How to make your jewelry brand sparkle with the perfect logo?

A string of pearls, a pair of diamond earrings or a bejeweled wrist watch. Jewelry adds that much needed shine to our lives – but, what is it that makes a jewelry brand truly sparkle?

A weighty name? Yes to that.

A catchy slogan. Why not?

But above everything else, an elegant jewelry logo is what can truly make your brand and jewelry branding strategy outshine your competitors.

It isn’t just about standing out though. People tend to remember visuals rather than text and that’s the beauty of a great logo and impactful branding. The moment you hear about some of your favorite brands I’m sure your mind’s eye sees their logo before the name.

I know I do!

Now, coining your jewelry brand’s name was the easy part – a logo that can reflect your vision won’t be that simple. You need to keep your identity unique so I humbly request you not to run after softwares that offer readymade templates – I mean do you really want to see your jewelry brand logo on another store’s hoarding? That’s a negative I hope.

It’s always a good idea to drink from the cup of inspiration. To get an idea. However, you don’t want to get over-inspired – after all you don’t want to be mistaken for any other jewelry brand, right?

Let me just show you the various options you have, to craft a jewelry logo. However before I take you across the jewelry logo lane, you must not think within this box – the sky is the limit and you can be as creative as possible if it suits your brand persona and doesn’t oppose your vision.

Perhaps even introduce a new trend on the block, eh?

  1. Own your name

What’s in a name? Everything! If you’ve got a name and a font in mind that can be used without any adornments, there’s your jewelry logo design right there. Popular jewelry brands have used just their names with a font that portrays elegance and extravagance.

There’s one thing to bear in mind though. When you’re opting for a name centric jewelry logo design you’ll need a solid marketing strategy to support it – that’s where a jewelry branding agency comes into the mix. They won’t simply type a name. They’ll give you a rationale for it.

Additionally, this logo will be an embellishment for a lot of your products so you’ll need a logo that your customers will proudly flaunt and one that can be adjusted on a platinum ring for instance. I think an example would clear the fog:

Jewelry Branding

If you know jewelry, you must know Cartier. It’s the name that shines on the wrists and hands of popular stars. From Angelina Jolie to Kate Middleton, a Cartier original is a symbol of prestige for any celebrity.

Cartier’s logo isn’t “much” from a design perspective I agree – it’s a simple italic font (honestly that’s all) – but see how much elegance an italic script font combined with a classy name can exude.

So why have I included images of some iconic pieces from Cartier when we’re talking strictly jewelry logo design here? Notice how the apparently too simple, name-centric logo is so compatible with every ring design. That’s the beauty of simplicity – when done right, it can make your brand shine.

  1. Symbols standout

If you’re not too excited about using a word mark as your jewelry brand logo, you might want to consider symbolism as a worthy option. As I mentioned earlier, humans have an excellent visual memory and a memorable logo is the first aim of every brand that seeks to have an appealing identity.

When using symbols in your jewelry logo design make sure you aren’t being random – the symbol needs to represent your brand’s personality. It could even tell a story or your brand’s history.

Perhaps you want to communicate certain values through your jewelry brand logo. It could be something personal like an inspiration that encouraged you to proceed with the idea of a jewelry brand in the first place!

Nevertheless the symbol needs to have some relevance to your brand.

I’ve always got an example waiting, to show you a clearer picture.

Swarovski – a name in crystals, jewelry and fashion that has been around for more than a 100 years and continues to mesmerize even its most loyal customers – of course I’m speaking about many new ones, unless there’s a 100+ aged Swarovski fan club that still exists.

Jewelry Logo Design

Using a swan as their symbol, the brand reveals its heritage of grace, sophistication and elegance. It wasn’t until 1988 (the company was established in 1895) though that Swarovski had a change of heart – or let’s say the branding team decided to evolve as per contemporary standards.

No jewelry branding agency was hired at that time – only because Swarovski had its own creative crew that could very well be called an in-house jewelry branding agency. They didn’t entrust any freelance designer with such an important task.

The swan that millions admire and connect with today apparently symbolizes “the beauty of nature and eternal love, a sentiment mirrored by Swarovski’s love for crystal”. The gray swan and word mark reflect elegance, purity and maturity of the brand, synonymous with the brand’s vision for the future as well as its own identity.

Whenever you are pondering over your jewelry logo design, it’s essential to consider “what will be?” No, no I’m not asking you to go to a palm reader.

I’ll explain better.

At times some symbols might be pretty to look at when they are on a canvas. Heck, they might even sync perfectly with your brand’s vision, communication or essence. But (when there’s a “but” you need to reconsider), will your logo look just as graceful on your packaging? The boxes, pouches and luxury wrapping papers?

Taking Swarovski’s example again, the swan adjusts smoothly onto a blue background – the color changes to an elegant silver over the blue packaging. It looks like pure royalty! Swarovski goes even further than boxes and other packaging when using their swan (and you can too if your symbol is so on-point). As the swan became a popular feature amongst customers, they introduced jewelry designs inspired by their lovely symbol!

Jewelry Branding

You’re seriously thinking about a symbolic logo for your jewelry brand logo now, aren’t you? Here’s the easiest solution I can give you. Contact me, let’s discuss what your brand vision is and I can guarantee a logo that shines amongst the crowd.

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  1. Speaking of Tradition

If there’s one thing that jewelry connects well to, it’s tradition. Ever seen your grandma’s ring being passed on from one generation to the next? I’m sure someone, some day in your family must have said “When you get married, use your great grandmother’s ring. It was lucky for every woman who came to our family”.

