennis Championship is halted. We hope they are enjoying closed tennis championships (if that’s a thing).

  • US open Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • US open Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

12. Corona Extra wishing it had an extra brand name

Were business developers of Corona Extra in their right mind when naming their brand? I mean, you had to choose one name out of all the names in the world, and you chose this? I cannot even imagine corona running down my throat anytime soon!

  • Corona Extra Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Corona Extra Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

13. Intel intellectualizing lockdown

This pandemic has taken a toll on my mental health so much so that I feel we are computer processors. Am I really overthinking this logo, or are we Intel?

 I am asking because we are all locked up inside just the way Intel was supposed to be inside! If we are, I do not like this life of a processor.

Can we please go back to being humans? Pretty please!

  • Intel Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Intel Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

14. YouTube yearning us towards Netflix

Our lives can pause, but entertainment cannot! YouTube is trying to remain relevant in this age of Netflix and Chill. Is there anyone playing their content nowadays?

Just like our lives, our YouTube videos are also paused.

  • YouTube Logo - Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • YouTube Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

15. Booking.com can only cook the books now!

Booking a travel trip in these times is like booking a death funeral for yourself. Hence, travelers have resorted to only look at tourist destinations now.

Who would pay big bucks only to bring corona back home?

 Anyone daring enough to do that…eh? It is time to see how adventurous the tourists really are!

  • Booking.com Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Booking.com Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

16. FedEx is feeding into our fears!

We used FedEx to deliver our parcels. But now that we have barely enough to eat, who’s got anything to share? Express deliveries are shut down as we cut back on the generosity and impulsive buying.

FedEx delivery staff is fed up with waiting for parcels and not getting any, all day every day! Guys, deliver pizzas instead! They never go out of demand!

  • FedEx Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • FedEx Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

17. McDonald’s managing to deliver from a distance

Yes, our heart broke into pieces seeing that legendary arch logo getting broken into two halves.

But it is okay if the home deliveries keep coming through!

 I agree that those removed arches seem more like ears of a bunny, but I am only concerned with the chicken.

  • McDonald Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • McDonald Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

18. Coca-cola caging the letters apart

Coca-cola has put up its new logo to educate people on social distancing. Dear Marketers at Coca Cola, if the governments could not keep us at home, what makes you think you can? Colas deteriorates our health as much as corona does. Why is cola not getting popular? Oh, my bad, it takes longer to get the job done.

  • Coca-cola Logo Top Famous CompanyBefore
  • Coca-cola Logo Top Famous CompanyAfter

Final Word

While some brands are busy saving the world and managing disrupted supply chains, others are redesigning their logos and delaying customer orders. That is also fine. I thought the world needed more of CSR from these big names, but logo redesigning would do.

These logos are an accurate depiction of how unoccupied we are during this pandemic. Did someone say creativity? Anyways, this is not a good time for shopping sprees, but if these logos can entertain us for free, I’m good!

Witty designers, thank you for the laughs. The concepts behind these logos are powerful. The impact might be messed up because of human free will. The pandemic has gotten out of hands, and if revamping logo designs make you feel in control, do that.

If a brand sues you for that, you know what to do- Stay home, stay safe!

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