It’s even more common amongst the royals. You’ll see Kate Middleton proudly flaunting Lady Diana’s sapphire or Meghan Markel wearing her diamond ring.

Now how is this relevant to your jewelry brand logo?

People value tradition. Your brand can depict traditional values. It doesn’t need to serve royalty to boast. You can establish an emotional connection with your customers by giving heritage a strong value in your jewelry brand logo and jewelry branding itself.

Let’s sail away from the western seas to the rivers of the east. Tanishq is a jewelry brand that has its roots deep in the traditions of the subcontinent.

Trivia: The name itself firstly has an interesting connotation other than the very obvious meaning which is “jewel” indicating something precious.

When torn apart, “Tan” means body while “ishq” means love, derived from Urdu language – the language renowned in the East for romantic poetries.

Now let’s go deeper into the jewelry brand logo design’s meaning so you can really see how tradition can crawl into a logo, creating a strong bond with your target customers.

Jewelry Logo Design

Ready? Tanishq is a brand of India’s famous company, Tata. The logo for Tata are two straight T’s. However Tanishq has a symbol (yes here’s another symbol) where the T’s facing opposite directions are slightly curved to create the illusion of a tree.

The symbol or motif has a close association with Indian culture and denotes the beauty of nature as well as the strength of a tree stem.

The font itself depicts culture and tradition. The “Q” is shaped like a peacock’s feather indicating wealth and serenity while the bold dot over the letter “I” symbolizes an ornament known as the “bindi” worn mostly by Indian women. This bindi is the symbol of a strong Indian woman.

So much values in one logo? You couldn’t just have guessed that, right? However when you see the Tanishq logo, even at a single glance you must have thought “hmmm…there’s a depth to this logo – more than what meets the eyes”.

  1. Initials offer convenience

Not much of a word mark-only fan? Perhaps your name is too lengthy to become the sole “face” of your brand yet you want to keep things simple and elegant. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and a logo designing solution!

Your initials – and by that I mean your brand name’s initials – can help you out.

A jewelry branding agency that excels in the art of creative logos will turn your brand’s initials into a logo that won’t just look great on your store’s hoardings but also on your business cards, website, packaging and anything else that holds any significance to advertising/branding.

Again, I strongly advise against being very ostentatious with your logo – don’t decorate the initials with diamonds or rubies. Let the experts find a way around that radiates a deluxe appeal. You’re not opening a jewelry store for kids, right?

Jewelry Logo

A popular jewel-wear for names like Brad Pitt and Shakira, David Yurman along with his wife Sybil have been crafting unique pieces of jewelry since 1980.

The initial-based logo is quite self-explanatory. The D and Y have been interlocked elegantly to create a logo that exudes style and uniqueness – the two things that David Yurman is renowned for.

Initials and emblems

The King of Diamonds…..if you’ve done your research, you already guessed what’s coming up next…

Jewelry Logo Design

In 1947, Harry Winston was proclaimed as the King of Diamonds by Cosmopolitan. The name remains to be worthy amongst dukes and duchesses of the royal family in England. The House of Winston as it is often called, has a logo that reveals its imperial aura.

Well, when the duchess herself calls you to purchase your jewelry I guess that’s enough fame to last an eternity. 

The initials H and W, are enclosed within an emerald shaped emblem, dating back to the time when Harry Winston found an emerald that he bought for 25 cents because the owner wasn’t aware of its worth. Winston sold it for $800.

Jewelry Branding
Notice how the initials are enclose with precision within the emerald outline to create a perfect jewelry brand logo that gives the illusion of an emblem used by the royals.

  1. Colors can communicate

Now this doesn’t mean you go off using every color you like on the wheel. Black and white logos are far easier to pull off than colored ones due to their ease to look elegant. Does a colored logo make your brand pop out amongst the plethora of jewelry brand logos? Yes it does. Can you use your lucky color? Not unless you can justify it!

This is why every wise jewelry brand owner will seek the services of a jewelry branding agency. You don’t want to end up having a logo that has color without communication.

And as a jeweler, you know all about how colors can influence how a person feels about a product. For example, no emerald ring shopping experience is complete without the knowledge that this green stone represents royalty. So, what does your brand represent?

And here I get to share one of my absolute favorite jewelry logo design inspirations with you all – pardon me if you’ve seen this in other blogs but the logo just covers so many aspects of how a luxury brand logo should look like.

Jewelry Logo Design

Ta Daaa! What jewelry brand logo uses color better than the king of achievers: Rolex?

Did you think Rolex was just a wrist watch brand? Oh no my jewel-loving friends. Even its wrist watches are now bejeweled with precious stones while Rolex has slid smoothly into the jewelry industry as well!

Jewelry Branding

The Rolex logo exhibits a combo of green and gold. It has been there and it stays there. The golden crown establishes a relationship with Rolex’s slogan “a crown for every achievement” while the green font indicates prosperity.

A classic example of how colors can make a logo pop while keeping the grace intact!

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Want your jewelry brand to sparkle? Always hire a professional jewelry branding agency!

I’ve got nothing against logo creating websites or online logo makers per se but when you’ve got a vision to shine, you need a team of experts on the case. These online tools might help you create a logo with finesse but they can’t “think” for you! It’ll be a logo just like several others with nothing unique.

Ask yourself what is it that you require for your jewelry brand? Do you want a random design or a conceptual identity for your brand? Do you want to open a small jewelry store with a small customer base or do you want your brand to reach the royal status?

Once you’ve got that part cleared up, all that’s left to do is hire a professional jewelry branding agency that can make your vision a shimmering reality.

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